Banned deobandi terrorist outfit ASWJ-SSP’s public anti-Shia meeting in Quetta

Banned deobandi terrorist outfit ASWJ-SSP’s public anti-Shia meeting in Quetta

The AWSJ, the reincarnation of the banned deobandi terrorist outfit the SSP held a public meeting, on March 14, in Quetta the provincial capital of Balochistan, by far the largest province of Pakistan. The video enclosed here shows the entire top brass of the ASWJ eulogizing the killers of Shias in Pakistan. In between incendiary speeches, the public meeting is abundantly studded with anthems and songs demonizing Shias. One of the anthems brazenly gloats about the murder of over a hundred innocent Shias (man, women, and children included) in Quetta just over a year ago. It likens killing a hundred Shias to scoring a century of runs, which is a major feat in the game of cricket – the most popular sport in Pakistan by a long distance.

The speeches made by the leaders are no less vitriolic. After demonizing Shias, including their apostatization based on spurious Islamic sources, the leaders foment violence against the hapless Shias of Pakistan, presenting the killing of Shias as legitimate and even Islamic heroism.

The AWSJ’s (which is just the re-embodiment of the banned SSP and LeJ) terror promotion takes many forms. In sectarian terms the AWSJ elevates killing Shias as a valid and heroic means to achieve religious deliverance. Then at the national level it presents the Taliban, fighting the state of Pakistan and killing its civilians and armed forces alike, as the representatives of Allah’s will. On the social level the AWSJ and its cohorts honour even the most loathsome of murderers, portraying them as heroes and role models. People like Malik Ishaq and Ramzan Mengal, who have carried out numerous dastardly acts of terrorism and violence against unarmed and unsuspecting civilians, are immortalized and the AWSJ overtly glorifies them and their acts.

The success of the deobandi AWSJ’s promotion of violence is manifest all over Pakistan. A number of its followers, often misinformed and brainwashed, support killing and suicide terror against Shias (in particular), Barelvis, and the minorities in the country. This resoundingly echoes in the sloganeering in the AWSJ’s every approach to public.

The deobandi AWSJ’s habitual glorification of terrorists as heroes and role models is one of its most effective means of promoting terror. In honouring the worst killers, the deobandi deobandi AWSJ is at once giving approval to murder and enticing future terrorists with assurances of protection, glory, and honour for killing Shias and others. Terror and murder of Shias has been the deobandi AWSJ’s ticket to power and fame since its early days as the SSP in mid eighties. As the hymns and the chants in this public meeting confirm, the terrorists honoured most highly by the deobandi AWSJ are those who have killed the greatest number of Shias. Scoring a century of ‘shia-manslaughter’, of course, is an assurance of eternal honour.

This adulation of the worst terrorists and praise for their heroism reflects the policy of the leadership of the AWSJ. This video shows AWSJ’s Head, Ahmed Ludhianavi, handing souvenirs and issuing greetings of honour and esteem to mass murderers, whom he publicly names, one by one.

Deobandi AWSJ declares itself to be engaged in a war till every one of Pakistan’s Shias is annihilated.