Liberal discourse on Deobandi terrorism – A Facebook Discussion

Liberal discourse on Deobandi terrorism – A Facebook Discussion



deobaourang zaib and bahawalpur bar


AN: 80s and 90s: SSP killed Shia en masse. Shias retaliated by target killing SSP leaders. Urban Liberals were not happy with Shias.

Late 90s to 2010: Shias stopped retaliating to prove they are genuinely ‘mazloom’. SSP changed name to ASWJ, continued killing Shias more ruthlessly. Liberals were still not impressed.

Last few years: Shias complained they are being oppressed, marginalized and demanded freedom to practice their religion and rituals with more assertiveness. Liberals sided with ASWJ and asked for ban on Ashura and all processions.

Basically, these educated urbanite elite just want Shias to keep dying like sitting ducks in a country where state is party to their genocide and blame the victim even if they try to defend their life. All this, just to satisfy some idealistic Gandhian dreams of these elitist burgers who have a secular progressive outlook but have a Yazid in their tummy?

AAT : Liberals” and the quotes are deliberate are the best allies of the ASWJ-LeJ. They are the ones who publish ASWJ,s hate speech without rejoinders, challenge or even a follow up question. Remember Friday Times “molly coddling” of ASWJ chief’s interview.

Liberals will bash a Sunni Barelvi cleric for his conflicting statements on the issue of Blasphemy but they will stay silent on a Deobandi clerics threats to Shahbaz Bhatti on the same issue. One of them even promoted that same Deobandi cleric as “progressive” while the cleric was publically engaging in hate speech against Ahmadi muslims.

Liberals will bash a Barelvi cleric for being anti-Taliban and Pro Army but go mum when a Deobandi ASWJ cleric is both Pro Taliban and Pro Army.

Liberals will deify other liberals and expect mutual sycophancy on social media. There will be no dissent of the official line, decided by the Liberal Counts and Countesses in the pecking order.

If you think that Liberalism is associated with the concept of tolerating a dissenting point of view and a progressive view of society as a whole, you have not really seen the elitest liberals of Pakistan.

If you and I expect these liberals to stand with us, then we are the fools

FK : Roads are though public place but only to travel. State’s job is to ensure these remain open all the time.
Killing of Shias by ASWJ etc is barbaric. ASWJ is also just doing their religious ritual for swab.
Religion (any) kills and give you the reasons to kill.

AAT:Christains and Hindus perform several rituals in public. Christians celebrate the Saints all over Europe in public. Same with Hindus. Same with Sikhs. As long as someone has a legal permit and is bound by the law, they have the right to use public space. But your Sipah Sahaba also perform their “religious rituals” on the road everytime they kill unarmed Shia professionals and average citizens and then run away like cowards. or when ASWJ bombs and attacks the Eid Milad un Nabi processions of Sunnis and Shias.

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