Ahmad Noorani’s report on ASWJ’s pre-planned attack on Ashura procession in Rawalpindi

Ahmad Noorani’s report on ASWJ’s pre-planned attack on Ashura procession in Rawalpindi




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I think these tweets by ASWJ (Sipah Sahaba Rawalpindi) are complete evidence as to who did all this (violence on Ashura day in Rawalpindi)

1- https://twitter.com/ASWJrwp/status/401192829071806464
2- https://twitter.com/ASWJrwp/status/401028183836721152

Contrary to propaganda by some people, in fact no one was slaughtered. It is confirmed now. Procession people killed (Deobandi) Madrassah boys during clashes after the procession was attacked (by Deobandis).

It is a fact that the (Shia) procession was attacked first (by Deobandi mosque). It was planned in advance by the (Deobandi) Madrassah people (i.e Sipah Sahaba ASWJ)

Please note that I am not a Shia Muslim.

There was police on roof of (Deobandi) Madrassah so one-sided propaganda may not work.

جعلی اکاؤنٹس کی بنیاد پر صحافیوں نے تجزیہ پیش کرنا ہے تو ایک بچہ بھی ایسے بیسیوں بنا سکتا ہے

(Sipah Sahaba official account on Twitter (ASWJPak) claimed that some journalists are basing their analysis on fake Twitter accounts of ASWJ Rawalpindi)

Ooh @ASWJPak time cannot be changed on Twitter. If, according to you, this account is fake, ISI should investigate who attacked procession yesterday.

Had ISI not been busy in running hashtags against Geo etc, it could hav easily foundout this tweet and conspiracy to attack procession.

Yes, it is true that the attack on (Shia) procession leads to killings, but if ISI has busted this tweet announcement made on Muharram 9, (Deobandi ASWJ) conspiracy could be unhatched and many lives could be saved. Planning to attack Ashura procession was basis of yesterday incident (ie Ashura day violence in Rawalpindi).

This account has more than 7000 following. See date and timing of tweet:
Get back to me if you have any doubt as to who planned it!

Those who say this is fake account https://twitter.com/KKSKNEWS/status/401167454660866048
contact me. They properly invited (Sunni Deobandi) people to attack procession. ISI- you were sleeping?

Dear Ahmad Ludhyanvi Sb, (you said your party ASWJ will mourn the Pindi killings for 3 days) iss ki kia wajah? Jab doosray muslmaan martey hain tab bhi tu Aap ko soG manaNa chaheiay?

I m not Shia Muslim. I don’t even believe in these things. But I am concerned regarding some very crucial points like

You (Sipah Sahaba ASWJ-LeJ) killed 1000s comfortably during last two decades but now when your 7 people killed- you are getting ready to change this country into a hell 🙁

@ASWJPak walay bhai, please note two different twitter accounts were used to invite people on 9 Moharram to gather in (Deobandi) Madrassah on 10 Moharram to attack Aashura procession. If thats not yours, let ISI tell nation whose accounts were these caused killing of pakistanis and incite violence. Bhai @ASWJPak (Sipah Sahaba) if those accounts announced attack on procession are not of you people,why are you so much worried and tagging me repeatedly. Please don’t harass.

People (Deobandis of ASWJ-SSP) were invited not only through Twitter but using all means.

Emotions wil have to be kept aside to ascertain facts. It was planned and it is 100% proved. Riots started after (Deobandi) Maulvi delivered provocative speech.

Those saying my finding are one-sided are wrong. I will appreciate ASWJ, if it wil sought unconditional apology for inciting violence by circulating fake pics, planning attack on procession & Maulvi’s hate speech & will join demand to arrest those who killed ppl in Madrassah.

After false propaganda and fake pics of Pindi-incident exposed, now ASWJ attacking ppl & setting mosques of other (Shia) sect on fire (7 in Pindi yesterday – 18 Nov 2013)


“It was uncovered that connection to CCTV cameras in the specific area where the clash took place had been cut just prior to the chaos. Express News correspondent Adnan Mukhtar reported that authorities expressed their suspicion of a planned attack based on various other factors involved.”












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  1. Breaking: @BBCUrdu confirms that Deobandi ASWJ terrorists attacked & burnt Shia Imambargahs & mosques in Rawalpindi.

