BBC and CNN’s Sectarian Agenda – by Faheem Raza



I have been monitoring BBC, CNN and other leading newspapers of west surprised for me that they reported that Gaza and Arab conflicts with neocons agenda. They termed Syria war Shia –Sunni conflict but never tell the truth that Aasad is not Shia but staunch Bathist Arab nationalist and in his army more than 70 percent soldiers are Sunni who are more loyal with Aasad than these neo-extremists who are business partners of U.S powerful politicians and War Industrial lobby.

Israeli envoy recent speech in U.N is interesting he said Bako Haram , ISIL and Hamas have same ideology the reality is totally opposite of it ISIL trained by Mossad , Arab monarchies and their God father Israel. Senator Johan McCain held series of meeting with so called Arab moderate and according to their definition pro democratic leaders of Syria. Late Saddam was not a Sunni or Shia but if any person have wisdom and knows Iraq history can figure out who brought him in power.

After post 9/11 European American leftists wrote dozens of books in which they argued that the prime beneficiary of post 9/11 world are neocons and their so called liberal old leftists and new democrats. It was same so called liberal world which declared late Mandela terrorist but history is witnessed that how same so called western liberals and their progenies declared him hero who coined his own African model of democracy which we never witnessed in west in modern history despite they claimed that they are father of so called liberal constitutional democracy.

Same issue with these helpless Palestinian if any old cum new democratic have doubt read the former U.S Secretary Rice book in which she has written that U.S administration after Israeli consultation issued any policy statement. No one speaks about state terrorism of post 9/11 world. State terrorism has proliferated in all over the globe and genuine freedom movements which endorsed by U.N today neocons and their lovers labeled these freedom movements as a terrorists movements.

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