What does a Deobandi atheist or secular sectarian look like? The case of Faraz Quraishi


While it is easy to confront and deal with the blatant Deobandi and Wahhabi takfiri bigots because of their naked hatred of Sunni Sufi and Shia Muslims, it is relatively hard to spot a closet Deobandi or Wahhabi bigot, the one who hides her/his sectarian hatred beneath an appearance of liberalism, atheism, Marxism or secularism.

However, such closet bigots can be identified through a few tell-tale signs which are:

(1) false parity between Deobandi (ASWJ-TTP) or Wahhabi (ISIS etc) terrorism against Sunni Sufis, Shia, Christians, Ahmadis etc and an imaginary Shia or Sunni Sufi/Barelvi terrorism against other communities;

(2) treating all Sunni Barelvis/Sufis as grave-worshipppers and Shias as horse-worshippers;

(3) treating all Sunni Sufis/Barelvis as supporters of Mumtaz Qadri;

(4) treating all Shias as Iranian, Safevids or Khomeinites;

(5) constructing a flase Sunni-Shia binary hiding the crimes and atrocities of takfiri Deobandi and Wahhabi terrorists against Sunni, Shia and non-Muslim communities;

(6) presenting oneself as a flagbearer of atheism, secularism, liberalism or left while holding extremely anti-Shia and anti-Sufi views deep inside

(7) Nasibi hatred of Imam Ali (a.s.), Imam Hussain (a.s.) and their false comparison with Muawiya and Yazid, etc.

Recently, one such closet bigot was spotted on the Facebook when he interacted with Pakistan’s Sunni Sufi, Shia and secualr rights activists.

The whole conversation is being presented below as a case study of what a closet sectarian social media activist looks like and how to deal with such a bigot.


On facebook, Abdul Nishapuri, fomer editor of LUBP, shared a photo of Shia Citizens of Pakistan (SCP) facebook page, including pictures of leading Shia personalities and leaders of Pakistan. Apparently this picture agitated one Mr Faraz Quraishi, a closet ShiaPhobe who found it opportune to show his disgust.

Transcript of Facebook conversations

Abdul Nishapuri shared a photo from Shia Citizens of Pakistan (SCP)

Indigenous Shia leaders of Pakistan.
via Shia Citizens of Pakistan – SCP
These leaders belong to diverse areas and ethnic backgrounds, speak different languages, have diverse political affiliations. But their services to Pakistan and dedication to the teachings of Prophet Muhamamd (pbuh) and Ahl-e-Bait (a.s.) are their common characteristics.
All Pakistanis, whether Sunni, Shia or Salafi, Muslim or non-Muslim, are indebted to these leaders for their selfless services to Pakistan and humanity.
Indigenous Shia leaders of Pakistan.


Faraz Quraishi hahahahahahaha… lolz
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Abdul Nishapuri Faraz Quraishi Try to control the Deobandi Salafi sectarian bigot inside you, for a change. Enough of your insutl of Shia and Sunni Sufi Muslims and enough of your obfuscation of Deobandi and Salafi Wahhabi terrorism against Sunni, Shia and other communities.
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Faraz Quraishi lolz so do you, try to control the beast of khomeni inside you
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Abdul Nishapuri Where did Khomeini come into this from? Typical Deobandi takfiri tactic.
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Faraz Quraishi But I laugh that you forgot to mention ZA Bhutto and BB in the list . They are also shia .
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Faraz Quraishi
جی جی وہیں سے جہاں سے ان میں سے کچھ سیکولر سیاست دانوں میں شعیت گھسی۔۔۔۔ دیوبندی ہوں یا شعیان خمینی دونوں کی جگہ تاریخ کا کچرہ دان ہے۔
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Abdul Nishapuri ZAB and BB are Sunni Sufis who are as dear to us as are Ahmadis, Shias, Christians and Jews. Nazis and Deobandi takfiris are not in our list of human beings.
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Abdul Nishapuri Your flawed definition of secularism betrays your Deobandi puritanical mindest.
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Faraz Quraishi hahahaha yes you are right. My experience told me hold my tongue while argue to post revolution shiaean-e-Khomeni. Typical ayotocracy argument
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Faraz Quraishi Also also try to hold argument in front of shia=ean-Ali who divide the world between deobandi and anti-deobandi. Post revolution (1979) filthy thoughts
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Abdul Nishapuri It is an old tactic by the LeJ-ASWJ-ISIS types to describe all Shias as Iranians and Safevids.

