How to kill the Shia snake: Letter from brother Abdullah – by Hakim Hazik

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Shia-phobia of Saudi Arabia and the institutional genocide of Shia Muslims in Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan

Source: Justice Denied

When the head is rotten it affects the whole body. We must kill the snake. We must crush the head. The Ummah is surrounded on all sides by enemies of the faith who are conspiring day and night to bring infamy and disorder into our ranks. We must stand united to thwart all these efforts.

Those infernal Persians have no right to speak on behalf of the Ummah. They are a blot on the name of the Faith. They are inciting treason and hatred in the Eastern Province. We pray to the Almighty to quell their mischief. We pray to the almighty US to extinguish the evil of Bushehr with the help of the blessed Stealth™ technology and in collaboration with IDF. We pray to the almighty Centcom to protect the holy oil terminal of Ras Tannurah so that the holy pipe lines keep running and the blessed oil tankers ply through the Holy Strait.

The Ummah had a glorious history but it has seen ups and downs of history. One of the most painful moments was when giant portraits of Hasan Nasrullah were displayed in the streets of Cairo after the last Lebanon war. We pray to the Almighty God, to deliver the Ummah from these unbearable crises and allow the faithful to follow the pure and unsullied message as promoted by the Al Sheikh Abdul Wahab and as affirmed by the greatest human to walk on the desert sand, the founder of the House, the servant of God, King Abdul Aziz bin Saud.

The House has left no stone unturned to uplift the lot of its loyal subjects. We have spared no expense to strengthen the defences of the Kingdom. The gleaming squadrons of F15 aircraft are a testimony to our commitment. In matters of defence Prince Bandar is the primate. He has spent forty billion dollars of the holy fossil fuel income to reward the British Aerospace for the services rendered. A billion or two in his own pious pocket are of no consequence. God protect him from the lies and calumnies of the enemies of Islam and the petty pen pushers of the Serious Fraud Office. May God give the gift of health and happiness to the Duke of York and to Lord Blair of Kut al Ammara.

Zardari of course has brought the curse of corruption to the sister Islamic Republic. Even worse, he has brought the curse of democracy to the brothers of the Islamic Republic. When my brother in Islam, General Tinpot was in control, the Republic was free of these evils. Even now, I think Brother Field Marshal Kayani should do right thing and save the Republic in same way that it has been saved a number of times before by determined men acting in supreme national interest.

Issued with the seal of

His Supreme Royal Highness
King ABA Aziz
Servant to the twin Holy Cities (of Riyadh and Tel Aviv)

And with the seal of

Julian Assange


King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia had called President Asif Ali Zardari the greatest obstacle to Pakistan’s progress, according to a cache of confidential United States’ diplomatic cables made public by WikiLeaks. The material was released to the New York Times and other organisations, and discloses frank comments made behind closed doors.

Dispatches from early this year, for instance, quote the aging monarch of Saudi Arabia as speaking scathingly about the leaders of Iraq and Pakistan.

Speaking to an Iraqi official about Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri Kamal al-Maliki, King Abdullah said, “You and Iraq are in my heart, but that man is not.”

The King called Zardari the greatest obstacle to Pakistan’s progress, and added, “When the head is rotten, it affects the whole body.”

The remarks by the Saudi king explain why relations between Pakistan and the Saudi kingdom have remained cool and almost frozen during the current rule of the Pakistan Peoples Party, the News reports.

The reported feelings of the Saudi King about Zardari also explain, to some extent, why a Saudi member of the royal family sent a scathing letter about corruption in the Pakistani Haj operations.



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