No respite for Ahmadis in Chief Minister Najam Sethi’s Punjab

No respite for Ahmadis in Chief Minister Najam Sethi’s Punjab


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Christians continue to be attacked, Shias continue to be target killed, Ahmed Ludhianvi and other Takfiri Deobandi terrorists of Sipah Sahaba (ASWJ-LeJ) are free to contest elections and spew hate speech against Shias, and now Ahmadis are being arrested and harassed on flimsy charges. Welcome to Najam Sethi’s Punjab!

What else could we expect from someone who routinely promotes head of banned terrorist outfit Ahmed Ludhianvi through his talk-show (Aapas ki baat) and magazine (The Friday Times)? What else could be expected from someone whose loyalty to Aabpara is as old and strong as that of Ahmed Ludhianvi? What else could we expect from an owner-editor whose paid employees and columnists (Ali Chishti, Mohammad Shahzad, Raza Rumi etc) routinely promote and humanize pro-Taliban Deobandi clerics while harass Shia and Ahmadi bloggers and misrepresent Shia and Ahmadi persecution? In fact Ali Chishti of the ISI-ASWJ-TFT has publicly spoken in support of expanding the blasphemy law against Shia Muslims.

Copy of the police report.
Copy of the police report.

‘Objectionable’ publication: Four held on blasphemy, terrorism charges

LAHORE: Islampura police on Friday (12 April 2013) registered a case against six Ahmedis on blasphemy and terrorism charges and arrested four of them including a hawker and editor and printer of an Ahmedi publication.

Police registered the FIR under Section 295-B (defiling, etc of copy of holy Quran) and 298-C (person of Qadiani group, etc calling himself Muslim or propagating his faith) of the Pakistan Penal Code and 11-W of the Anti-Terrorism Act (ATA) on the complaint of a member of the Khatm-i-Nabuwwat Lawyers Forum. The complainant accused the Ahmedis of printing and distributing Jamaat-i-Ahmedia’s community newspaper Al-Fazal, which he said carried blasphemous content. The complainant, Muhammad Hassan Muavia, sought action against them under Sections 295-A, B and C, 298-B and C of the PPC, Section 24 of Registration of Printing Press Ordinance and 11-W of ATA. However, the police dropped four of the sections.

The complainant alleged that Khalid Ashfaq, a hawker, was distributing the newspaper carrying objectionable content. He said Faisal Ahmed Tahir, son of Tahir Mahmood, and Azhar Zarif too were associated with the publication. He accused Al-Fazal editor, Abdul Sami, and printer, Tahir Mehdi, of publishing and distributing blasphemous content. However, the police did not arrest Sami and Mehdi.

In a press statement issued to condemn the incident, Jamaat-i-Ahmedia Pakistan spokesperson Saleemuddin said daily Al-Fazal was published only for Ahmedis. He said it contained no blasphemous material.

He said Khalid Ashfaq had reached Tahir Mahmood’s house to deliver a copy of the newspaper when a group of local clerics followed him and forcibly entered the house. He said they beat Khalid, Mahmood and his son Ahmed Tahir and detained them for 45 minutes. He said they questioned them about the editor and printer of the newspaper so that they could be nominated in the complaint. Later, he said, they called the police and lodged the FIR.

He said the clerics also beat Tahir Mahmood’s children and took away two mobile phones and two laptops.

He said a group of clerics had been registering FIRs against Ahmedis in Lahore. He said the government machinery, instead of protecting Ahmedis’ rights, had become a tool in the hands of a handful extremists. He said the allegations in the FIR were fabricated. He appealed to caretaker Chief Minister Najam Sethi to ensure justice to the Ahmedis. He said it was already the second incident against Ahmedis during the caretaker government. He said Al-Fazal was going to celebrate its 100th anniversary of publication this year but since July last, some anti-Ahmedi elements were bent on stopping its publication. He said a few months ago, they had stopped its circulation in the newspaper market. He said following the developments, the Jamaat-i-Ahmedia had developed its own circulation setup in Lahore.

