#ShiaGenocide: In 2012, total 1450 Shia Muslims killed by Deobandi militants in Pakistan – by Abdul Nishapuri

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According to Shia genocide database compiled by LUBP based on various activist groups and websites, 630 Shia Muslims were target killed by Takfiri Deobandi militants of Sipah Sahaba Taliban during 2012. https://lubpak.com/archives/132675

It may be noted that Shias of all ethnic backgrounds including Pashtun, Muhajir, Sindhi, Hazara, Punjabi, Baloch, Gilgiti etc have been killed by Deobandi militants who are also killing moderate Sunni Muslims, Ahmadis and Christians in Pakistan.

In total, at least 4700 people were killed by Deobandi militants in Pakistan in 2012 (except last week of the year).

If we deduct the figure of 630 Shias killed (already recorded in the LUBP database), remaining = 4070. Based on Shia population in Pakistan, approximately 20% of the 4070 are Shias = 820 (approx).

In other words, total number of Shias killed by Deobandi militants in 2012 are = 630 (direct target killing) + 820 (i.e., 20% of ordinary Pakistanis killed) = 1450

Province wise percentage of Shia genocide is as follows:

Balochistan: 30% (both Hazara & non-Hazara Shia),
Sindh: 26%
FATA 14%
Punjab: 12%
Gilgit Baltistan 11%
Khyber Pakhtunkhwa 7%

In the last few decades, total number of Shia Muslims killed in Pakistan now exceed 21,000.

Source: LUBP Research – www.CriticalPPP.com

05-Jan-12 Balochistan Quetta Target killing 1 0 Ghulam Abbas Bangash, ASI Police, 35. The incident occurred on 5th January 2012, at Nawa kali, in front of Labour colony gate. Originally of Hangu. –
05-Jan-12 Gilgit-Baltistan Gilgit Target killing 1 0 Ibrahim Astori , DSP Police. Attacked at 06:30 P.M near Nagarel Kashrote link road Biltistan, near his house. He was the resident of Astore district and was involved in many cases like case of Shaheed Asad Zaidi in which he had to record his statement in the court in the next few days. He was DSP Investigations –
05-Jan-12 Punjab Lahore Target killing 1 2 Mashkoor Hussain
07-Jan-12 Gilgit-Baltistan Gilgit Murder attempt 0 1 Hameed Karim
07-Jan-12 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Peshawar Target killing 1 0 Dr Jamal
08-Jan-12 Sindh Karachi Failed bomb attack 0 0 – –
08-Jan-12 Sindh Karachi Murder attempt 0 2 Ghulam Raza, 35, his aunt.
09-Jan-12 Sindh Karachi Target killing 1 Kalb-e-Abbas Rizvi, 50
12-Jan-12 Gilgit-Baltistan Gilgit Attack on house 0 0 Sabir Hussain
12-Jan-12 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Peshawar Murder attempt 0 1 Muhammad Shakil
12-Jan-12 Sindh Karachi Target killing 1 0 Syed M. Mushtaq Zaidi, 50
15-Jan-12 Punjab Khanpur, Rahim Yar Khan Bomb attack 34 50 “Name of some of the martyrs are: 1- Ghulam Abbas 2- Faiz Hussain 3- Abad Hussain 4- Zahid Abba 5- Asad Abbas 6- Mureed Hussain 7- Akhter Hussain 8- Mohammed Ashaq
9- Khezhar Hayat 10- Amjad Hussain 11- Sadam Hussain 12- Abad Hussain 13- Aatif 14- Adnan 15- Faisal Hayat 16- Tahir Abbas 17- Syed Hussain 18- Qurban Hussian etc” Names of some of the innjured persons are as follows: 1- Majjad 2- Ghulam Sarwar 3- Arasha 4- Mubeen 5- Muzzamil 6- Umear din 7- Nadar 8- Farhan 9- Fedha 10- Asad ali 11- Ejaz 12- Jameel 13- Wahaid bux 14- Nadir hussain 15- Sabar hussain 16- Arshad ali 17- Mehboob alem 18- Sarkar hussain 19- Mehboob ali 20- Ali hussain 21- Riaz ahmed 22- Zeeshan 23- Sarfaraz 24- Abad parvaiz etc
15-Jan-12 Sindh Karachi Target killing 1 0 Ghulam Raza, 35
16-Jan-12 Punjab Khanpur, Rahim Yar Khan Failed bomb attack 0 0
16-Jan-12 Punjab Rahim Yar Khan Bomb attack 1 0 Ghulam Qadir
16-Jan-12 Sindh Karachi Target killing 1 0 Muhammad Pasha, 25
17-Jan-12 Balochistan Hub Target killing 1 0 Moosa Khan
18-Jan-12 Balochistan Quetta Target killing 1 0 Nisar Ahmed, 50
19-Jan-12 Sindh Karachi Target killing, attack on house 1 0 Ehteshanm, 16
20-Jan-12 Punjab Lahore Judicial terrorism 0 0
22-Jan-12 Punjab Jhang Attack on Shia procession 0 7
22-Jan-12 Punjab Okara Attack on Shia procession 0 0
23-Jan-12 Sindh Karachi Murder attempt 0 1 Asif Karbalai
23-Jan-12 Sindh Karachi Target killing 1 0 Ali Hussain, 20
24-Jan-12 Sindh Karachi Attack on Mosque / Imambargah 0 0
25-Jan-12 Balochistan Quetta Target Killing 3 Wilayat Hussain, 50, FIA inspector; FIA inspector; Abid Ali Nawazish, 35, Actor; Anwar Ali, 60, poet
25-Jan-12 Sindh Karachi Target killing 3 1 Shakeel Jafri; Kafeel Jaffri; Badar Muneer Jafri (all three were lawyers) Babar (lawyer)
28-Jan-12 Sindh Karachi Target killing 1 0 Dr. Jaffer Mohsin, 55
30-Jan-12 Sindh Karachi Target killing 1 0 Taseer Abbas Zaidi, 25
31-Jan-12 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa D.I. Khan Target killing 1 1 Malik Ghulam Ahmed Hussain, 38 Tabaruk Hussain
31-Jan-12 Sindh Karachi Target killing 1 0 Naeem Ali, 23