    ’سب جل کر راکھ ہو گیا تو فوج پہنچی‘
    آخری وقت اشاعت: ہفتہ 16 نومبر 2013 ,‭ 14:58 GMT 19:58 PST

    متبادل میڈیا پلیئر چلائیں
    پاکستان کے دار الحکومت اسلام آباد کے جڑواں شہر راولپنڈی میں یومِ عاشور پر ہونے والے فرقہ وارانہ فساد کے نتیجے میں امام بارگاہوں کو آگ لگا دی گئی۔ ایک عینی شاہد سعید رضوی نے بی بی سی سے بات کرتے ہوئے بتایا کہ کرفیو کا اعلان تو ہو گیا تھا لیکن فوج کے پہنچنے سے پہلے مشتعل افراد نے امام بارگاہوں پر حملہ کر دیا۔


  2. Taliban[updated Version] = Deobandi [sunath wal jamath]= Wahabi = sab Yazeed ka L** Hian , Sunni ka naam use kar ka Al-Sunath ko badnaam kar rehay hain, Pakistan is Land of Bralvies. ALL Deobandies were against Pakistan 1947. only one Ashraf Ali Thanvi was who supported Pakistan.

    Then Ya Taliban[deobandis] KSA say funds lay kar apni yazdi Shariyat nafiz karna chatay hian.

    ALLAH Yazeed [Lanthi]or es ka hawariyoon ko khuraq karay Ameeen….

    • deobandi aik peaceful jamaat ka naam hai aur inhain badnaam krnay se pehlay 10000 martaba soch lia kro
      yeh aik esi jamaat hai jo kisi k khilaaf baat nahi krti
      aur is ki misaal raiwind main ap k saamnay hai
      bilawaja kisi par bhi aitraz laganay waalay khud apnay girhabaan main jhank kar dekh lain k wo kia hain
      hum logon ne nimaz to parhni nahi hoti aur hum fatwa dena esay shuru kr detay hain jesay hum aalim hon

      • Khan Saab Fatway HUm log nahi detay, Deobandi Baz ulama Maa Kay saath Sex Jaiz samjtay hian . pelay Apnay geray baan maindekoo fir agalay ko bolo. Taliban aap kay Sepay Shiba aap ka. Pondra Box math kolo. Sorry


  3. I saw this video , Shia were beating this person and one person came from side and hited this guy from back, and there were some news later that they behead this guy …but beheading news wasn’t from reliable source ….. im not spreading this against SHIA but there were happened something by some terrorists persons in shia and others started along with them…bcz our youth is more stupid than all event they belongs to Shia or from Sunni …….. Please Shia and Sunni’s be careful of all this , this act is against to all of U.!

  4. Procession people killed (Deobandi) Madrassah boys during clashes after the procession was attacked (by Deobandis).

    Can you kill someone like this?? No shia or Sunni Barelvi was killed, which explains that it was not a matter of self defense. So,can they prove that which constitutional law they have used to kill these people.
    I am just Muslim. According to Islam,anyone who kills other Muslim should endure same punishment.By constitution shia and sunnis both are Muslims.

  5. The following two reports published in daily Dawn (with additional information) confirm that Deobandi mosque of Sipah Sahaba provoked violence:

    Intelligence sources and eyewitnesses said the crisis began in the afternoon when the mourning procession of Ashura reached Fawara Chowk where its participants heard the remarks of Maulana Shakirullah, a local Imam who was giving the Friday speech from the Mosque and Madressah Taleemul Quran (known as Maulvi Ghulamullah wali Masjid). A follower of the Deobandi school of thought, the imam made harsh and offensive comments against the Shia community.

    It was unfortunate that though the City District Government Rawalpindi (CDGR) had banned the use of loudspeaker (except for giving Azan and the Friday sermon in Arabic), this ban was violated by the mosque administration despite the presence of police and local administration.

    It is not clear what happened after this. While some eyewitnesses claim that the Shia participants of the procession (including about 100 youngsters from Parachinar and other parts of Kurram Agency) instigated the violence by pelting stones on the mosque, others claim that the students and people in the Madressah were the first to throw stones.

    SITUATION WORSENS: Regardless of who cast the first stone, the clash soon intensified shortly after which gunfire was exchanged.

    “During the clash, the police tried to overpower the angry mob but they were outnumbered. Some of the young men snatched the policemen’s rifles and emptied the weapons on their opponents,” Abdul Waheed, an eyewitness, told Dawn.

