Silence of the liberal lambs on CIA’s dirty role in Iraq and Syria – by Abdul Nishapuri


What we are currently witnessing in Iraq is neither Sunni Shia war nor Saudi Iran war. This false discourse manufactured by the CIA and Saudi intelligence and uncritically promoted by pseudo-liberals (in Pakistan, Middle East and West) serves neither Sunnis nor Shias; it tends to serve only Al Qaeda/ISIS, Saudi Arabia and imperialist powers.

This discourse fails to answer the following:

  • Why are ISIS (Salafi Wahhabi and Deobandi) terrorists in Iraq killing Sunni Sufis and Christians in addition to Shias?
  • Why are Salafi Boko Haram terrorists in Nigeria kidnapping Christian female students?
  • Why are Deobandi (semi-Salafi) terrorists in Pakistan attacking Sunni Sufi shrines and murdering Sunni Barelvi leaders, in addition to Shia genocide?
  • Why are Salafi Islamists in Mali attacking ancient Sunni libraries, shrines and mosques?
  • Why does USA continue to fund FSA aka Al-Nusra militants in Syria despite evidence that they are supporting ISIS militants in Iraq? etc

One more thing: these pseudo-liberal thugs (some of them are affiliated with certain thinktanks in Pakistan, USA and UK) never highlight CIA’s dirty role in the current ‘divide and rule’ tactics in Syria and Iraq. Or do they? Check their time-lines on Facebook and Twitter.

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