Let’s slam Imran Khan but stay mute on Nawaz Sharif and Gen Kayani’s love affair with Taliban

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As a Taliban apologist, Imran Khan and his PTI deserve to be criticized for their dishonest, insensitive and ridiculous narrative – especially in light of his disgustingly insensitive remarks on the latest massacre of at least 80 Christians by the Deobandi Taliban terrorists in Peshawar.

That being said, would it not be hypocritical to limit this criticism just to Imran Khan while staying silent on the equally bigoted stance of Nawaz Sharif and his PML-N who are on the same page with th ISI when it comes to acting as apologists and promoters of Taliban and Sipah-e-Sahaba (ASWJ-LeJ).

This hypocrisy is fully on display by some celebrated (pro-establishment) liberal dons of Pakistan. For examnple, in his “Aapas Ki Baat” show on Geo TV (of the notorious Jang Media Group), Najam Sethi tore apart Imran Khan’s pro-Taliban statements but maintained a careful and calibrated stance on the PML-N and the ISI’s love affair with the Taliban and Sipah Sahaba (ASWJ). Najam Sethi’s frequent supporter and promoter on social media and a noted liberal, Nadeem Paracha, did the same in his most recent blog for DAWN newspaper. All their condemnation was reserved for Imran Khan but on Nawaz Sharif and his group of pro-Taliban PML-N and ASWJ coalition allies, there was barely a word. Neither was there any critical mention of the Pakistan army – the ones that actually call the shots in the Jihadi-Deobandi dominated Pakistan.

Even now, in the aftermath of massacre of at least 80 Christians in Peshawar, Nawaz Sharif has not condemned the Taliban once by name. His brother and the long reigning Chief Minister of Punjab, Shahbaz Sharif became famous for his gesture of unity and begging with the Deobandi terrorists of the Taliban-LeJ when they attacked and killed at least 90 Ahmadi Muslims in 2010 in Lahore, the bastion of PML-N.

PML-N’s Interior Minister and representing this so-called anti-establishment party’s links with the military and ISI, Chaudhary Nisar, opnely describes the Taliban as “stakeholders”. Apparently, those who boast about murdering fifty thousand Pakistani citizens become stakeholders as per the PML N.

What the likes of Najam Sethi, Raza Rumi, Hamid Mir, Ejaz Haider, Nasim Zehra etc deliberately omit is the key role being played by the PML-N/Sipah Sahaba leader of KP, Ibrahim Paracha Deobandi, in the ongoing appeasement efforts with the Taliban and Lashkar-e-Jhangvi. Paracha is activey meeting with the Taliban and keenly pushing their demands forward.

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What the fakel liberals such as Ejaz Haider, Nadeem Paracha, Raza Rumi also omit is the fact that none other than Najam Sethi as caretaker Chief Minister of the Punjab released hundreds of Deobandi terrorists of LeJ, the very thugs responsible for the massacre of Sunni Barelvis, Shias, Ahmadis, Christians etc in Pakistan from Quetta to Peshawar and from Karachi to Gilgit. These fake libeals find comfort in bashing the easy, populist targets eg Imran Khan, Fazlur Rehman, Ansar Abbasi, Orya Maqbool Jan while remaining silent on Nawaz Sharif, Ludhianvi, Sipah Sahaba-ASWJ, Hamid Mir, Najam Sethi etc.

Slamming Imran Khan and PTI for their reprehensible Taliban apologist discourse is easy. The (Fake) Liberal Mafia in Pakistan engages in precisely these types of lazy and dishonest tactics. Very rarely, if ever, do these liberals even mention the Deobandi ideology shared by the Taliban and its various subsidiaries such as ASWJ, SSP, LeJ, JeM Jundullah.

As for holding the army to account for the Taliban, forget about it. Not these pro-establishment elitist liberals. Governments have come and gone and decades have gone by but the Pakistan Army is still openly in support of the Taliban and other Deobandi Jihadists. This support is balanced by presenting the Taliban as a diverse group of people even though they largely share the same ideology (Takfiri Deobandi) and goals of capturing the Pakistani state.

Many of these so-called liberals have been coopted into the military establishment sponsored Jinnah Institute, and have also infiltrated Geo TV, Capital TV etc. In their most popular and detailed foreign policy elite report published by the Jinnah Institute, Pakistan Army’s ambition to continue supporting the Taliban is spelled out very clearly. It is provided with intellectual cover.

Since a few years, Najam Sethi has first critisized the PPP-ANP coalition for holding the army back from taking on the Taliban. Before the last elections when the PPP and ANP were routed thanks to the Deobandi Taliban’s attacks against them, Najam Sethi blamed them for not “creating a consensus against the Taliban” and therefore holding the army back from doing its job of taking on the Taliban. As if the army ever needed the consensus of the PPP.

It is a fact that Pakistan army generals never needed the consensus of the PPP for blasting it via the private media on Kerry Lugar Bill. The army never needed PPP’s consensus when COAS General Kayani and the ISPR routinely issued foreign policy statements – which is not their role. And the army never needed the PPP’s when it routinely undermined it via the Memogate and indirectly via the pro-Taliban pro-ISI judiciary led by Chief Justice Iftikhar Chuahdry.

Imran Khan and his ridiculous statements make him an easy target for bashing. But the fake liberals who selectively bash Imran Khan expose their own compromised agenda when they fail to hold the army and their current “mature statesman” Nawaz Sharif and his PML-N to account.





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