01-Feb-12 Sindh Karachi Attack on Imambargah 0 1 Jafar, Security Guard.
06-Feb-12 Punjab Lahore Attack on Shia students 0 1 Asad Abbas
08-Feb-12 FATA Sadda, Kurram Attack on house 0 0
09-Feb-12 Sindh Karachi Target killing 1 0 Muhammad Asif
10-Feb-12 Sindh Karachi Murder attempt 0 1 Takhliq Haider Naqvi, 60, lawyer
11-Feb-12 Punjab Attock Murder attempt 0 1 Nasir Abbas, 45
12-Feb-12 Sindh Karachi Murder attempt 0 1 Dr. Najmi
13-Feb-12 Sindh Karachi Murder attempt 0 0
13-Feb-12 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Hari Pur, Abbottabad Target killing 2 0 Azmat Abbas, Faizan
14-Feb-12 Sindh Shahdad Kot Attack on Shia Mosque 0 0
15-Feb-12 Sindh Karachi Target killing 1 0 Maulana Sadaqat Hussain, prayer leader
16-Feb-12 Sindh Karachi Target killing 1 0 Kazim Ali, 22, tutor of small children
17-Feb-12 FATA Parachinar Suicide Attack 46 40 42 men killed in the Parachinar blast, which are: Johar Ali, Syed Qaiser Hussain, Ali Raza, Yaqoob Ali, Murtaza Jamal, Shaukat Hussain, Muzahir Hussain, S Sabir Hussain, Jan Agha, Shujaat Hussain, Hidayat Hussain, S Ishtiaq Hussain, Habib Hussain, Jabir Hussain, Jamil Hussain, Saffar Ali, Irfan Ali, Ghulam Hussain, Haider Abbas, Bahar Hussain, Rasheed Hussain, Wajid Hussain, Manzoor Ali, Qaiser Hussain, S Gulzar Hussain, Masoom Shah, Noor Alam Khan, Ikhtiyar Hussain, Rashid Ali, Kamran Ali, Mushid Hussain, Zeeshan, Qasier Ali, Shujaat, Kamran Ali, Abid Hussain, S Arif Hussain, Wahab Ali, Syed Muhammad, Turab Ali, Shahid Hussain and one unknown.
17-Feb-12 Sindh Karachi Attack on house 0 0
21-Feb-12 Sindh Qambar, Larkana Attack on Shia mosque
24-Feb-12 Sindh Sukkur Attack on Shia prisoners in Sukkur Jail by SSP prisoners 1 6
27-Feb-12 Punjab Alipur Target killing 1 0 Allama Saqlain Naqvi
28-Feb-12 Gilgit-Baltistan Kohistan Massacare – bus , identity card checked for sect 19 Raza Ali, Hussain Ali, Karim Abbas, Anees Hussain, Kaleem Abbas, Hashmat Changezi, Mohsin Abbas, Muhammad Abbas, Mubashir, Idrees Ali, Owais Husain, Kaleem Abbas (of Barmas), Farhan Ali, Faraz Hussain, Tehseen Abbas, Saqalain, Asad Zaman, Ambareen and Fatima.
29-Feb-12 Sindh Karachi 1 2
29-Feb-12 Gilgit-Baltistan Gilgit 1