Typical stereotyping, typical false parity between Deobandi terrorists and their Shia and Sunni Sufi victims.
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Faraz Quraishi Same as post revolution shias termed every person as deobandi or takferi who argue in from of them. Shia-an-khomeni do the same.
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Abdul Nishapuri If you have some honour, this is enough to shut your Deobandi mouth: https://lubpak.com/archives/tag/criticism-of-shia-clerics

Criticism of Shia clerics
Criticism of Shia clerics Archive Shia Killing (SK) web site deliberately hides the Deobandi identity of Shia killers: The above status update by the Shia Killing (SK) facebook page is yet another example of deliberate obfuscation and dishonesty by a facebook page which was initially set up to sprea…
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Faraz Quraishi It’s so nice to see that secular parties like PPP and MQM give a kick to those who get sectarian agenda. By the way Faisal is one of them.
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Abdul Nishapuri Deflection refelects a weak and hypocritical mindset. Another typical Deobandi tactic.
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Faraz Quraishi Honour is noble term. I don’t want to listen it from a person who kick out one moderator of LUBP just because of deo bandi background.

ya ya I know you are student of theology. And I don’t want to put counter argue that what criticism you adopted while post mar-tum shiaat and deobandi. This one post is not the answer of all the filth you posted against other sects.
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Faraz Quraishi While arguing shiaan-e-Khomeni you have to be a deobandi. You are loyal to iran, everyone knows it.
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Abdul Nishapuri This ONE post? LOL. Clearly, God has not bestowed you with the virtures of integrity and reading.

I hope LUBP friends will capture this Deobandi filth by you on this thread and other threads as a case of unashamed Deobandi apologia and stereotyping. cc Ali Abbas Taj Shahram Ali
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Khurram Zaki Abdul Nishapuri is a follower of Imam Khomeini ? Faraz Quraishi your sectarian bias is really remarkable.
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Faraz Quraishi Your argument contains the germs of shiaan=-e-Khomeni. Tone of criticism in these articles and others has much difference. Political Islam in any case is a germ on humanity whether ayotcracy or khilafat.
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Abdul Nishapuri In fact I am amazed that Ammar Kazmi and some other friends have been arguing with this reincarnation of Ludhyanvi and Malik Ishaq on social media.
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Faraz Quraishi I am talking to ali nishapuri. Those who don’t have balls to tolerate my posts on his walls kindly don’t bother.
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Khurram Zaki Abdul Nishapuri at least you should have at least told me before subscribing to political Islam, you cheat
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Abdul Nishapuri Khurram Zaki haha. That I subscribe to political Islam and happen to be a Khomeinite is a news for me too. Thanks to Mr Faraz Ludhyanvi.
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Faraz Quraishi lo bhi, group of crows gather in a post. I now hide my self in my comfort zone .
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Faraz Quraishi No matter ayatullah abdul nishapuri. At your service
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Abdul Nishapuri Shias are also called crows in Deobandi cricles? What else do they call them? Horse worshippers? Hain na?
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Khurram Zaki Well you should now as your desi liberal friends seem not to happy with you in any case. I invite you to political Islam of Syed Hasan al-Banna, Syed Qutb, Syed Maududi and Imam Khomeini. You have already seen the true face of these desi liberals now

Abdul Nishapuri
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Faraz Quraishi No I call crows to all those who make their mind and while recieving some critic they get together and sounds like a crow. Crows also found in deobandis too
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Abdul Nishapuri Khurram Zaki Sadly I must say no to your generous invitation. As a mater of principle I believe in separation of state and faith.