    He said that after the exchange of fire, the mob set fire to the mosque which was located above the Madina and Makkah Markets. The markets were located on the ground floor and sold fabric.

    Later they ransacked the market.

    The mob set fire to two main fabric markets, including more than 100 shops, four private banks, smashed windowpanes of buildings at an adjacent bazaar. It also attacked the police and three Imambargahs in different parts of the city.

    The mob violence in the midst of gunfire was extreme enough to strike fear in the city’s residents – despite the ban on cellphone services, the news of the clash spread like wild fire (partly thanks to the electronic media) and added to the strength of the two clashing groups.

    “Some of the people inside the mosque managed to escape through back door,” said a police official who was present on the spot.

    The part of the procession that had already passed by the mosque and was ahead of the violence managed to reach Imambargah Qadeemi three kilometres away.

    However, those in the rear never made it to the destination.

    The nine deaths took place at this location as well as the bulk of the injuries.

    By the evening the army was called in. Rescue workers also turned up to shift the injured and dead to the nearby District Headquarters Hospital. The fire brigade vehicles battled the blaze in the cloth market as it was spreading towards other adjoining markets.

    The clashes on the other hand spread to other areas of the city where Deobandi activists attacked Imambargah Haideria in Ratta Amral; Imambargah Col Maqbool on College Road, Imambargah Hifazat Ali Shah in Bohar Bazaar and Qadeemi Imambargah at the Jamia Masjid Road.

    Three more people were injured during these attacks.


    A report prepared by intelligence agencies blamed the provincial government and its law enforcement agencies for the Ashura violence in the city on Friday.

    The report sent to Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif pointed out that Madressah Taleemul Quran situated on the main Ashura procession route had been declared “highly sensitive” under the Muharram security plan. However, no attention was paid to the fact that Deobandid Sipah Sahaba ASWJ cadre intended to attack Ahsura procession from that osque/madressah.

    The report’s account of how the trouble erupted did not differ from that of police officials and eyewitnesses. All agreed that the trouble started when Qari Shakir, who led the prayers at the mosque, began delivering a speech through the loudspeaker at around 1.30pm.

    The local administration had banned the use of loudspeakers except for azaan and khutba in Arabic in worship places, but no one stopped the cleric from suing the loudspeaker even though the police were present on the spot.

    The intelligence report added that the violence could have been averted had the ban been enforced by the district administration and the police. Deobandi Molvi Qari Shakir delivered a highly provocative speech against Shia Muslims and chanted slogans in support of Yazid.

    The report claimed that the speech provoked participants of the procession who started pelting the seminary with stones. Some accounts suggest that the Deobandi students first threw stones on the participants of the procession from inside the building. However, some eyewitnesses contradicted this account of the report.

    “At that time, Maulana Ashraf Ali, Qari Shakir, Maulana Amanullah (vice Khateeb), Maulana Maqsood Usmani, Tanveer Alam from Sadiqabad, Abdul Rasheed, Qari Sanaullah from Madni Masjid…, Qari Nisar Ahmed from Awan Colony and prominent leaders of Sipah-i-Sahaba and 150 to 200 other worshippers were present in the Deobandi mosque,” the report said.

    The fact that most of those killed in the violence belonged to other cities also gave credence to the report that the outsiders (ASWJ-LeJ militants) were mostly responsible for the violence.

    The deceased included Rehmat Shah from Batagram, Tariq Mehmood from Khushab, Habibur Rehman from Murree, Shakirullah from Swabi, Mohammad Anwar and Tariq Mehmood from Bagh. Three others who were killed during the violence remain unidentified.


      • ye sab deobandio ke khilaf sazish ha shia to islam se wessay hi kharij han ab brailwi bhi in ke hamdard banne ki koshish kr rhe hain Hazrat Muhammad(S.A.W) ne farmaya tha k musalman musalman ka bhai ha na k kafir (shia) musalmano ke bhai hain ye pehli dafa nhi hua is se pehlay shion ka kafir imam Khamini bhi aise hi musalmano ka katal krwata rha ha or aik musalman dosre musalman ka katal nhi kr sakta so becareful brailwiyo ye na ho k tum bhi islam se kharij ho jao kyu k zalim ki himayat krne wala bhi zalim hi kehlata ha

  6. Some People are connecting this incident with AHL-E-SUNNAT
    I want to clarify those peoples that AHL-E-SUNNAT are not involved in this incident. DEOBANDI / WAHABI are only Responsible for this.