01-Mar-12 Sindh Khairpur attack by SSP terrorists on Navid shah and 2 others 3
01-Mar-12 Sindh Ghotki attack on Maulana Ali, His guard Mashooq Ali injured 1
03-Mar-12 Punjab Chicha Watni SSP’s attack on two Shia Muslims 0 0
04-Mar-12 Sindh Karachi Sajjad Hussain killed in Hussaini Hazara Goth 1 0
04-Mar-12 Sindh Ghotki SSP’s attack on Shia mosque 0 0
06-Mar-12 Punjab Alipur SSP’s attack on Shia mosque 0 0
07-Mar-12 Gilgit-Baltistan Gilgit Naveed Raza 1 0
10-Mar-12 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa D.I.Khan Dr Jalal 0 1
11-Mar-12 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Peshawar Lt. Wajihullah of Kohat was killed in Peshawar 1 0
12-Mar-12 Sindh Sukkur Qalandar Bakhs (attaced in Sukkur prison by ASWJ terrorists) 1 0
12-Mar-12 FATA Kurram agency Peshawar to Parachinar van attacked by remot controlled bomb 2 15
13-Mar-12 Sindh Karachi Azfar Naqvi, 32, injured in SSP-ASWJ attack 0 1
13-Mar-12 Sindh Karachi Police constable Ghulam Abbas, 55, water pump area 1 0
15-Mar-12 Sindh Karachi Akmal Rizvi, 17, 1 1
16-Mar-12 FATA Kurram agency Attack on van 0 16
17-Mar-12 Punjab D.G.Khan Taunsa Sharif 1 1
18-Mar Balochistan Quetta Father and son, shopkeepers 2 0
18-Mar-12 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Hangu Raziq Ali 1 1
21-Mar-12 Sindh Karachi Asif Ali, 22, attacked 0 1
23-Mar-12 FATA Waziristan Asghar Gulam (an FC soldier), his wife, 12 year old son killed, attack on his house 3 2
24-Mar-12 Sindh Karachi Shia Muslim Asad Rizvi injured 0 1
24-Mar-12 Sindh Jacobabad Attack on Shia mosque in Garhi Khairu 0 3
25-Mar-12 Sindh Karachi Two Shia lawyers killed 2 0
26-Mar-12 Sindh Karachi Basharat Hussain Zaidi 1
26-Mar-12 Balochistan Quetta Ejaz Hussain s/o Ghulam Hussain 1 1
26-Mar-12 Gilgit-Baltistan Gilgit Khushi Muhammad 1 0
28-Mar-12 Balochistan Bolan Jawad Ali 0 1
28-Mar-12 Sindh Karachi Syed Tahir Hussain Sajid of Nazimabad 1
29-Mar-12 Balochistan Quetta Attack on van at Spini Road 7 killed, 3 more killed by police firing on protestors 9

