#Justice4QadriTwins: A Shia mother’s message to Pakistani nation and leaders

On 3 January 2012, two brothers, twins, appearing for the Board exam in Karachi were attacked by the Al Qeda affiliated Deobandi militants belonging to the Sipa Sahaba Taliban (currently operating as Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat ASWJ). Their only crime? They were Shia Muslims.

These two twin brothers Hyder and Jamal were going to appear in exams while their car was stopped and shot in Karachi’s Lyari Agra Taj area. Jamal died and Hyder remains in critical condition.

Unfortunately, since these twin brothers did not belong to an elite, influential background, their tragedy did not merit much attention in the media or by political leaders and government officials. Since the tragedy of their shooting did not happen in the posh areas of Defense and Clifton, civil society did not take any notice of this.

Jamal’s register was lying on Haider’s lap as they drove towards their exam centre. PHOTO: EXPRESS

The boys were attacked by two shots from a pistol fitted with a silencer when they had stopped at a tyre puncture shop. Their father Dr Qadri who is the senior resident medical officer at Lyari General Hospital has shut his private evening clinic in Bihar Colony and is now mourning with the rest of his family. The Kalri police registered an FIR but no one was nominated in it. The attackers were put down as ‘unidentified’. There has been no investigation, the father said. At least none that they have kept him abreast of.

Here’s a very painful message from Shaheed Jamal Qadri’s mother to entire Pakistani nation, in fact to entire humanity.

According to Express Tribune, “Jamal’s mother Aisha, swollen-faced from crying, has spent the last week slumped back against a sofa in a semiconscious state as her husband rushes around trying to make arrangements for the funeral and the family’s protection. “Allah will give me justice in 40 days,” she cries. She usually accompanied the boys to their exams but didn’t that day. “I told her so many times not to sit outside for three hours when they were inside doing the exam,” Dr Qadri says of his wife. “But she wouldn’t listen.” The twins were sitting their BCom supplementary exams that were scheduled to run till January 11. Their mother clutches Jamal’s bookbag and pulls out his blood-splattered accounts register. She had just bought him an army water canteen. She treated the boys as if they were her little gems even though they were 23 years old; she bought them knitted caps, pencils, sunglasses. A ragged clutch of children from the neighbourhood, who Haider and Jamal used to tutor, look on wide-eyed as she pulls each blood-caked item out. Taking her cue, they pull out and hold up a cardboard butterfly made with paper clips, glitter and a paper tube that Jamal had fashioned for them as a present on New Year’s Eve.”

We request that someone forward this video to President Zardari, Army Chief Kayani, PM Raja Pervez Ashraf, CJ Iftikhar Chaudhry, Governor Ishrat-ul-Ibad, Chariman PPP Bilawal Bhutto Zardari and other leaders, media persons, activists within and outside Pakistan.

Jamal’s mother is not alone. In 2012 alone, more than 1450 persons were killed by Deobandi militants in Pakistan. Their only crime? They were followers of Shia Muslim faith.

We request Pakistani civil society and the media to take up the #Justice4QadriTwins case with the same sincerity and passion with which they highlighted the pursuit of justice for Shahzeb Khan #Justice4ShahzebKhan.

Furthermore, we request civil society, media and online activists to awaken the attention of Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry so that he takes suo moto action on Qadri Twins case in the same manner he has taken action on Shahzeb Khan’s murder case.

Just like Shahzeb Khan’s killers have been categorically named and are being rounded up by the Sindh police, we ask that judiciary, police and activists should clearly name and campaign for urgent arrest of Sipah Sahaba militants who attacked the Qadri Twins.

Just like activists have clearly identified names of the criminals who killed Shahzeb Khan, we too wish to give names of those Deobandi militants who have openly stated genocidal and murderous intent against Shia Muslims. They are Aurangzeb Farooqi Deobandi, Malik Ishaq Deobandi, Tahir Ashrafi Deobandi and Ahmed Ludhianvi Deobandi of Sipah Sahaba Taliban (ASWJ).

In case, Chief Justice and prosecutors are looking for evidence, we direct them to this clip: https://lubpak.com/archives/235607

Auragnzeb Farooqi Deobandi of Karachi confesses that “now we no longer need to kill Shias, we will spread hatred against them in the society”.

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  1. Syed Aizaz Jaffery:

    This video has too much power that if it can be shown to even any disgraced and stone-hearted person, It can melt it. Ya Allah do something, give us justice!