    I clearly say that DEOBANDI & WAHABI are the Enemies of ISLAM & PAKISTAN.
    Arms are not allowed in the Mosques. why they keep Arms on the place of Worship?

    • DEOBANDI & WAHABI are with new name which is called Al Sunat Wal Jamath… common misunderstanding…

        • Dafa Karoo yaar ALLAH In shaiz aour Sunnis ko b Hadayat Ata FarMay jo apnay Mufaad ka liya shia Sunni Fight kerwatay hain. Ultimate Nuqsaan Pakistan ka hoo rehahia.

  7. SAlam! all , I have got only one thing to say we r humans , and humanity is the priority of every religion, whoever was behind this sad incident dnt want peace, we must try to sort out our enemy intesd of fighting with one another

  8. Yahan bohat Saray kuch aisay kaam samjh loog haen jin ko Wahabis aur Deobandi ka difference nae pata phir bhee boltay chalay jaa rahay haen

    For the writer : bhai jaab shia martay haen tou 4-5 din taak mulk band kardaytay haen jis din sunniyoon kaa matha ghuma naa tou yeah 10% shia aur tum jaisay kahan jain gay sooch bhee nae saktay

    • Randi maan ka bachay Tum konsay Suni hoo Sunnion ka naam badnaam kar rehay hoo. LUN WAL JAMATH kay Karkon hoo tum log. Pakistan main Lund choosnay aay hoo , India main Bharat mata ki gand chomu, LUN WAL JAMATH Murdabad…………….

  9. For sunni barelvi

    Jin Fatwoon ka app nay zikr kara hae uski copies dain and i will verify it agar aisa nae howa tou phir app apni maan dae dyee gaa sex kay lae

    • Yazeed Ka Super Lund Deobandion kay Baap ‘Hakeem ul Umat’ ki Kitaab main jaa kar dekoo fir apni Maa ki chooot main Lund dal lana.

    • Asal main aap nay apni okaat show kerwaa di hai. main aap ki trah gali nahi doon ga. Internet per sab kuch mil jay gaa . aap kay hakeem al umath ka ganda fatwa aour . jahan tak aap nay keha ka wahabi deobandi nahih hian. yes i agree zara history check karoo dekoo kis nay request ki thi Engrazoon ko kay humain logon nay wahabi keha keha ka mar dia hia, humara new naam rakoo Deobandi. APnay kisi baray Alim saab say rabata karoo fir wo bata day ga Ghungiian Saab aour Qasim Nanotvi or Hasaain Ahemad Madrasay Deoband kay baray main asal haqeeqat. ab deoband ya kehatay hian ka hum taqleed kartay hian , wahabi taqleed nahi kartay.. Histry check karain janab fir baat karain.

    • Ganda Fatwa tu di ahai waisy Deobandion aab aap apni maaa ki choot share karoo is web site per.

      Mera 6.5′ inch Lun Ready hai aap ki Maa ki gandi Choot ko test karnay ka liya.

      Zinda aaj b LUND WAL Jammaath

  10. Such a stupid and false report by a foreign-funded site and Journalist. Why no-Shia harami injured if there was firing from Masjid and Stoning of Shia-Terrorists’ procession. Is this justifiable to kill 15 people who throw 2 stones. Is this Hussainiat or Truth which you are propagating and believing. If this is Hussainiat, then Hazrat Hussain must be ashamed upon having such believers like you bastard bloody Terror and biased human-like animals. I had some respect for Shias before this event but now I am sure they are beasts, they are false, their ancestors killed Hazrat Hussain (RA). No one in Sunnis praise Yazeed in Pakistan. If any body from your bloody-group produce a single evidence of Yazeed praise by Sunni-deobandis, I will convert to Shia. This is an open challenge. You can not prove whether you sell your mother or sisters. Shame on the biased and sectarian media who is just pulling nothing out of 15 Shaheed of Sunnis. Is it worth to dig a stone as a reason to kill 15 innocent Muslims. If there are 1000 tweets calling people to stop Shia procession, you must talk about the real event which took place. How many Shia-haramis injured or sent to Hell by these Tweets. Is Ahmad Noorani blind? This is the be-ghairati of this paid media, who instead of showing the facts of Rawalpindi Massacre, is finding and placing justifications of killing of these 15 innocent Muslims. We don’t expect such paid-journalists or such Traitor sites like LUBP as they must obey their masters and they must deliver to their spiritual fathers. We are happy our Sunni brothers succeeded in embarrassing Shahadat by worst Kafirs in the world. Thats it and it is the fact which you must admit.

