Human rights activist’s response to hate campaign against liberal Pakistani blog LUBP


I am a human rights activist based in the US with a particular interest in issues of human rights and minority rights in Pakistan, my country of ancestry.

I am also proud to be associated with Let Us Build Pakistan, a pro-rights blog, known for its liberal, principled and non-populist discourse. Its editors and other thought leaders such as Ali Abbas Taj, Khurram Zaki, Rusty Walker and Dr Abbas Zaidi are a major source of inspiration for me and other rights activists across the world.

Pakistan as most of us know is currently experiencing major violence and terrorism at the hands of banned

Deobandi Takfiri terrorist groups variously known as Taliban, Lashkar-e-Jhangvi, Sipah-e-Sahaba, Ahle Saunnat Wal Jamaat, Ahrar and Jundallah. In addition to killing at least 23,000 Shia Muslims, these Deobandi militants have also killed 45,000 Sunni Sufis or Barelvis as well as hundreds of Ahmadis, Christians, Hindus and other community members.

However, in the mainstream media, the common Deobandi Takfiri identity of the perpetrators and the Sunni Sufi or Shia identity of their victims is often ignored or diluted.

At the Let Us Build Pakistan or LUBP blog, whenever some of us want to raise a voice against Shia Genocide or Sunni Sufi Genocide, there is no shortage of hate mongering bigots on social media who call us sectarian Sufis or sectarian Shias or resort to false Sunni-Shia or Saudi-Iran binaries to obfuscate Deobandi terrorism against all other communities. Unfortunately some of the anti-LUBP bigots also camouflage themselves as liberals or leftists but are often seen promoting Deobandi hate clerics such as Tahir Ashrafi and Ludhyanvi as prophet of peace.
Recently, one of these hate accounts, which goes by the fake ID of “LUBP xposed” started to threaten me on twitter. This account and its allies are determined to put me and other rights activists and intellectuals in harm’s way. As per these accounts, everyone from Allama Syed Jawad Naqvi to American scholar Vali Nasr are part of a LUBP conspiracy to undermine certain dubious elitist liberal champions of Pakistan – you know the same liberals who seek common grounds with ISIS-affiliated banned terrorist organisations such as ASWJ or promote known anti-Ahmadi cleric Tahir Ashrafi as a progressive cleric.

As per these deluded sectarian hate accounts, even US Secretary of State John Kerry is behind LUBP and is running the twitter handle of Abdul Nishapuri, the LUBP’s former editor before Mr Ali Abbas Taj.
Abdul Nishapuri, a multiuser account or pen-name, had to be deactivated in January 2013 when one of the account’s key contributors Irfan Khudi Ali was killed in a Deobandi terrorist attack on Shia Hazaras in Quetta. Originally the same account was operated by a few activists of Pakistan Peoples Party who later on left the blog for personal reasons or differences with the PPP.

While Khudi Ali was martyred by Deobandi militants in January 2013, the legacy goes on. In addition to other colleagues, I am proud to be a co-user of the Abdul Nishapuri account after Khudi Ali’s martyrdom, and anything that helps me in spreading the discourse of Shaheed Khudi Ali, Shaheed Professor Sibte Jafar, Ali Abbas Taj, Khurram Zaki, Aamir Hussaini, Rusty Walker and other champions of human rights is a matter of great pride to me. In this movement, I am also inspired by characters such as Anne Frank, Mehzar Zehra and Malala Yusufzai who are symbols of resistance against genocide at the hands of the Nazis and the modern day Nazis, i.e., Deobandis.

To those fakesters who pose as liberals but attack Shia and Sunni Sufi rights activists, I have this much to say.
You are enablers of genocide and terrorism. These deluded hate accounts you operate or manipulate are now engaging in cyber terrorism and incitement to violence.

Recently, someone behind the anti-LUBP campaign is also launching a cyber-attack on the LUBP website from Holland. It has been reported that a prominent member of this group, possibly an employee of the Cable and Wireless Company alternates between Holland and the UK for his job. Cyber terrorists and hate mongers are openly engaging in incitement to violence against prominent Shia professionals. Even prominent Shaheeds like Dr. Ali Haider, Professor Sibte Jafar and Irfan Khudi Ali’s names are being dragged through the mud to incite violence against the remaining members, supporter or well-wishers of the LUBP group.

This cyber terrorist, LUBP xposed, is obsessed that I am operating the Abdul Nishapuri twitter handle. I proudly say ‘yes’, and dare him to reveal his identity .

I will continue to raise my voice as clearly against Sunni Sufi and Shia Genocide and Christian, Ahmadi and Hindu persecution at the hands of Deobandi fanatics. I have no qualms in standing for the cause of human rights and liberal values if it means exposing the opportunist elitist liberals who are misrepresenting these causes to fill their pockets and gain cheap fame.

To all peace loving Pakistanis, Americans and other people, I have only one appeal. Please step forward and help the Let Us Build Pakistan blog through your moral, political and ideological support. Help us in building a progressive, peaceful and pluralistic Pakistan, free from Deobandi Takfiri and all other forms of terrorism, free from genocide of Shias, Sunni Sufis and massacres of Ahmadis, Christians and other communities. May peace prevail in Pakistan.



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