A little girl slain in Karachi

a-shia-baby-martyred-8-shiites-injured-in-blast-outside-imam-bargah-in-karachi11481_LEditor’s note: Nine month old Batool killed and another one year old in critical condition in Karachi blast.

When children are killed in the hail of virulent hatred there is a special kind of barbarity. Children have no agency, not even the slightest shred of the responsibility or complicity that adults to one degree or another may possess for their beliefs. They are not yet old enough to question the choice their birth forced on them.

When children are attacked and lose their lives or their little legs, their arms, their eyes it is everybody’s tragedy and everybody’s burden.

According to their pronouncements, traits, situations, motivations, and actions – only wahabbi-inspired takfiri militants are capable of such intent in today’s world.

A minor Shia Muslim baby embraced martyrdom and nine people, mostly women, have been injured in a grenade blast perpetrated by takfiri nasbi (deobandi) terrorists of banned Sipah-e-Sahaba (ASWJ) near an Imam Bargah in Karachi on Tuesday night.
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AIG Karachi Police Ghulam Qadir Thaibu said terrorists riding motorcycles threw a cracker near Islamic Research Center near Ayesha Manzil Bus Stop and fled the scene.

The cracker was lobbed near the entry-exit point of the Imam Bargah situated in the premises of Islamic Research Centre when azadar of Imam Hussain (AS) were leaving the Imam Bargah at the end of majlis.

The injured were rushed to the hospital for treatment. A 9 month old baby namely Kiran Fatima alias Batool breathed her last at a private hospital. Some of the injured were identified as Waqar Abbas son of Wafa Abbas, Ali Hassan, Zahra, Faiza and Sana Zaidi.

The blast angered Shia Muslims who complained that the blast occurred due to lack of security by the police and rangers near the Imam Bargah and on the road bridge in front of the Imam Bargah.

Shia parties and leaders condemned the blast that police and rangers considered either cracker or hand grenade. They said that eminent Shia leader Allama Hassan Zafar Naqvi was addressing the majlis-e-aza at the Imam Bargah and the terrorist attack was a veiled threat to Shia leader hence security officials need to make fool proof security arrangements to avoid such attacks at any place in future.