PS: These ‘desi liberals’ are camouflaged Deobandi takfiris and secular sectarians. Nothing to do with liberalism or left ideology.


Atheism Archive Deobandi Atheism – by Pejamistri: I have noticed that all those self-proclaimed “atheists” who show their “atheism” by bad mouthing religions instead of liberal values of atheism come from “Deobandi” or “Salafi” background. I call them Deobandi atheist. It is simple. It seems that Mo…
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Faraz Quraishi According to you definition I am desi liberal. My be it is true. But you are purely a shia=aen khomeni having your political agenda of ayatocracy.
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Khurram Zaki Separation of state and religion is a Western concept build in context of clerical abuse of power by Roman church. It is a reactionary idea.
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Abdul Nishapuri Faraz: Liberalism and secularism haven’t touched you. You are a secular sectarian, an atheist Deobandi. Period.
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Faraz Quraishi lolz. Why to send me a link from sectarian website. Do I post link of ASWJ website? Oh by the way extremist like Israr has links of liberalism too in their organization website. They invite liberals too in their prgrams. I wish world marked him liberal on that very basis.
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Khurram Zaki Faraz Quraishi Yes I firmly believe in Wilayat-e-Faquieh. I own it. I was referring to your biased comments against Abdul Nishapuri. You have a clear cut sectarian bias otherwise no person who really knows Nishapuri can’t utter such sheer nonsense.
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Abdul Nishapuri LUBP = ASWJ


Ali Abbas Taj I must commend you on this great achievement. ASWJ killed 75,000 Sunni, Shia, Ahmadi. LUBP sould help Pakistan army in killing at least 150,000 takfiri ASWJ terrorists.
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Faraz Quraishi Now you two decide separation of state and church issue between each other. Khurram just reject the idea of separation of state and church. I hope he would not be in favour of mixing mosque with state .

Now I got the audience of your LUBP, ayatullah nishapuri
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Faraz Quraishi In fact the same khurram zaki supported the idea of IIC decision to marry 4 women with out consent of previous one. Ohh ya, These extremists are LUBP followers.

A Big Clap on face of ayatullah nishapuri
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Abdul Nishapuri The fact that Khurram Zaki and I have major differences on some issues but still happen to be best friends shows that we don’t have a puritanical and intolerant mindset.

I would not expect a closet Ludhyanvi to notice this important fact.
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Faraz Quraishi I have made my point. Rest criticism on the “criticism” you made on shia political Islam, will make in writings .

A good day for Ayatullah nishapuri and khurram zaki
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Abdul Nishapuri Faraz Quraishi You continue to deflect, deflect and run around in cricles. Have a pity on yourself.
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Faraz Quraishi Pity on you too Ayat ullah Nishapuri. Khurram is emotional so I tricked him to admit his political Islam. I am sure one day I also expose your ayatocracy in front of world.
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Khurram Zaki Abdul Nishapuri Let me share a verse of Koran with you:

And the Jews will not be pleased with you, nor the Christians until you follow their religion.

Faraz Quraishi Yes I am a Muslim and I accept each and everything allowed by Holy Prophet Muhammed (P). As Nishapuri rightly said we differ on many issues. And it seems for your close mindset, you can not be a friend with a person till you conform with each others point of view 100%. Unfortunately I don’t buy your bigoted ideology.
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Abdul Nishapuri Faraz Quraishi Usually I do not spend time on closet takfiris and trolls. One aim of this conversation on this thread was to exemplify and expose the tactics of closet Deobandis. I hope LUBP will save this thread and images as a case study.
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Faraz Quraishi I think we both don’t need each other ideology. At least I am not bothered.