01-Apr-12 Gilgit-Baltistan Gilgit Shia youth Shoaib injured by firing in Kashrote 1
01-Apr-12 Sindh Karachi Manoor Rizvi, 40, attacked in Gulshan-e-Iqbal 1
03-Apr-12 Sindh Karachi Syed Asghar Hussain Jafari, attacked in his car, in Nazimabad 1
03-Apr-12 Sindh Karachi Naeem Abbas Naqvi of Rizvi Soicety, 35, Clearing agent, killed at Burns Road 1
03-Apr-12 Gilgit-Baltistan Chilas Over 200 Shia Muslims taken out of buses and killed, 6 buses burnt, two dozens kidnapped 40
03-Apr-12 Balochistan Quetta Firing on Shia Muslims taxi on Spini Road 1
03-Apr-12 Balochistan Quetta Firing at a medical store on Micangi Road Near Ghora Hospital 2
03-Apr-12 Sindh Karachi SSP Police Central Asim Qaim Khani’s attack on Shia houses in Incholi
04-Apr-12 Sindh Karachi Nadir Ali 1
05-Apr-12 Sindh Karachi Ghulam Hussain, Aamir Abbas, Ghulam Abbas Shigri 3
06-Apr-12 Sindh Karachi Ghulam Abbas killed 1
09-Apr-12 Balochistan Quetta Shia-Hazaras killed in an attack on a shop on Prince Road 6
11-Apr Khyber Pakhtunkhwa D.I.Khan Naveed Hussain killed in custody of agencies 1
12-Apr-12 Balochistan Quetta Separate attacks by the same group on the same day on Shia-Hazaras on Qandhari Bazar, Archer Road and Liaquat Bazar Quetta 3 1
13-Apr-12 Balochistan Quetta Shia-Hazara man killed, another hurt, on Abdus Sattar Road 1 1
14-Apr-12 Balochistan Quetta Shia-Hazaras killed on Brewery Road 8
16-Apr-12 Balochistan Quetta Salman Ali killed on Cowary Road 1
17-Apr-12 Sindh Karachi 45 yr old Syed Imran Zaidi killed near Board Office 1
19-Apr-12 Sindh Karachi Syed Gulzan Hussain Killed 1
21-Apr-12 Balochistan Quetta 2 Shia-Hazaras, Boman Ali & Mohammad Hussain, killed on Brewery Road 2
25-Apr-12 Sindh Karachi Ali Shah Killed in Karachi 1
27-Apr-12 Sindh Khairpur Lashkar-e-Jhangvi attacked an Imambargah and injured 5 0 7
29-Apr-12 Sindh Karachi Shia youth Umair Kazmi injured 1
30-Apr-12 Sindh Karachi Ahsan Abbas and Zia Mehdi killed in Kareemabad. Close associate of Nohakhwan Nadeem Sarwar. In a separate incident, another Shia Nasir Ali also killed 3 1
01-May-12 Sindh Shahadatkot Shia notable Haji Shafqat attacked and hurt (passed away on May 9) 1
01-May-12 Balochistan Quetta Haji Mazhar killed on Kirani Road 1
02-May-12 Sindh Karachi Wasi Jaffery a Nohakhwan injured in attack. In another attack Sajjad Abbas was also injured in Abbas Town 2
03-May-12 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Kohat Shia person Abdul Hussain abducted and decapitated 1
04-May-12 Sindh Karachi Syed Sibtain Naqvi killed in Orangi Town 1
04-May-12 Punjab Gujranwala Shia man Zulfiqar abducted and killed 1
06-May-12 FATA Parachinar 3 Shias injured in an attack on a bus nar Sadda 3
06-May-12 Balochistan Mastung A Shia Mohammad Ali, tyreshop owner killed 1
07-May-12 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Hangu A Shia Sheraz Ali killed 1
08-May-12 Sindh Karachi A Shia Mirza Sarfaraz killed in Orangi 1
10-May-12 Punjab Jhang A Shia man and 12 yr old girl hurt 2
14-May-12 Pakistan Occupied Kashmir 1 Shia killed 5 hurt in an attack on a house 1 5
15-May-12 Balochistan Quetta 2 Shia brothers Mohammad Tahir and Mohammad Qadir killed, another hurt in an attack on Joint Road, near Passport Office 2 1
15-May-12 Sindh Karachi Mehdi Raza killed in Nazimabad 1
16-May-12 Balochistan Mastung Shia man Abdul Ghafoor killed 1
17-May-12 Balochistan Quetta 2 Shias killed in Quetta 2
18-May-12 Punjab Lahore Renowned educationist, literary critic and writer Dr. Shabihul Hasan killed 1
20-May-12 Sindh Karachi 65 yr old Manzoor Hussain killed 1
21-May-12 Sindh Shahdadkot Amanullah Haro injured in an attack 1