Muavia said the KNLF had filed four cases against Ahmedis in Lahore. He said they had used derogatory language against non-Ahmedis. He said the KNLF had stopped Al-fazal’s circulation in the newspaper market. He said they wanted to stop all presses printing Ahmedi literature in the country. He called the allegations of beating and theft baseless.

Published in The Express Tribune, April 13th, 2013.

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  1. No surprises here. Look who is CM Sethi consulting on these matters?

    نگران وزیر اعلی نجم سیٹھی کی معروف دیوبندی عالم طاہر اشرفی سے خصوصی ملاقات

    صوبہ پنجاب کے نگران وزیر اعلی اور دی فرائڈے ٹائمز (اخبارجمعہ) کے مالک جناب نجم سیٹھی نے معروف دیوبندی عالم دین اور علماء و مشائخ کونسل کے سربراہ حافظ طاہر محمود اشرفی سے ملاقات کی نجم سیٹھی نے حافظ صاحب کو یقین دلایا کہ اسلام اور نظریہ پاکستان کی سربلندی کے لئے وہ حافظ طاہر اشرفی صاحب کے شانہ بشانہ سرزمین پنجاب کی خدمت کریں گے
    ملاقات میں باہمی دلچسپی کے دیگر امور پر بھی بات ہوئی اور اسلام اور پاکستان کے اندرونی اور بیرونی دشمنوں کے خلاف علماء اور پنجاب حکومت کے مابین مشترکہ لائحہ عمل کا فیصلہ ہوا

    نجم سیٹھی نے شفا ف الیکشن کے بارے حافظ اشرفی کو یقین دہانی کرائی اور الیکشن میں صالح اور ایماندار افراد کے منتخب ہونے کی دعا کی

    وزیر اعلی نجم سیٹھی نے فرقہ واریت کے خلاف حافظ طاہر اشرفی اور دیگر علما دیوبند کی خدمات کو سراہا

  2. Unfortunately the hate cleric is being promoted by two well connected “liberals” (also alleged to be fake liberals) namely Raza Rumi a. According to Raza Rumi, director of Jinnah Institute, an employee of Sethi’s The Friday Times:

    It is time to engage with clerics like Tahir Ashrafi and get them to join the struggle for a moderate and progressive Pakistan Maulana Tahir Ashrafi, Chairman of Pakistan Ulema Council (an apex body of country wide religious scholars) led a vigorous campaign on this issue and in my several meetings and conversations with him I was impressed by the remarkable clarity with which he stood by this non-Muslim child…Ashrafi is a brave exception but he also paid for it as a sinister campaign against him was launched to delegitimize him.It is never too late to remind the survival-obsessed civilian governments to institute some of these measures. More importantly, it is time to engage with thinking clerics like Ashrafi and get them to join the struggle for a moderate and progressive Pakistan. (Source: Jinnah Institute)

  3. The Friday Times misrepresents the suffering of Pakistan’s Shias and Ahmadis

    We are very disappointed to see misrepresentation of Shia genocide in Pakistan in at least four articles in the current issue of The Friday Times (March 02-08, 2012 – Vol. XXIV, No. 03).

    Ahmadiyya Muslims’ reaction:

    Ahmadis on Twitter have strongly reacted to misinterpretation and misrepresentation of the anti-Ahmadi legislation at least in one article (by Raza Rumi) in the current issue of TFT. Raza Rumi writes with respect to second amendment in Pakistan’s constitution: “The amendment did not explicitly mention the Ahmadi community and has been used by hardliner Sunni clerics to also target the Shia community in Pakistan.”

    Here are a few comments from Twitter:

    Wasif ‏ @wasifsa
    Never was the 2nd Amendment in Pakistan’s constitution used by the State of Sunni clerics against Shia Muslims as claimed by Raza Rumi in his TFT article. The article serves to save the strategic assets of the Army aka LeJ and blame it on legislation for Shia Killing

    The article presents the author as a supporter of the status quo, and the misrepresentation of second amendment is tantamount to hijacking the Ahmadi cause

    Two major English media groups today published dishonest reports/articles against Ahmadiyya Community! Sheep in wolf’s clothing!

