Justice for Mirza Abbas Arif – by Alizeh Khaleeli

The words stare back at me,and leave me bereft of speech.What justice will there be when our collective consciences are in denial as a nation?
 I cannot love justice without hating injustice.I am not made of the clay that allows me to condemn Malalas killers and then rally a procession to talk to them at the same time.
Tell me for this justice I so desperately seek where do I go?Who will hold council in their imperial courts for one more boy targeted for his beliefs ? Who will actually listen in this nation where judge,jury and legal counsel are comprised of those who slay? Why would anyone demand a right of audience for such a youth? Or the doctors that were martyred too?.Skilled or unskilled are labels-in truth it does not matter except maybe for priority basis, otherwise all are to be slaughtered.
 Oh,Abbas,what a name you have-may your mother get the strength from Ummul banin.For I do not know how she slept after karbala- ever again.The sword that slays our doctors,lawyers,teachers,professors,academia,businessmen,industrialists,youth,activists,journalists is one we all know.It is one for which we are willing to let our blood flow.
Oh you for whom Allah is the blood claimer ,you have lost many sons and daughters.
 How do I expect anything of this world when they couldn’t spare you a shroud or when their avarice wound  grip clutched spears that pierced through the molten sands to seize the infant body of my little master Asghar who was killed twice? How do I assume that there will be justice for Abbas when the injustice done unto you is palatable for them?
 Hussain(as), wounded not weary we come to you.I turn to you for only in your court do I find that there will be justice.



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