By the way I am also a muslim but in my personal life. In politics I am a big gun on all versions of political Islam. whether khilafat or ayatocray.
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Abdul Nishapuri If given with only two choices, between Khurram Zaki’s political Islam and Faraz Qureshi’s secular sectarianism, I will choose the former. Any day, any time.
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Faraz Quraishi Ayatullah Nishapuri but I spent my time whole heartedly on all versions of political Islam. So don’t you worry after reading the “criticism” on LUBP I made my statement in written .
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Abdul Nishapuri Ali Abbas Taj I have explained my rationale here: https://www.facebook.com/AbdulNi…/posts/944025678947600…
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Khurram Zaki Faraz Quraishi You think others are bothered ? I was referring to your misunderstanding or deliberate sectarian approach. There are many Shia Muslims who don’t subscribe to Wilayat-e-Faquieh. Abdul Nishapuri is one of them, Rather he doesn’t believe in any sort of political Islam and when I saw you calling him follower of Imam Khomeini, I came in to set the record straight. Calling him follower of Imam Khomeini is no different from calling you a follower of Syed Hasan al-Banna Shaheed. And if you still persist with your unfounded allegations then it certainly means that you have a sectarian mindset.
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Faraz Quraishi Beaware your every word may be recorded
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Abdul Nishapuri Khurram Zaki Faraz is trying to see his own reflection inside me, a secular sectarian. Sadly he is mistaken. And adamant too.
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Faraz Quraishi By the way I am not bother by calling any one a dog. But you might be in trouble if I used the same for mauwiya counterpart
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Abdul Nishapuri Faraz Ludhyanvi: Your hatred of Maula Ali (a.s.) confirms that you are a Deobandi atheist, a Nasibi type. My Sunni Sufi friend Pejamistri has written an article on bigots like you. https://lubpak.com/archives/317862

Deobandi Atheism – by Pejamistri
I have noticed that all those self-proclaimed “atheists” who show their “atheism” by bad mouthing religions instead of liberal values of atheism come from “Deobandi” or “Salafi” background. I call them Deobandi atheist. It is simple. It seems that for Pakistani variety of atheists, atheism is nothin…
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Khurram Zaki Ali Abbas Taj Abdul Nishapuri دیکھ لیں، یہ آپ کے دیسی لبرل بھائی آپ کو صرف اس وجہ سے لبرل ماننے کے لیۓ تیار نہیں کیوں کہ ان کے خیال میں آپ شیعہ ہیں اور محض آپ کا شیعہ ہونا ان دیسی لبرلز کی نظر میں آپ کو امام خمینی کا پیروکار ثابت کر دیتا ہے. بہتر ہو گا کہ اسلام میں پورے پورے داخل ہو جائیں اور اسلام اور ریاست کی جدائی کا خیال ترک کر دیں کیوں کہ یہ دیسی لبرل آپ کو شیعہ ہونے کی وجہ سے کبھی اپنے درمیان قبول نہیں کریں گے. ان کے خیال میں دیسی لبرل ازم پر بھی صرف دیو بندی مسلمانوں کی اجارہ داری رہے گی.
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Ali Abbas Taj Khurram Zaki these are not liberals these are Deoabandi Athiests.
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Khurram Zaki
گویا ملحد ہونے کے بعد بھی دل سے دیو بندیت نہیں نکلی ویسے امام علی کے لیۓ جو الفاظ بھائی نے استعمال کیۓ وہ کوئی دیوبندی نہیں بلکہ صرف ایک ناصبی استعمال کر سکتا ہے. دیوبندی امام علی کو اپنا خلیفہ راشد مانتے ہیں.
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Ali Abbas Taj Yeh woh kalak hai jis ka Quran mein aur Ahadees mein zikar hei Khurram Zaki yeh woh mail hai jo Bughz e Ali sey hoti hei.

Aisey log Jo Ali sey Bugz rakhtey hou unko Allah khabi Hidayat nahin dey ga.
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Abdul Nishapuri Khurram Zaki Khurram Bhai: In my eyes these “Deobandi liberals” represent neither Islam nor liberalism. Their claims to liberalism are no worthier than the Umayyad’s claims to Islamic Caliphate.
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Abdul Nishapuri
جی یہ صاحب دیوبندیت کی مزید منحوس شکل ناصبی سے تعلق رکھتے ہیں اور اپنے آبا کی طرح میدان کارزار میں دم دبا کر فرار ہونے میں مہارت رکھتے ہیں
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Ali Abbas Taj Abdul Nishapuri You can call them what you like but at their very core they Denigrate Ali a.s.

