Elusive Peace or Abject Surrender – by Bhadar Ali Khan

iStock_000024847163Small1-300x215No sane person can negate the importance of a dialogue aimed at establishing peace. No one wants to see bloodshed but is this the way forward? Constitute a committee of four people among whom three are known Taliban sympathizers?

Irfan Siddiqui hails from the legendary Jumat Islami, whose current Amir considers Osma as his hero and declares the dead terrorists as martyr. Irfan Siddiqui has also written his articles praising Mulla Umar and Samilul Haq etc.

Likewise Rustam Shah Mohmend loves these guerrillas and Major Amir a person of dubious credentials, well known for his black actions of destabilizing the first BB government and currently liked by Taliban because of his brother who is their well-wisher.

I fails to understand, how come a state can show so much weakness and how it can overlook the bloodshed by terrorists which is continued unabated, even today when Nawaz Sharif offered them another olive branch.

This dialogue has become such a recycled material that can be used anytime after disposed over and over. We are dealing with bunch of renegades who have blood of thousands of Pakistanis on their hands. Is the government so naive that in result of dialogue Mulla Fazlullah will put down his gun and would resume his job back as a chairlift operator in Swat?

Everyone knows these bunch of murderers under the brand name Taliban are power hungry individuals who now have tasted power and would never relinquish that. The use of Shariah as their pretense. Like every Pakistani I am hurt when I see young kids are brainwashed and turned into Taliban or suicide bomber but problem is that their is no going back. Once a kid is brainwashed, you can never bring him back. TV journalist have conducted interviews with such arrested would-be-suicide bombers and found them so stubborn that they were willing to kill even their own parents and siblings.

I am not suggesting to kill everybody indiscriminately but their handlers must not be spared. When Rana Sanaullah talks about 174 terrorist centers in Punjab, what stops Shabaz Sharif to initiate the cleansing? But unfortunately Pakistani nation is awarded with the most coward and incompetent political leadership who thinks that sweeping the issues under the carpet would do the miracle.



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