    Mr. Raza Rumi writes that the second amendment was used against Shia Muslims and Ahmadis were not the only target. This is factually wrong. Very very deplorable stance. Author must have read the Law himself before scribbling!

    The second amendment is specifically anti-Ahmadis. It has nothing to do with or against Shia Muslims. Shia Muslims are being targeted by the Strategic Assets of the Pakistani Punjabi Army, not by the second amendment.

    Will @AhmadiyyaTimes @Al_Ufaq #PakistanBlogzine, #LUBP and #FridayTimes publish an article against this dishonesty

    Text of Second Amendment to the Constitution of Pakistan. “A person who does not believe in the absolute and unqualified finality of The Prophethood of Muhammad (Peace be upon him), the last of the Prophets or claims to be a Prophet, in any sense of the word or of any description whatsoever, after Muhammad (Peace be upon him), or recognizes such a claimant as a Prophet or religious reformer, is not a Muslim for the purposes of the Constitution or law.”

    Naeem Shamim ‏ @naeemshamim
    Misrepresentation of #ShiaKillings and using the Ahmadi Persecution pedestal for it is a shameless act!

    Sohaib Mengal Baloch ‏ @MirSohaib
    @najamsethi justified kill and dump in Balochistan in his last night’s show. Calls it national interest.

    Naeem Shamim ‏ @naeemshamim
    @MirSohaib @najamsethi and this morning published a piece in his TFT magazine that is full of lies

    Selective Morality is the common heritage of all Fake Liberals of Pakistan!

    Blame the Shia killings on a law that is purely against Ahmadis and save the Army’s Strategic Assets! That’s Raza Rumi’s Logic?

    Instead of naming the true killers of the Shia, TFT tried to hijack the Ahmadi Persecution cause

    Mullahs in the Urdu Print/Electronic media , Mullah-like creatures in the English media!

    Raza Rumi has let many of us down today! Now thats what makes the so called intelligentsia of the Islami Jamhooriya!

    The Friday Times must publish an apology for this blunder! Must not allow such nonsense to get published

  4. Misrepresentation of Ahmadiyya Muslims’ persecution in Raza Rumi’s article:

    In addition to the emphasis on a singular Muslim identity, which excluded the Shias, the 1974 constitutional amendment stoked fresh fires of sectarianism by launching apostasy verdicts against the Ahmadi community of Pakistan. According to this constitutional amendment, “a person who does not believe in the absolute and unqualified finality of the Prophethood of Muhammad (PBUH) as the last of the prophets or claims to be Prophet, in any sense of the word or of any description whatsoever, after Muhammad (PBUH), or recognizes such a claimant as a Prophet or a religious reformer, is not a Muslim for the purposes of the constitution or law” (Ahmed, 2011). The amendment did not explicitly mention the Ahmadi community and has been used by hardliner Sunni clerics to also target the Shia community in Pakistan.

    For a detailed criticism of misrepresentation of Shias and Ahmadis in Rumi’s article (which was also republished in The Friday Times, read this blog post:

  5. Mazhab abaou ka2:170
    Deen Rab ka7:3
    Mazhab aik beemari2:10
    Woh fasad phailaein islaah kai naam pai2:11-12
    Ulema Deen sai hatatai hein aur daulat jama kartai hein9:34
    Tum nai apnai ulema kou rab bana liya hai Allah kai siva9:31
    Azan aailaan hai kai Rab la talukh hai munafiqoun sai jabtak—-9:3
    Apnai hath sai kitab likh kar kehtai hein kai yeh Allah kai pas sai hai2:79
    Dars na dou3:78
    Deen yani Rab kai faislai mein asma yani nouns nahein7:71
    Shea na hona6:159
    Quran na nanga kardiya munafiqoun kou—–parhou aur ibrat pakrou
    Islam tou peace,aman,shanti aur salamti lana hai achchai amaal kar kai nakai fasad karkai

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