They hate Ali a.s. this is why they can never tell right from wrong.

They equate Mawiyah with Ali a.s.

Ali a.s. saved Rasool in Auhad Badar Hunain and so many other places, when ALL others ran away.

Hunain made all Muslims Ghani but who fought that war when all ran away.

So these idiots turn around and denigrate the saviour of Islam, to elevate Mawiyah because the ruthless ruler enslaved many.

People who do such injustice and do Takfir of the protector and Guardian or Mohammed (pubhp) will be never know how to tell right from wrong.

They are blind and will always remain blind.

We must make a distinction of the discourse of Sunni Muslims. Sunni Muslims appreciate the FAZEELAT of Ali a.s. and do condemn the DEOBANDI WAHHABI practice of cheering for Mawiyah.

Tahir ul Qadri explained it beautifully at one time. Any one who says that Mawiyah had great “Siasat” implies that Ali a.s. has less than or denigrates Ali a.s.

So the “tell” sign for a Khariji is the denigration of Ali a.s.

Watch out for such a person. They may read all the books they like, they may top from Harvard but they will be cursed by Allah to never be able to tell right from wrong.

Khurram Zaki
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Abdul Nishapuri Faraz Quraishi You have exposed nobody except yourself. Taj, Khurram and my positions and views are well known for many years to our friends and fellow-activists.
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Ali Abbas Taj And none of our views are the same. We all differ, for you to see us the same exposes the darkness and racism that covers you.
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Khurram Zaki whole world knows that I am follower of Imam and if this is some revelation for you then you just exposed your sheer ignorance, Faraz Quraishi
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Khurram Zaki And now please don’t tell us that you are coming from a Deobandi family. Quite an obvious fact, Faraz Quraishi

Khurram Zaki Faraz Quraishi you are only speaking of your mind. For most of us there are whole lot of groups who are not anti-Shias as such. Your own vision of such sort of bipolar world exposes too much of your bigoted views against Shia Muslims and they are not much different from typical takfiri mindset.

Faraz Quraishi: Of course Quran has all the wisdom… No doubt Sir
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Khurram Zaki: Faraz Quraishi Quoting Koran is also something wrong in your eyes ? You think you can be a Deobandi Muslim in your private life and others can not be Shia Muslims ? What a bigoted mindset you have! What else is sectarianism ?

Khurram Zaki: Secular means keeping state and church apart. A secular may subscribe to a particular religion and school of thought but still thinks that state has nothing to do with his religion and school of thought. Can you quote any single statement from Abdul Nishapuri where he supported enforcing Islam as state religion in Pakistan ? If NOT as you will never be able to quote any single statement in this regard from him then why your claim of being secular (despite your obvious hatred for Shia Muslims) is genuine while his not ? Do you think you are more equal than others or what ? From your first comment to last, you are actively engaged in personal attacks, and you think ad hominem as some genuine academic discourse ? Sorry but it is not. Attacking Shia Muslims hiding behind secular “curtain” wont help you much. You claim to be a Deobandi Muslim in your private life but you threatened to abuse Imam Ali. What kind of Muslim you are then ? In fact you are just trying to hide between different veils and curtains in your private and public life, otherwise you are as sectarian as any takfiri in Pakistan, nothing else.