    • hazrat yazeed r.a sa dushmani koi musalman soch nai sakta aur shia tabbara karti ha hazrat yazeed r.a par jo nabi ka sahaba tha aur sahaba ka rutba paigambr sa bi buland ha jis ko nai pata woh sabak par la pir pata chala gi allah na quran kaha ha yeh


  12. ye sab deobandio ke khilaf sazish ha shia to islam se wessay hi kharij han ab brailwi bhi in ke hamdard banne ki koshish kr rhe hain Hazrat Muhammad(S.A.W) ne farmaya tha k musalman musalman ka bhai ha na k kafir (shia) musalmano ke bhai hain ye pehli dafa nhi hua is se pehlay shion ka kafir imam Khamini bhi aise hi musalmano ka katal krwata rha ha or aik musalman dosre musalman ka katal nhi kr sakta so becareful brailwiyo ye na ho k tum bhi islam se kharij ho jao kyu k zalim ki himayat krne wala bhi zalim hi kehlata ha

  13. سانحہ راولپنڈی ، جوڈیشل کمیشن کو 6سوالات کے جوابات تلاش کرنے ہیں

    1 ، سب اس بات پر متفق ہیں کہ اگر مدرسے کے لوگوں نے جلوس کو روکنے کا منصوبہ بھی بنایا تھا یا پھر وہاں سے کوئی اشتعال انگیز تقاریر کی جارہی تھیں تو بھی عوام کے قتل اور مسجد کو جلانے کا کوئی جواز پیدا نہیں ہوتا۔ اس بات کی تحقیقات ہونی چاہیے کہ کونسے عنصر نے جلوس کے شرکاء کو اس حد تک مشتعل کردیا؟ مسجد کو جلانے والے اصل لوگوں کا چہرہ بے نقاب کیا جانا چاہیے کیونکہ ویڈیو میں جلوس کے شرکاء کو مسجد میں لگی آگ بھجاتے ہوئے بھی دیکھا گیا ہے۔ 2 ، بنیادی سوال یہ ہے کہ آیا یہ واقعہ فوری ردعمل کا شاخسانہ ہے جسے موقع پر ہوا دی گئی یاپھر کسی فریق کی جانب سے اس کی پہلے سے منصوبہ بندی کی گئی تھی۔9 محرم، 14 نومبر2013 کے سوشل میڈیا کے کچھ اعلانات جن میں کچھ ٹوئٹس بھی شامل ہیں جن میں عوام کو 10 محرم کے دن مدرسے پر پہنچنے کی دعوت دی گئی تھی تاکہ 10 محرم کے جلوس کو بزور طاقت روکا جاسکے۔ یہ ایک بہت بڑا ثبوت ہوسکتا ہے کیونکہ ان سائٹس پر تاریخیں تبدیل نہیں ہوسکتیں، اہل سنت والجماعت جوکہ حملے کا نشانہ بننے والے مدرسے کو کنٹرول کرتی ہے اس نے ان ٹوئٹر اکاؤنٹس کو استعمال کرنے کی تردید کی ہے۔ اس پیش رفت سے صورتحال میں سازش کی مزید بو آرہی ہے ساتھ ہی یہ اہل سنت والجماعت کےلیے یہ مددگار بھی ثابت ہوگی اگر وہ اپنے دعوؤں کو ثابت کردیں کہ یہ ٹوئٹر کے وہ اکاؤنٹس انکی جانب سے استعمال نہیں کیے جارہے تھے، اور اس سے سازش کے پیچھے اصل عناصر بےنقاب ہوجائیں گے۔ اس بات کا امکان ہےکہ جن عناصر نے املاک کو آگ لگائی وہی بدامنی پھیلانے کےلیے سوشل میڈیا پر اعلانات کے پیچھے تھے۔ یہ ایک بڑا اہم پیش رفت کےلیے معاون ثابت ہوسکتی ہے۔ محض فسادات میں قتل کرنےوالوں کو پکڑنے سے مدد نہیں ملے گی۔ اس کے علاوہ اس مدرسے کی تمام شاخوں سے تعلق رکھنے والے طلبہ سے سائنسی بنیادوں پر تحقیقات کی جانی چاہیے کیونکہ یہ دعویٰ کیا جاتا ہے کہ اس مدرسے کی تمام شاخوں سے لوگوں کو مدعو کیا گیاتھا۔ یہ دعویٰ کیا جاتا ہے کہ طلبہ اس بات کا اعتراف کرتے ہیں لیکن آگے آکر گواہ بننے کےلیے تیار نہیں ہیں۔ 