PTI in defense of Taliban – by A Z

PTI in defense of Taliban – by A Z

LiveLeak-dot-com-19af38a3a26a-imran-khan-talibanWhile our national ranks may be swollen with the abundance of apologists for terrorism, nobody does it with such purpose and consistency as the PTI. Here is another lawmaker from the party waxing eloquent how the terrorists have no other choice but to kill innocent and unsuspecting people and how the drone attacks preceded the advent of terrorism in this region.

The PTI is a fearless critic of the opponents of Taliban and is ‘incorruptibly’ committed to its ideology. No doubt its case for Taliban is attractively produced and articulately argued in defending terrorists’ proto-existentialist ethic of responsibility that is at odds with morally-detached way of thinking of the victims and those who mourn for them.

Now that national liberation movements of the twentieth century are mostly defunct, and the type of terrorism that now exercises our attention seems to have little to do with freedom, PTI does a great job in reminding us that the terror that stalks Pakistan has nothing to do with an ideology, nihilism or misanthropy; instead the use of unbridled terror is an optional tactic rightly adopted in accordance with the tribal areas’ admirable moral inclinations.

PTI feels that the terror that has erupted in the process is really a kind of displacement, not a case of ‘going too far’, but precisely a failure to ‘go all the way’ and change society fundamentally. This is what PTI will do when in power. I am confident, it is this revolutionary sensibility –one so at odds with the conformism of today’s Pakistan, whether conservative or liberal– that will enable PTI to cast off old habits and create a ‘New Pakistan’. For the moment it has already started with the KP.

8 responses to “PTI in defense of Taliban – by A Z”

  1. Let me inform all Muslims who are mindful of their piety, that the writer of this post is an established blasphemer. I will only mention two points to substantiate my assertions:
    One, he is ‘believer’ in the DNA and even wrote an article about it. Now we have also seen that the DNA is such an evil for us Muslims that it is not even admissible for the noble purpose of dispensing justice to rape victims.
    Two, he does not think that woman’s evidence is worth half that of a man and has written many times that women are men’s equal in all respects.

    • “DNA is such an evil” ….. HA HA HA, LOL. You too have billions of DNA molecules, so you are a solid (MUJJASIM) evil. This is what logical conclusion, even a ‘pious’ person will draw. Think before you speak, and think before you leap.

  2. Go to Mars and practice your Shria there. Each time your Shria parties contest elections in they lose. People of Pakistan reject you obscurantists. Stop riding cars and flying in planes, is that approved by “Holy book”. Sahaba used camels, donkeys and horses. And finally there are many contradictory, internally inconsistent holy books in this world. Which one to believe?

  3. The position of PTI is not by any means unique in the country. Pakistanis in general, when talking to non Pakistanis, try to justify Taliban terrorism. There is a genuine reluctance to admit that it is savagery and barbarism. Genocidal attacks on Shias and heinous massacres of women and children are explained as a direct consequence of Drones.
    How? What is the connection?
    There is a growing acceptance in the country that the minorities will eventually be eliminated and that it may not be such a bad thing after all.
    What a wonderful country and what great people!

  4. Imran Khan and Nawaz Sharif are taking first steps towards solving the problem, i.e. formulation of a national anti-terrorism policy (something that Zardari et. al. never did). I think they should be encouraged and bucked up, outright denunciation is not helpful. And do not forget, PTI has already lost two MPA’s at the hands of terrorists (so there is a contradiction!). And also honesty demands PPP be also taken to task along with others they are Mum too. Aren’t they?