Why are they saying terrible things about Tahir ul Qadri?

Note: Here’s a sample of those criticizing Tahir ul Qadri: https://lubpak.com/archives/239195/comment-page-1#comment-361123

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The entire media and right wing politicians have been demonizing Tahir ul Qadri for being an enemy of democracy and an American agent bent upon destroying the Pakistan society. But the truth is different. They are against him for the following reasons:

1. He glorifies Imam Hussain and denounces Yazid. Since Pakistan’s right wing leaders including Nawaz Sharif have embraced Saudi version of Islam, which glorifies Yazid, they have to defend Islam. Otherwise they will lose their regular doze of billions of dollars.

2. The Taliban and the al-Qaeda are pro-Yazid. They even name their children after Yazid. Shahbaz Sharif has publicly called the Taliba “Our brothers”.

3. Just like Yazid, these right wing politicians hate the power of the masses. Imam Hussain stood for the masses.

4. He is not an obscurantist mullah like the ones we see on TV supported by the likes of Nawaz Sharif. He is a PhD in Islamic studies and has been a professor at the Punjab University.

5. He infuriated the Islamofascists by giving a fatwa that a murdered woman’s blood money is equal to that of a man’s

6. He is hated by Saudi Arabia. He applied for a stay in Saudi Arabia where he wanted to do research. The Saudi government refused to let him in. He challenges Saudi-sponsored Deobandi-Wahhabi hegemony in Pakistan.

7. He is on the hit list of the Taliban (and Takfiri Deobandi affiliates LeJ-ASWJ). The Islamofascist politicians are partners-in-crime with the Taliban.

8. He regards Shias as Muslim. He is always accompanied by a Shia scholar. In his movement there is a great Shia presence. The Shias respect him so much that he is regularly invited to address their religious meetings. How can the Islamofascists accept such a man?

9. He wrote a landmark 600-page book in which he proved that suicide bombing was forbidden in Isla. The Taliban issued a fatwa to kill him for writing the book.

10. He has built thousands of schools where education is free and stipends are given to almost all students. The Taliban destroy schools. They hate him for building schools.

11. He is in favor of women’s education. He has built schools for women. The Taliban and the Islamofascist politicians do not want women to get educated. They argue that the best place for a woman is confined within her house.

12. He declared that Salman Taseer was wrongly killed. Islamofascists celebrated his assassination.

13. He has written hundreds of books. Islamofascists proudly burn books. One journalist once wrote: “The only book I found in Nawaz Sharif’s living room was a telephone directory.”

14. His greatest sin is that he wants a true democracy in Pakistan where people’s voice can be heard. The ruling elite of Pakistan cannot forgive this sin.




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