Supported by Commercial Liberals, Takfiri Deobandis target kill Ten Shia doctors, Jan-Aug 2014 – by Syed Riaz Malik Al Hajaji

lubpPakistan: Ten Shia doctors target killed by Deobandi militants in Jan-Aug 2014

A year ago, while being hosted by his buddy, the “anti establishment” Hamid Mir, Ahmad Ludhianvi condemned the Sunni Barelvi-Shia-Hindu traditions of taking out licensed processions on public holidays to commemorate the Holy Prophet and his family.
Ludhianvi, the leader of Deobandi Terrorist Organization ASWJ-LeJ which is linked to ISIS, was saying the same thing that Pakistan’s ‪#‎CommercialLiberals‬ keep saying ad nauseam. That Sunni Barelvis/Sufis/Shias/Hindus have no right to public space.

Public space is only reserved for banned Deobandi and Salafi terrorist organizations who are allied with PML N who in turn can always count on the support of #CommercialLiberals that are patronized by it (PML N). Public space is only reserved for the few dozen Fake Civil Society, Boutique Leftists and Celebrity Rights “activists” who dance behind a corrupt and compromised Pro Taliban judge.

During the same interview with his BFF Hamid Mir, the Pakistani ISIS representative, Ludhainvi also recommended that all the money that was spent once a year on Ashura commemoration should be used for education and health.

The question that his BFF Hamid Mir never asked was:

How does your organizations ASWJ-LeJ mass murder of doctors, engineers, lawyers and other Shia & Sunni Brelvi professionals support your contention?

This is the question that is very uncomfortable for ‪#‎CommercialLiberals‬ supporters of PML N-ASWJ who of course are allowed to take out rallies of armed to the teeth “peace activists”.

Commercial Liberals and Celebrity activists like Asma Jehangir are pleading for Nawaz Sharif and paint him as a victim of a great script Conspiracy – while remaining silent on Model Town Massacre by Shahbaz Sharif. PML N main coalition partner ASWJ is publically boasting about their intention to attack Tahir ul Qadri.

The issue of ‪#‎ShiaGenocide‬ is less important for them than saving the Sharif Business Empire aka PML N government.