3 ، یہ بات صحیح ہے کہ جلوس کے شرکاء نے پولیس سے مدرسے کے ساتھ ملحقہ مسجد کے مولوی کی تقرر روکنے کا مطالبہ کیا تھا اور تصادم اسی وقت شروع ہوا جب پولیس مولوی کی تقریر روکنے میں ناکام رہی؟ 4 ، کیا یہ صحیح ہے کہ مسجد کے مولوی کی تقریر 10 محرم کے موقع کی مناسبت سے غیرمعقول تھی، اور کیا یہ صحیح نہیں کیونکہ ایک جوان مولوی نے انٹرویو میں اس تاثر کی نفی کی ہے کہ اس دن مولوی کی تقریر اشتعال انگیز تھی۔5، اہل سنت والجماعت کے باضابطہ اکاؤنٹس متاثرین کی جعلی تصاویر آویزاں کی گئیں؟ اہل سنت والجماعت کے باضابطہ اکاؤنٹس سے کچھ زبح شدہ لوگوں کی تصاویر جوکہ انٹرنیٹ پر پھیل گئیں تھیں جھوٹی ثابت ہوئیں کیونکہ انٹرنیٹ پر یہ تصاویر کہی ماہ پہلے سے موجود ہیں۔6 ، جس مقام پر تصادم ہوا وہ کئی دہائیوں سے حساس سمجھا جاتا ہے اور خفیہ اداروں کی جانب سے جو رپورٹس بھیجی گئی تھی وہ سادہ تھیں جس میں پرتشدد کاررو ا ئیو ں کے حوالےسے خبردار کیا گیا تھا، سب سے بڑا سوال یہ ہےکہ جو فوری جواب کا متقاضی ہے کہ جب شرپسندوں کی جانب سے 17 گھنٹے قبل اپنے منصوبے اور مقام کا اعلان کردیا تھا تو خفیہ ایجنسیاں انکی رپورٹ دینے اور ان کا سراغ لگانے میں کیوں ناکام رہیں۔


  14. what i cannot understand is why do shias have to mourn in the streets? why can’t they just do all their Azadari inside their Imam bargahs. They really have to grow up. All the problems starts when people come to cry in the streets. Sunni or Shia , no one should be allowed to come out for any procession on streets, be it for any milad or karbala. Those who feel they love the Prophet SAW more, just try to do any extra of his sunnah in their life or keep fast. And those that want to still mourn for Karbala, just shut yourselves in your house and torture yourself all you want, if you think Hussain R.A is going to feel happy with your these acts.
    Allah stated clearly in Quran: Do not put your life in harms way.

    • i also cant understand that why deobandis are using ahlay sunnat wal jamaat name instead of their banned outfit sipah sahaba. deobandis and ahlhadis this country has been made by bralvi muslims and go to india from where you all are brought up.milad processions will always celebrated with full zeal and honour what about your protest that you bastards made after each friday prayers in pakistan? sunnis and shias are living peacefully in pakistan for centuries. you rascals have made pakistan in a civil war zone

      • tahir ul paadri ki najaiz alaad to bi ab sa kapir ha.
        kapir kapir bralvi kapir bralvi shai bhai hain to dono kapir

        • Deobandion kay Founders Qasim Nanotivi, Hasain Ahemad, Ghunghi sb, sab nay Far farmaya ka Yazeed Paleeed admi tha. ab kuch Wahabies aour yazdies Deobandion our sunnies ko badnaam kar rehay hian.

          Must watch……

          Hussain(R.A.) OR yazeed(Lanti) by Maulana Ismail Deobandi


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