Why is there Increasing Criticism for Malala Yousafzai, and so Little Support for her Cause in Pakistan? – by Rusty Walker


Malala Yousafzai- Why wouldn’t Pakistan’s elites move mountains to support her cause and assure that she receives funds for advanced education- considering such humble origins? This soft-spoken, articulate, attractive, youthful feminine dynamo, could be the next Benazir Bhutto. One that is not part of a wealthy, privileged and “Bhutto-dynasty” background! Why would the government not assure someone with such potential a Pakistan presidential award, or, something like the British Empire does for citizens of exceptional talents? Why the lack of social and press enthusiasm; why the national sleep-walking?

Malala’s show of courage for a worthy cause is a chance for Pakistan to shine in her reflected glory. She has made the cover of American news publications, during Nobel Peace Prize issues.  A nation like Pakistan could benefit from some positive press after the unfortunate JI Report some time ago, the Abbottabad Commission Report that reflected a failing state, one would think should start promoting its global stars. Instead it increasingly diminishes this diminutive hero of Pakistan. Malala is a genuine vanguard for Women’s Right to education. What could be wrong about that?

Pakistani Heros and VilliansSarah Khan’s illuminating report shows Pakistanis are increasingly criticizing this principled teenager, with her pure message of the right to education. How does one find fault with that?  In Sarah Khan’s report:  “Punjabi CM Shahbaz Sharif spearheads hate campaign against Malala Yousafzai” she finds apologists for Taliban that are attempting to ridicule this Pakistan national hero.


Cyber space Tweets in the past diminished Malala’s speech to the UN: Shehbaz Sharif, tweets: a speech made for “global consumption.” So what? Global consumption can be of benefit to nations seeking economic recovery, and a change in global perception.

The intimidated have no real response, so, change the subject:
And there is the false and irrelevant rhetoric that is spewed out about drones! Drones?
Do you fear Malala’s commentary so much as to change the subject?  Salman Khan once tweeted: “She’s mukhtaran…”what about those children maimed daily thru drone strikes.”

Exaggerate sensational fake statistics to enrage your audience:

Several Tweets write of “drones killing thousands of innocent kids.” This would be laughable, if it weren’t such a blatant lie about an effective campaign to which your own Pakistani Army privately agrees. Drones have killed more terrorists than the Pakistani Army, or the local authorities in Waziristan, FATA, KP, and the imaginary Pakhtunistan regions across the Durand Line. Malala had nothing to do with drones: can we agree on that?

Women’s Right to Education, sadly dismissed by women:

The following are women’s astonishingly petty and false narrative by those who should be supporting women:


Invent Conspiracy Theories to assure a misinformed public:

The comment about Malala being used by the “politicians and media as a political ploy,” reaches conspiracy theory absurdity:  Really?
So, Malala, is a ploy for the following egregious messages: “education for everyone;” her Gandhi-like comment of seeking “no revenge on the Taliban” that shot and disfigured her; her forgiveness for the Taliban, because she only wants the message that she remains the “same person” before and after being shot. Wow…some ploy by the politicians! How terrible of her!

West supported figure

This phrase is assumed as a derogatory reference. It shouldn’t be, but it is.

This is quite illuminating, in that Pakistan is a Western ally; it accepts USAID; it has a celebrated Constitution based on Western form (albeit, some Z.Bhutto and Zia religious insertions that sully it up); Pakistan is not a Theocracy (yet); it is more of a Democratic Republic than a military state (so far), not unlike Western models; And, most Pakistanis I see on the streets of Pakistan appreciate Western culture, movies, music, Western comforts of home, and wear Western style clothes- it is not Saudi Arabia (yet).

Why a celebrated female is increasingly maligned, is cause for serious concern within Pakistan. Is this the work of the new government mentality? Is this fake-liberal society, that hides behind middle-class and elitist comforts? Why do those who prosper in Pakistan, and are educated, and hold positions of power, claim to be religious, or, hold religious values of pluralism, still align with far-Right radical elements? This is a question that baffles those in the Western world.

Malala  Yousafzai, even at 14 and 15 years of age is a renowned figure that Pakistan should capitalize on her earned world reputation. The West is enamored with this precocious and pure and self-composed victim of a Taliban shooting. The government should sponsor speaking engagements all over the world for women’s rights groups. People often forget, despite Benazir Bhutto’s constant criticism of the United States, she was lauded there and treated like a princess when she would visit to speak. Presidents loved her, and loved being photographed next to her. Had she been protected, she would have been Pakistan’s beautiful and alluring face to the world. An opportunity missed.

Abdus Salam, Pakistan’s only Nobel Laureate was a mathematical genius on a global level. He was driven away from his homeland by religious zealots. What encouragement was there for him to stay, considering the state-approved injustice supported by the Pakistani Constitution declaring Ahmedis as non-Muslims. Unknown to a sympathetic world, with Pakistani leaders appealing to allies, nations could have and may have, come to his defense. Certainly the Human rights Organizations, and World Leaders such as President Obama, who continually attempts to give credit to Muslims in his goal winning hearts and minds in Islamic countries- possibly an opportunity missed, as Dr. Salam has passed away. The Pakistani leadership should have protected him and taken measures to ensure his safety at home. Pakistan will face a brain-drain if the top minds are afraid of Takfiri Salafist’s retaliation. Many of LUBP’s own writers have gone into hiding. A nation must protect its own.


In this month of Ramadan arrives unlimited blessings: Pakistan! Wake up! Insh’allah!



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