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From another thread:

Faraz Quraishi
مطلب کے سپاہ صحابہ والے جمہوریت کے حق میں ہی نہیں اہل بیت کی محبت میں بھی ریلی نکالتے ہیں۔ اب یہ بغض معاویہ ہے یا حب علی اس کا معلوم نہیں۔ ہاں روئے ایک جیسے ہیں۔ کوئی فرق نہیں ہے
September 12 at 9:28am · Like

Ammar Kazmi
اگر کوءی ستر ہزار پاکستانیوں کے خون سے ہولی کھیلنے والوں، گلے کاٹ کع وڈیوز بنا کر اپ لوڈ کرنے والوں کو منہاج القرآن کے لوگوں سے ملاءے تو ایسے بغض اور تعصب کا کوءی علاج نہیں۔
September 12 at 11:23am · Like · 2

Ammar Kazmi
آپ پڑھے لکھے نوجوان ہو مگر آپ سے کبھی کم از کم غیر جانبداری کی توقع بھی پوری نہیں ہوتی۔ آپ ہر دوسرے موقع پر لشکر جھنگوی کے وکیل بن کر سامنے آ جاتے ہو۔ یہ کیا رویہ ہے؟
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Faraz Quraishi
نہیں جی ہم لشکر جھنگی کے ساتھ ساتھ شعیان خمینی اور ایرانی ایجنڈا بھی بے نقاب کرتے ہیں۔ لشکر بھنگی سے بھی ہماری دشمنی ڈھکی چھپی نہیں۔۔۔

ہم خدا، شیطان، فرشتوں پب پر سوال اٹھاتے ہیں۔
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Ammar Kazmi
آپ پڑھے لکھے نوجوان ہو مگر آپ سے کبھی کم از کم غیر جانبداری کی توقع بھی پوری نہیں ہوتی۔ آپ ہر دوسرے موقع پر لشکر جھنگوی کے وکیل بن کر سامنے آ جاتے ہو۔ یہ کیا رویہ ہے؟ اسی رویے کو تکفیری لبرل ازم کہا جاتا ہے۔
September 12 at 11:30am · Like

Ammar Kazmi
آپ کی جس سے دوستی اور جس سے دشمنی ہے وہ بہت واضع طور پر نظر آنے لگی ہے۔
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Faraz Quraishi
مجھے کوئی مسئلہ نہیں آپ کوئی بھی لیبل مجھ پر لگا سکتے ہیں پر جدہ ہو کہ تہران دونوں جانب کے سیاسی اسلام سے ہماری لڑائی ہے۔ اس وقت بریلوی اور شعیہ سیاسی الام کی بات کر رہے ہیں تو ان پر جوتے مارنا ضروری ہے۔
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Ammar Kazmi
یہ لبرل ازم کے نقاب میں تکفیری ایجنڈے کی بلواسطہ حمایت اب کوءی دھکی چھپی بات نہیں رہی۔ یہ متعصب ایجنڈا کارفرما نہ ہو تو کم از کم انسان اندھے اور کانے کی پہچان تو کر ہی لیتا ہے۔
September 12 at 11:35am · Like · 1

Faraz Quraishi
کہنے والے کہتے ہیں کہ آپ کی شعیان خمینیوں سے محبت ڈھکی چھپی نہیں۔۔۔ پر میں یہ بات نہیں مانتا۔۔ کہنے والے تو کچھ بہی کہیں۔۔ مجھے کوئی مسلمان کہے، کافر کہے، لبرل کہے یا نہ کہے۔ تکفیری کہے۔۔ مجھے کیا فرق پڑتا ہے عمار بھائی :)۔۔۔
September 12 at 11:38am · Like · 1

Ammar Kazmi
ایرانی خمینی اور بریلوی جیسے الفاظ پتا نہیں آپ کسے دکھانے کے لیے استعمال کرتے ہو۔ یہاں کسے خمینی یا ایرانی اسلام کی پرواہ ہے؟ مگر آپ بریلوی شیعہ کو نہیں دہشت گردوں کے ہاتھوں مرنے والوں کی لاشوں کو جوتے مار رہے ہو۔
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Faraz Quraishi
اب مجھے اس پوسٹ میں اپنے نظریات کا ثبوت دینا پڑے تو کیا کہیں؟ ہم تو ان احمدیوں کے جنازوں میں بھی گئے ہیں جہاں شعیہ تک جانے سے ناک چڑہاتے ہیں۔ سلمان تاثیر کی نماز جنازہ مسلامن نہ ہوتے ہوئے پڑھی ہے۔ مال روڈ میں جاکر پڑھی ہے۔ ہزارہ کا قتل عام ہو یا کوئی اور ہم کھڑے رہے۔۔

