No external hand involved in terrorism, Al-Qaeda, Taliban, LeJ working in trio against Pakistan: Rehman Malik

Banned militant outfits Al Qaeda, Taliban and Lashkar-i-Jhangvi have joined hands to carry out terrorist attacks in Pakistan, Interior Minister Rehman Malik said Sunday.
Rehman Malik boldly and bravely said that al-Qaeda, Taliban and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi were coordinating with each other to carry out attacks in the country, even as it ruled out involvement of any foreign hand in fomenting terrorism on its soil. Interior Minister Rehman Malik told reporters at the airport in the southern port city of Karachi.
But the militant outfits were now feeling the heat as the Pakistan army has launched a massive crackdown against them in the northwestern areas as well as other parts of the country, Malik told reporters in Karachi.
‘They back each other in terrorist activities and also combine their resources for terrorism,’ he said, adding that ‘secret agencies have managed to arrest several high-profile targets who have divulged key information about their accomplices’.
All three militant outfits are banned in Pakistan and their known assets have been confiscated.
All “treacherous” Pakistanis who are involved in terror attacks should be held accountable for their actions, he said.
The minister said evidence had been found of Lashkar-e-Jhangvi’s involvement in a recent car bomb attack on the office of the Crime Investigation Department in Karachi. Eighteen people were killed and over 100 injured in that attack.
Lashkar-i-Jhangvi was involved in a recent blast in the Karachi Criminal Investigation Department (CID) office which killed at least 19 people. More than 140 people were injured in the suicide vehicle blast when the CID office building was targeted because arrested terrorists had been kept there for interrogation.
Malik, however, said reports about suicide bombers coming from outside Pakistan were not true.
‘Whosoever we have arrested or tracked down so far has been revealed to be of Pakistani origin,’ he said.
‘We are ready to hold talks with militants only if they lay down their arms first. No dialogue can be held with those elements involved in destabilising Pakistan,’ he said.
Pakistan has been a victim of major terrorist attacks in the last decade after the war on terror was launched in Afghanistan in 2001. Since then, Pakistan has joined in as an ally to flush out extremists from its own backyard.
Thousands of innocent Pakistani people have lost their lives in hundreds of deadly suicide attacks. Major urban centres are now being targeted even as security forces have stepped up the offensive against militants in Waziristan. The US has also increased drone attacks in the region bordering Afghanistan.
According to the Daily Times report, Rehman Malik held a meeting at the National Crisis Management Cell to review the issues of human trafficking, smuggling and the anti-corruption drive. The meeting was briefed on the investigation regarding the Crime Investigation Department centre blast. He said the Sindh Home Department could seek assistance from the Pakistan Rangers, the Frontier Constabulary and the federal intelligence agencies in this regard. He took serious notice of the deportation of 106 Pakistanis, 54 from Punjab and the rest from Balochistan, at the Taftan checkpost and ordered the FIA officials to ensure the arrest of all fake agents.
The meeting was briefed on the investigation regarding the Crime Investigation Department centre blast.
Malik informed the Sindh Home Department that it could take immediate action on any information received regarding activities of suspicious elements or banned outfits.
He said the department could also seek assistance of the Pakistan Rangers, the Frontier Constabulary (FC) and the federal intelligence agencies in this regard.
He took serious notice of the illegal deportation of 106 Pakistanis – 54 from Punjab and the rest from Balochistan – at the Taftan check-post.
He ordered the FIA DG to ensure arrest of all the fake agents who facilitated human trafficking. He directed the FIA Balochistan director to visit the border post himself and keep a vigilant eye on the smuggling of sugar, raw sugar and other commodities to Afghanistan.
He also directed to check the illegal entry of Afghans from the bordering areas and maintain a close liaison with the Chaman border police to reinstall the biometric system as agreed between the Pak-Afghan governments.
He ordered suspension of the FIA shift in-charge at the Islamabad airport on the complaint of two passengers from whom the FIA official had allegedly demanded Rs 20,000.
He directed the FIA DG to initiate an investigation against the FIA official and register a case if he is found guilty.
He announced ‘zero tolerance’ regarding illegal immigration or human trafficking and misbehaviour by immigration authorities at all airports.
He directed to display his mobile number (0321-2033383), the FIA DG’s mobile number and the NCMC’s email address ( at all entry and exit points of all airports. He also directed the FIA DG to constitute a task force for spot-checking and interviewing passengers.



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