A poem on Rehman Malik’s utterings about low cost of human life – by Zulfiqar Ali

Rehman MalikLIKE THIS

If anyone asks you,

How the prefect satisfaction,

Of all our minorities’ wanting

Will look? Lift you gun.

And say,


‘Like this’


When someone mentions the gracefulness,

Of education, Show him Malala.

Climb upon the ruins of a school,

And dance and say,


‘Like this’.


If anyone wants to know what ‘spirit’ is?

Or what “God’s fragrance” means.

Show him desecrated graves of Ahamdis,

And babies blood,

And say.

‘Like this’


When some quotes the August eleven speech,

‘Muslims will cease to be Muslims’.

Slowly tighten the noose, and say,

“You are a traitor”.

Shoot him and say,


‘Like this’.


If any one wonders how Jesus raised the dead,

Don’t try to explain the miracle.

Behead him, raise his head

And say


‘Like this, like this’.


When someone asks, what it means,

To “die for peace” Point to a soldier,

And Bilour’s tomb and say


‘Like this’


If someone asks how tall I am, frown

And hold Kalashnikov bullet with your fingers.

And say.

‘This tall’.


The soul sometimes leaves the body, then returns.