The Concerns of a Pakistani Shia Muslim – by Salman Zaidi

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I woke up today on 27th August, 2013 at 4 am, it was just after 5 hours of sleep, I woke up after I had a nightmare, in the nightmare, I saw that I am sitting infront of the television, all channels are showing SSP mullahs taking out demonstrations and chanting “KAAFIR KAAFIR SHIA KAAFIR” and “SHIA KAAFIRO KI SAZA, SAR TANN SE JUDAA” and I am wondering, whats going on, these protests are on every channel that I switch to, I am baffled and unable to understand whats going on, what have the Shias done to these guys that they are constantly chanting slogans full of hatred and scorn, and that very moment I start to hear the same slogans being chanted outside my house, I can see that happening on the television, they are outside my house, trying to get in by jumping over the gate, I lock the door from the inside, I have no weapons to defend myself, I am praying to the Almighty to help me and all of a sudden they break in and start beating me with sticks and screaming “maaro is kaafir ko” and I wake up shouting with pain.

Since then, I have been unable to sleep or concentrate on anything, have been lost in thoughts, questioning myself if this could turn true someday, well who knows, it sure can, the way things are going, the way our government instead of taking action against these goons and murderers, tries to appease them, this can surely happen, while I was thinking about that nightmare, I got the news that the Central Government is not willing to help the Balochistan Government in its operation against LeJ and SSP, the reasons are obvious.

On Friday, just 5 days ago, many Shia Muslims were shot dead in Bhakkar during an illegal protest rally taken out by the SSP and when the Shia Muslims acted in self defense, many of them were taken into police custody, the DPO went to offer condolences to the SSP terrorists, the government of Punjab sided with them as well, Rana Sanaullah, the Home Minister of the province of Punjab is notorious for his connections with these extremist sectarian outfits, while these arrests were still fresh in my memory, I came to learn that many Shia men who were going to attend to soyem (3rd day prayers) of the victims in Bhakkar have been arrested for no reason, later on Sunday an SSP mullah was shot dead in Karachi, no one knows who killed him, these SSP terrorists were on the roads on Monday, they protested as if they are the most innocent creatures on this planet, their leader Aurangzeb Farooqi said:

“Terrorists have been given a free hand by the Government”

Well, I would agree with him, they, the SSP terrorists surely have been given a free hand by the government, they themselves are terrorists and are trying to play victim, and he is the same guy who on 25th December, 2012 in a video message said:

“Now we won’t need to kill Shias, we will make it impossible for them to even Breath in Karachi”

It was just an SSP mullah that was shot by probably their rival extortionists or rival Deobandis, Shia Muslims are killed and bombed off and on by these guys, but no one gives a damn, but these guys protested, brought the city of Karachi to a shutdown, an Additional Inspector General of the police held a meeting with them and assured them that an officer of Deputy Inspector General rank would head the team that would investigate the murder of that SSP mullah.

These are the news with which I went to bed last night and they matured into a nightmare, I have been questioning myself for the past many hours that

“Why is the whole state apparatus always trying to appease them, why?”

And after some introspection, I have come to the conclusion that I like millions of my Shia brothers and sisters living in Pakistan are mentally disturbed, I had all these questions and fears in my sub-conscious that I saw in the form of a nightmare, it’s not just my story, I know there are many out there who have the same sort of questions in their minds and but unable to get their answers. Hopeless that things would change, we pray to the Almighty Allah to help us for we have lost faith in the state that it would protect our fundamental rights.

But that does not mean we have lost hope and that we are scared or want to flee Pakistan, we are Hussainis and we are not afraid of anyone, we have dwelled these lands for centuries and we will continue to do so, it was us who were on the forefront of the Pakistan movement, Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah too was a Shia Muslim and those who are killing Shia Muslims today in Pakistan belong to same ideology that opposed Jinnah and his Pakistan, this is our homeland, we sacrificed for its creation, and we will make it the Pakistan of Jinnah’s Dream, an egalitarian and tolerant Pakistan.



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