Perks of being a Saudis follower: Shareefs gifted with 20 bullet-proof vehicles

Perks of being a Saudis follower: Shareefs gifted with 20 bullet-proof vehicles

UntitledMian Nawaz Shareef and his party’s silence over the return of former President and Army chief Pervez Musharraf has been highlighted at the media and social media. The role of Saudi royal family is known to everyone.

Saudi Government has always come to the aid and support of Shareef brothers. In exchange Mian Sahib has mended ties with the Saudi backed and funded Anti-Shia militant outfit ASWJ/LeJ and enjoys cordial relations with Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan and its Punjab chapter comprising LeJ, JeM and HuJI.

The concessions made to these killers by electoral alliances as well as allotting party tickets to ASWJ members and affiliates have been paid off. The royal family has gifted Mian brothers a fleet of bullet-proof vehicles for their electoral campaign.

ISLAMABAD: With the file work in progress, the Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) leadership will soon be getting a ‘gift’ of 20 bullet-proof vehicles from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to run its campaign for the upcoming elections.
Sources in the Interior Ministry told ‘The Spokesman’ Monday that the Ministry has cautiously granted ‘No Objection Certificate’ (NOC) to the PML-N for the ‘import’ of 20 bullet-proof vehicles gifted by the Saudi Kingdom to the party leadership. Five vehicles would be used by the Sharif family and 15 others would be in the use of the party leadership as it is finalizing country-wide election campaign.
The sources said that initially the Interior Ministry took the case of 20-vehicles as a ‘contribution/donation’ by a foreign government to the political party; PML-N, which is prohibited under the election laws. But as the party insisted to treat the matter as a ‘gift’ by the Saudi authorities, the Ministry granted the NOC in this regard but left it to the Election Commission of Pakistan to decide whether it could be considered as a ‘gift’, the sources added. (Source)

It must be noted that there were no threats to the leadership of PMLN from any of the terrorist outfits, as only ANP, PPP, MQM and QWP leadership, ex-parliamentarians, candidates for the upcoming elections, activists and supporters are under threat.

It will be part of Mian brothers copying royal standards of living at their estates, as if men with the guns are tempted to attack the rivals and the persecuted ones among the people, then why the hell do you need a bullet-proof vehicle at all?


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  1. Iran can cut lifeline to Saudi Arabia by mending relations with US, West and Israel. Saudis are exploiting conflict between Iran and West and advancing their evil religion. The key lies with the Iranian leadership. Once West is neutralized, Saudis will forget expansionism, and instead will struggle for their own survival. Why are Iran and Shias consuming themselves in the fruitless struggle against US and Israel?

  2. sharif brothers who will hell remain for providing shelter and protection to SSP LEJ and TTP all real pigs n dogs ( human faces )

  3. I agree with ABDULLAH ALFAISAL. I am promoting that idea for past 30 years.
    I hope we all see that in our lifetime.

  4. Glad to know (some of) your ideas DAUD MUNAWAR, at least I am not alone. I honestly believe a Holocaust is looming for World Shias, all minorities and Barelvi Sunnis in Pakistan. Rest of Ahle sunnah in the world will stay neutral. Pakistani Barelvis share love for Imam Hussein (AS) with Shias and moreover they have a ‘clash of interest’ with Deobandis so they will resist, but the Wahabi onslaught is very powerful, well planned and well executed. Iran is failing to recognize this situation. And instead of exploiting Wahabi-Salafi-Deobandi (post 9/11) conflict with the West, they are busy in a fictitious, senseless and fruitless war against Israel and Jews. They can neutralize US friendship with Saudi Arabia and the Gulf microstates, but they (Iran) fear this will weaken their own regime. This is all politics, which is game of interests. Pakistani Shias have to learn to form united fronts and resist themselves, nobody there should count upon Iran.

  5. It’s evident to me that this article is designed to attract thinkers and provoke thought. I found this content to be interesting, digestible and well-written.