پر جب ان لاشوں کو کیش کرانے کوئی ناصری یا قادری ٹولہ آتا ہے۔ کوئی بریولی ممتاز قادری آتا یے تو ہم اس کے خلاف بھی کھڑے ہوتے ہیں۔
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Ammar Kazmi
میں تو ہمیشہ سے احمدیوں کے حق میں بول رہا ہوں اور سلمان تاثیر کے لیے بھی کسی بھی شخص سے زیادہ لکھ چکا ہوں۔ مگر یہ نقاب پوش لبرلازم جو چودہ لاشوں اور ہر قتل عام پر ایک ممتاز قادری کی مثال کو سامنے رکھ لے اس کے لیے کوءی کیا کہے؟
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Faraz Quraishi
تو عمار بھائی ہم دونوں ایک دوسرے کے خلاف کیوں ہیں۔۔۔ آئیں جھپی پا لیں۔۔۔:)۔۔۔
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Ammar Kazmi
اور معاف کرنا یہ نظریات ہیں یا بغضیات اسے پڑھنے والوں پر چھوڑ دیجیے۔ Abdul Nishapuri نے درست کہا تھا کہ بہت سے روشن خیالوں کے کمینٹس سند کے طور پر محفوظ کر لینے کی ضرورت ہے۔
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Faraz Quraishi
ارے عمار بھائی ضرور کریں۔۔ مجھ کو تکفیری لبرل، دیسی لبرل تھرڈ کلاس لبرل جو سمجھنا سمجھ لیں۔۔۔ میرے خیالات یا الفاظ کسی نظریے کے محتاج نہیں ہیں۔ دن کے آکر میں مجھے شیشے کے سامنے کھڑے انسان سے نظریں ملانی ہوتی ہیں۔ اھر اس سے کامیابی سے ملا لوں تو سکون کی نیند آتی ہے۔ بس باقی رہے سعودی تکفیری یا شعیان خمینی یا نئے صوفی ان کے پر تشدد عقائد کی اظہار تو کھلے عام کروں گا۔ نیشا پوری صاحب بڑے انسان ہیں اپنی ویب سائٹ سے ماڈریٹر کو نکالتے ہوئے اس کا دیوبندی بیک گراونڈ کو ہی کافی سمجھتے ہیں۔ اس سے مجھ جیسے انسان کا کیا مقابلہ۔۔

بنو امیہ ہوں یا بنو عباسی دونوں کو بے نقاب کرتا رہوں گا۔
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Faraz Quraishi
ارے عمار بھائی ضرور کریں۔۔ مجھ کو تکفیری لبرل، دیسی لبرل تھرڈ کلاس لبرل جو سمجھنا ہے سمجھ لیں۔۔۔ میرے خیالات یا الفاظ کسی نظریے کے محتاج نہیں ہیں۔ دن کے آکر میں مجھے سیسے کے سامنے کھڑے انسان سے نظریں ملانی ہوتی ہیں۔ اھر اس سے کامیابی سے ملا لوں تو سکون کی نیند آتی ہے۔ بس باقی رہے سعودی تکفیری یا شعیان خمینی یا نئے صوفی ان کے پر تشدد عقائد کی اظہار تو کھلے عام کروں گا۔

بنو امیہ ہوں یا بنو عباسی دونوں کو بے نقاب کرتا رہوں گا۔
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Abdul Nishapuri: Those who frequently justify or dilute systematic Deobandi terrorism against Sunni Sufis/Barelvis and Shias through false parity with imaginary systematic Sunni Barelvi or Shia terrorism are working on an agenda. Their only agenda is to deflect attention from Deobandi takfiri terrorists (TTP, ASWJ-LeJ, Jundullah, Ahrar etc) who have killed more than 70,000 Pakistani civilians and security persons including more than 10,000 Sunni Sufis, 22,000 Shias and hundreds of Ahmadis, Christians and other communities.
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