No Muslim can do it – by Bahadar Ali Khan

No Muslim can do it – by Bahadar Ali Khan

Head in sandHats off to Taliban-lovers forum and their spin doctors, their twist or mantra is again successful. No matter how big the tragedy is or how many people are killed, the ‘nation’ settles down with one of these:

1: No Muslim can kill any other Muslim
2: Raw, Mossad and CIA are behind it.
3: It is a reaction to the drone attacks
4: It is a conspiracy against Islam and Pakistan.

Now among the above, point #1 and #3 are contradictory but even then people not only accept it but believe it. No nation is so paranoid then Pakistanis are. We have our heads in sand. We have become deaf and dumb. The people who were supposed to be in the jail, are actually screwing with the heads of youth on national TV every night Punjab University has become abode of Al-Qaeda terrorists. Jihad has been franchised. Number of soldiers killed by the extremists is more than the collective tally of three war against India. Urdu media of Pakistan has become hostage in the hands of Taliban apologists. Public has been fed with so many conspiracy theories that they have become cynic.

Time to make a call. You want to hand over so-called Atomic Pakistan in the hands of extremist, do it. Ground work has already been done, people wouldn’t have much issue with the Talibani Shariah. Every lunatic who recites few Quarnic verses can do whatever he wishes. Point is, if we have decided to make Pakistan a theocracy, just do it. At least the hell of so-called ‘ism’ would be over. Grow Jinnah’s beard on currency bills or cast him aside, publish Mulla Umar’s picture there.

Tailpiece: No Muslim can do it, meaning by killing another Muslim remind me the only ‘saint’ emperor Aurangzeb Alamgir was not a Muslim then, as he killed his three real brothers, Dara, Shujah and Murad during the war for throne.

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  1. “no muslim can do it”/ – go ask this to wahabi abdulla, who is sponsoring the cannibal takfiri rebels to slaughter innocent men, women and children in Iraq and Syria – calls himself a muslim this takfiri person- hell awaits him with open arms

  2. “NO MUSLIM CAN DO IT”, I agree. People who are doing it claim themselves to be muslim and take pride in it. “asatagfrullah”. These are the ones who conspiring against Islam and committig “GUSTAKHI-E-RASOOL” and should be hanged with all the right wing political parties. Pakistan army is with them. Army’s job performance can be judged by 1971 war.They are milking the country. Their lavish life style is at the cost of common person. Please listen to Maulana Azad’s 1947 speech. He predicted this very phenomenon 65 years ago. Even Kamran Khan played the clip in his march 23, 2012 program. It is an eye and brain opner. After listening that one can can only shed “KHOON KE ANSOO”
    May god be with us and forgive us for mistreating the minorities (wishful thinking)

  3. Anyone who thinks that the bomber is a non-Muslim or a CIA, Mosad, RAW, or MI6 Agent, etc. need only study the violent Islamic history and investigate the religion and ideology of the group who fought battles against Ali (AS) and Husayn (AS). Also do some research and identify the killers of the direct decedents and the progeny of our Holy Prophet (S). Were they Christians, Jews, Hindus, Zoroastrians, or Buddhist? There is no doubt that they all professed to the Islamic Kalima and that they were very particular about daily prayers, Zakat, Saum (Roza), Hajj, etc. They had organized clergy including muftis on state payroll, etc. They called themselves as the Ummat of the Holy Prophet (S).

    But there were, are, and will be two types of Muslims – one who sacrifices for Islam and the other who slaughters “in the name of Islam”.

  4. I would like to tell my Christian brothers and sisters that Islam has no conflicts with Christianity. The Quran even singles out Christianity as the religion which is the closest to Islam.

    It is very clear to see that there are three very specific groups who claim to be Muslims, but instead, are the greatest threat to humanity. These three groups are as follows (in order of their barbarism):

    1. Wahabi (or Salafi)
    2. Deobandi
    3. Ahle Hadith (to a somewhat lesser extent)

    It is quite strange to note that although overwhelming majority of Pakistan do not belong to the above bigoted groups but still they have disproportionate coverage and representation in media, judiciary, madarsas, charities, etc.

    Peaceful Muslims groups are as follows:

    1. Shia
    2. Ismaili and Bohri
    3. Barelvi Sunni (Pakistan’s overwhelming majority)
    4. Sufi Sunni

    In above peaceful groups, you will never find any suicide bomber.

    Please spread this message as much as possible so that non-Muslims can easily identify the enemies of the whole humanity.

  5. “1: No Muslim can kill any other Muslim”

    Are you kidding me?

    The progeny and descendents of Prophet Muhammad (S) including all divinely appointed Imams (AS) had been killed by none other than those who claimed to be the best Muslims and history of these murderous kings are taught in our schools! A few examples are as follows:

    Haroon Rasheed (L) – Muslim or not – you decide!
    Mamoon Rasheed (L) – Muslim or not – you decide!
    Al-Mu’tasim (L) – Muslim or not – you decide!
    Al-Mu’tazz (L) – Muslim or not – you decide!
    Al-Mu’tamid (L) – Muslim or not – you decide!

  6. Mr. Abbas lets not drag the Sahabha RA into all of this mess. I know the inclination is very strong for you, but all this mess is ultimately about oil and gas pipelines, be it in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan or to a lesser extent Pakistan. Granted, this is all because of Wahabi indoctrination, unfortunately, Iranians are no angels either. In fact I predict that the Iranians are tired of this clergy rule that they have and they eventually will go back to their good old days of the early 70’s.

  7. I am not talking about Sahaba. I am talking about those who fought against Ali and Husayn. Such people cannot be called sahaba. If you do call them sahaba, then unfortunately by logic you will have to call Ali as the one who fought against sahaba! That will make Ali an anti-sahaba. Think about that! Do you want to be associated with Ali or with those who fought against Ali?

    Furthermore, as brother Gardezi said, the history of Muslims is filled with blood and gore. There should be no doubt in anyone’s mind that from Imam Ali (AS) to Imam Hasan Askari (AS), not a single Imam was able to live his whole natural life and all had been murdered by kalima-professing so-called Muslims. However, its up to you if you want to call the killers of prophets progeny as sahaba, or go ahead and try to hide the embarrassing history of Muslim Kings.

  8. Brother Khalid, I totally agree with you about your comments regarding Iran. There is a misconception that Iran represents Shias. Instead I would go as far as claim that in recent history, Iran has caused great harm to the Shia madhab. Iran is simply a clergy state and they use Shia madhab for their own selfish reasons. I would very much like to see secular governments in Muslim countries in general, and Iran and Hejaz in particular.