23-May-12 FATA Lower Kurram 4 Shias injured in an attack on a bus 4
24-May-12 Punjab Lahore Shia youth Jawad Shah killed 1
24-May-12 Balochistan Quetta Shia-Hazara Ameer Mohammad killed 1
24-May-12 Sindh Karachi Dr. Taqi Haider hurt in an attack 1
26-May-12 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Kohat 70 year old Shia Hasnain injured 1
27-May-12 Balochistan Mach Mohammad Sohail Bangash Killed 1
28-May-12 FATA Parachinar 2 Shias killed, 6 injured in attack on bus 2 6
29-May-12 Sindh Karachi Yousaf Bangash injured 1
30-May-12 Sindh Karachi A civil judge Sagheer Ahmed, and 2 Shia boys Raza and Ahmer killed in separate incidents 2 1
30-May-12 Balochistan Quetta Shia person Mohammad Ali killed 1
31-May-12 Sindh Karachi Dr. Asif in Liaquatabad, & Fakhar Abbas killed in a separate incident 2
01-Jun-12 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Hangu 2 Shias hurt in a bomb attack 2
03-Jun-12 Balochistan Quetta Shia man Mohammad Ali killed 1
09-Jun-12 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Hangu Anwar Ali and Ghulam Hussain killed after torture 2
12-Jun-12 Sindh Tando Jam A shia student Faqeer Mohammad tortured in university 1
14-Jun-12 Sindh Dadu Shia dignitary Seth Ibrat Hussain killed 1
14-Jun-12 Sindh Karachi Syed Afaq Hussain attacked, injured 1
15-Jun-12 Sindh Karachi Syed Abbas Ali Zaidi killed 1
17-Jun-12 Punjab Chakwal 2 Shias hurt in attack on Imam Bargah 2
18-Jun-12 Balochistan Quetta University bus carrying Shia students attacked 5 70
18-Jun-12 Sindh Karachi Shia scholar Molana Mohammad Amini killed 1
18-Jun-12 Sindh Karachi Syed Hasan Raza killed 1
18-Jun-12 Sindh Karachi 6 Shia boys hurt in an attack near Pehlawan Goth 6
21-Jun-12 Sindh Karachi Hasan Ali Jaffery killed 1
23-Jun-12 Punjab Lahore Founder, caretaker of Bhaati Gate Imambargah Mian Asif killed 1
28-Jun-12 Balochistan Hazaganji Bus carrying Shia pilgrims attacked 14 30
28-Jun-12 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa D.I.Khan Syed Saqlain Kazmi injured in attack 1
30-Jun-12 Sindh Karachi Shia youth Mohammad Imran killed 1
01-Jul-12 Gilgit-Baltistan Gilgit 1 Shia Mohammad Hasan killed, 3 others Safdar, Imran and Shoaib injured in attack 1 3
01-Jul-12 Sindh Karachi Syed Habib Haider killed in attack on his shop in Saddar 1
02-Jul-12 Sindh Nawabshah Shia Dr. Ibrahim Shah killed near hosp 1
04-Jul-12 Balochistan Kuchlak Shia-Hazara Mohammad Yaseen killed 1
07-Jul-12 Sindh Karachi Ali Madad killed in Pehlawan Goth 1
07-Jul-12 Sindh Karachi Shia Deputy Director Intelligence Bureau Qamar Raza killed 1
08-Jul-12 Balochistan Quetta Ramzan Ali Qureshi killed in Quetta 1
10-Jul-12 Balochistan Mastung Shia teacher, Nohakhwan Babar killed 1
10-Jul-12 Punjab Sargodha 2 brothers Ahmed Yar, Qasim Ali, newly Shia converts slaughtered 2
11-Jul-12 Balochistan Quetta Syed Haseeb Zaidi and Molana Noor Ali abducted by security forces and handed over to Jihadi terrorists who slaughtered them after severe torture 2
12-Jul-12 Balochistan Quetta Rehmat Ali, a Shia-Hazara, killed 1
14-Jul-12 Sindh Karachi Syed Abu Turab Haider abducted and killed after severe torture 1
16-Jul-12 Sindh Karachi 3 Shia boy Ali, Sajid and Irfan injured in 2 attacks 3
17-Jul-12 Balochistan Mastung 2 Shias Ghulam Hussain and Noor Muhammad killed 2
18-Jul-12 FATA Orakzai Attack on a pickup van in Orakzai 14
18-Jul-12 Sindh Karachi Yawar Mehdi killed in Nazimabad 4 1
24-Jul-12 Balochistan Quetta Syed Ibrar Ahmed deputy director schools attacked, one terrorist killed under his car 2
24-Jul-12 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Peshawar Attack on imambargah Saeen Zareen 1
