A poem on Shia genocide in Pakistan – by Asif Zaidi


Quetta is filled with screams and blood stained bodies of Shias, yet again. The blind-well of apostatizing and bigoted wickedness wreak havoc, yet again.


Genocide acts spurred by bigotry
Of sick minds and hatred’s idolatry
So many fine men become martyrs
As Shias face mayhem and slaughter

Genocide it is and no sectarian war
Those who deny the truth we abhor
Apostatizing labels and other slurs
Harden hearts and the reality blurs

This genocide cannot be defeated
Unless majority’s efforts are accreted
To stop misguided souls propelled by delusion
Unite to face this war, it is not an illusion

That sects have been a part of our history
Since Prophet’s demise, is not a mystery
Sunnis, Shias and all did always coexist
The idea of incompatibility is absurdist



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