    June McGuire:

    One mother’s heart breaks for another mother who has lost a son </3

    Abbas Raza

    چیف جسٹس صاحب شرم آنی چاہیے آپکو اس بیگناہ نوجوان جمال قادری کے قتل پر کوئی نوٹس نہیں ؟؟
    کیا اس ماں کے آنسو نظر نہیں آتے آپکو ؟؟؟؟؟
    اس نوجوان کے قتل پر کیوں کوئی سوموٹوایکشن نہیں ؟؟؟
    کیوں کوئی میڈیا کوریج نہیں دیتا کیوں اس طالب علم کے قتل پر کیوں ان کے قاتلوں کو بےنقاب نہیں کرتے ؟؟؟؟
    شرم کرو خدا کی لاٹھی بہت بے آواز ہے بہت جلد پڑے گی تم سب پر تم لوگ بھی ان معصوموں کے قتل میں برابر کے شریک ھو ..
    ''خدا انصاف کرے گا بہت جلد کرے گا ''
    انصاف میں فرق ڈالنے والوں خدا تمھیں کبھی معاف نہیں کرے گا خدا تمھارا حال بھی ظالموں کے ساتھ کرے گا اس ماں کی دہائی سنو اور جواب دو ؟؟؟؟؟


  2. بولتے کیوں نہیں میرے حق میں
    آبلے پڑ گئے زبان میں کیا؟


  3. Editorial: Buses of Mass Destruction
    There is one pessimistic lesson we should learn from Sunday’s car bomb blast on Shia pilgrims in Mastung: no travel route is safe for the Shias in Balochistan and sectarian militants have become so powerful that they can hunt down unarmed citizens wherever they want and then easily vanish in thin air without the fear of ever being caught. The sectarian conflict has become extremely barbaric and the Shia Muslims are left in the mercy of Sunni militants. On Sunday, at least 19 people were brutally killed and nearly 25 were badly injured when a car carrying a bomb struck in one of the three buses that was carrying Shia pilgrims in Mastung district.

    Attacks after attacks on buses that transport Shia pilgrims to holy sights in Iran have made traveling on buses a nightmare. Sunni militants routinely stop buses carrying Shias, ask for the identity cards of the passengers and then shoot them indiscriminately simply, and of course sadly, because the belong to the Shia sect of Islam. The government’s attempt to safeguard these buses with the help of security guards has also fizzed out as the attackers in Mastung also managed to injure two of the security guards who were escorting the three buses on Sunday. Bus drivers naively believe they can skip attacks if they several buses travel together. This is a good strategy but did not prove to be very helpful on Sunday. When several buses carry too many passengers at the same time, they also face the risk of mass casualties in case of an attack on even one bus. In Mastung, we experienced the same outcome where one bus was totally burnt because of the blast and some of the passengers were burnt to such an extent that their faces could not be identified. At the end of the day, the threats keeps looming and it does not matter whether the buses travel alone or in small convoys.

    Is there anything else that the government should do besides issuing mere statements of condemnation after every incident?

    The Shia community, which mainly comprises of the ethnic Hazaras in Balochistan, has faced one tragedy after the other. Hundreds of innocent Shias have lost their lives in the hands of religious extremists but the issue has still failed to top the government’s priority chart. The national media is obsessed with lesser important issues, such as cricket matches, at a time when the media should encourage an earnest national debate why the government is still not taking up the issue on priority basis. Sections of the secret services have been blamed for supporting these religious fanatics while others blame foreign (read Saudi Arabian) funding the main cause of escalating religiosity in Balochistan and elsewhere in Pakistan. The million dollar question, however, remains unanswered: What benefits does the Establishment achieve by promoting religious extremists and keeping utterly silent over the killing of civilians? If there is a larger ‘national interest’ attached to the Establishment’s alleged support to these groups, the secret should be made public and the whole country should know what national interest is being preserved at the cost of the Shias. After all, we believe no ‘national interest’ or ‘national asset’ should hold more value than the lives of our fellow citizens.

    The government has not made the elimination of the extremist groups a priority because it has still not come under sufficient pressure from any quarter. The mainstream Pakistani political parties, such as the Pakistan People’s Party and the Pakistan Muslim League, have not come out in the streets to protest the killing of Shias. None of the political parties has made the fight against sectarianism a fundamental element of its election manifesto. We may not often want to offend our Shia countrymen but the silence of these political parties clearly, though indirectly, tells them that there is tacit approval of the Shia killings in our society at large. How can a society, otherwise, remain so indifferent and senseless after regularly witnessing mass murder of fellow citizens in broad daylight? Neither secular political parties nor the national media have been able to instill the feeling of anger and rebellion among the ordinary citizen to stand up and own the battle against what many now call the “Shia-genocide”.

    Sunday’s carnage has brought the year 2012 to an end with a depressing note: 2013 is not going to get any better until we initiate and own a battle against the Shia killings and establish a tolerant, secular and pluralistic society.



    The Baloch Hal

    Published in The Baloch Hal on December 30, 2012 http://thebalochhal.com/?p=19473

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