26-Jul-12 Balochistan Quetta Shia stabbed to death 1
28-Jul-12 Punjab Jhang Firing 2
28-Jul-12 Balochistan Jafarabad Qadir Bux Imrani killed in Ota Muhammad 1
28-Jul-12 Balochistan Quetta Noor Ali son of Hussain Ali killed at Kanwari Road 1
29-Jul-12 Balochistan Quetta Qurban |Ali abducted by LeJ 1
30-Jul-12 Gilgit-Baltistan Gilgit Firing on Shias in Majini Mohalla 1
30-Jul-12 Sindh Karachi Murder attemp 1
02-Aug-12 Gilgit-Baltistan Gilgit One Shia abducted in Gilgit (Shahrote) slaugthered 1
05-Aug-12 Gilgit-Baltistan Gilgit Bomb attack on passenger bus 1 8
14-Aug-12 Sindh Karachi Syed Sajid Hussain Moosvi killed 1
16-Aug-12 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Naran 22 Shias, 3 Sunnis on way to Gilgit dragged out of buses, identified and killed. 25
16-Aug-12 Balochistan Quetta 3 Shia-hazara offloaded from a Rickshaw and killed near Arbab Karam Khan road. Khadim Hussain aged 24 years,Mohammad aged 22 years and Abdul Ali aged 38 3
17-Aug-12 Sindh Karachi Bomb attack at Shiite students bus near Safari Park, 2 killed Manzoor Hussain, Imtiaz Ali 2
17-Aug-12 Sindh Karachi Abbas Haider Jaffri killed by firing near Golimar 1
17-Aug-12 Gilgit-Baltistan Skardu Stone attack by ASWJ terrorists on a Shiite procession, 8 injured 8
25-Aug-12 Sindh Karachi Syed Faraz Hussain killed as bicyle mechanic shop near Rizvia Imambargah; Syed Shahzad Raza killed near Jona Market in a barber shop 2
26-Aug-12 Sindh Hyderabad Hyderabad: Guru Naka Chowk Chaki Hotel, firing by ASWJ terrorists, 1 Shia youth injured 1
27-Aug-12 Balochistan Quetta 5 Shia Hazaras killed: Zamin, Mustafa (Habibullah), Muhammad Ali, Amir Ali, Ali Hasan, by firing on a taxi at Spini Road near Mubarak Chowk 5
30-Aug-12 Balochistan Quetta Session Judge Zulfiqar Naqvi (originally from Karachi, Shia) with Shia Hazara driver and security guard killed. Killed on Munir Mengal Road 3
01-Sep-12 Balochistan Quetta 7 Shias killed; 5 vegetable vendors on Hazar Ganji Road (names: Nauroz, Ali Baba, Jawad, Salman, Syed Yousuf), 2 in Akhtarbad area, 2 killed by FC firing on anti-killing protest 9
02-Sep-12 Punjab Lahore ASWJ’s attack on Imamia Colony Abbas Nagar Imambargah 1 1
02-Sep-12 Balochistan Quetta Abbas Shahid, 28, water tanker driver injured by firing 1
04-Sep-12 Sindh Karachi ASI police Ali Mohsin Jafri, 42, killed on Kashmir Road 1
05-Sep-12 Sindh Karachi Mukhtar Azmi, his son Muhammad Baqir killed, grandson injured due to firing 2 1
05-Sep-12 Balochistan Quetta Dental Doctoral Nematuallah killed 1
05-Sep-12 Balochistan Quetta Liaquat Ali killed in firing by FC (army) on anti-genocide protest rally 1
10-Sep-12 Sindh Karachi Syed Kashif Imam injured due to firing by ASWJ terrorists 1
10-Sep-12 FATA Parachinar Car bomb attack on Toori Market 15 60
13-Sep-12 Balochistan Quetta An unidentified Shia Hazar killed and dumped at Saryab Road, Killi Kambrani 1
14-Sep-12 Gilgit Baltistan Gilgit Javed s/o Muhammad killed by ASWJ terrorists of Qazi Nisar group; 1
14-Sep-12 Muhamad Ali s/o Muqaddas Raza killed in Karachi, near Malir Naddi. Nawaz injured 1 1
17-Sep-12 Sindh Karachi Firing by Police on anti-Islam film protest – Raza Taqvi killed 1 8
18-Sep-12 Balochistan Mastung Bomb attack on bus of pilgrims going to Taftan, Iran, severa killed and injured including women and children 6 15
18-Sep-12 Sindh Karachi Attack on Shia Bohra community in Hyderi area, Karachi – twin bomb blasts 7 15
22-Sep-12 Gilgit Baltistan Gilgit Hussain injured by firing 1
22-Sep-12 Sindh Karachi Ali Hussain Rizvi (khurram) s/o Azhar Hussain age 25 years 1 The incident occurred at 7:45am near Chishti Nagar, