Coup Against Erdogan‬ represents Plan B for the U.S., EU and Saudi-Qatar



#‎CoupAgainstErdogan‬ represents Plan B for the U.S., EU and Saudi-Qatar. Having failed in regime change in Syria using Salafi Al Qaeda proxies, Kurdish proxies will now be used to further destabilise the region. Erdogan is Turkey’s Nawaz Sharif – a royal stooge tasked with a project where he had reached his limits – just as Nawaz Sharif had in 1999 and could possibly have in 2016 as well.

Both Erdogan and Nawaz Sharif are essentially cowards who share the same deluded myths about the “greatness” of the Banu Ummaya and Banu Abbasiad regimes and like many of the Caliphs, they are the first to turn tail and flee the battle ground. Nawaz Sharif cooled his fat ankles in Saudi Arabia and Erdogan might choose Qatar.

Be that as it may but when the rats at CNN are already justifying this coup, rest assured nothing good can come out of it.

Post script: This is why Caliph Erdogan Al Baghdadi was reaching out to Russia and Syria. He knew that Uncle Sam and Uncle Muawiya were about to pull out the chair from under him



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