Appeal to PEMRA, Pakistan Army, Civil Society: Take action against Geo TV for providing coverage to leader of banned terrorist outfit ASWJ


On 14 January 2015, Jang Group’s Geo TV network provided uncritical coverage to the press conference of Ludhyanvi Deobandi, head of banned takfiri sectarian terrorist outfit Sipah-e-Sahaba Pakistan (SSP aka ASWJ). ASWJ is reincarnation of banned terrorist outfit SSP. Both SSP and ASWJ as well as their affiliate LeJ are banned in Pakistan.

There are scores of vides on Youtube where Deobandi clerics and leades in ASWJ’s rallies are chanting hate slogans against Shia Muslims, Sunni Sufis and other communities. Ahmed Ludhyanvi Deobandi, the head of this banned outfit, is frequently promoted by Geo TV and its anchors such as Hamid Mir, Najam Sethi, Saleem Safi etc.

ASWJ and its takfiri Deobandi affiliates Taliban and LeJ have killed more than 45,000 Sunni Sufis and 22,000 Shia Muslims in Pakistan.

It’s our appeal to PEMRA to cancel the broadcasting license of Geo TV and impose heavy penalties on its owners, producers and anchors.

We also appeal to Pakistan army to urge the Nawaz Sharif government to take action against Geo TV.

We also remind Jibran Nasir, Marvi Sirmed and other leaders of urban civil society to also direct their anger, in addition to Molvi Abdul Aziz, against the white collar terrorists of Geo TV who promote takfiri Deobandi khawarij thus enabling genoide of Sunni Sufi and Shia Muslims.

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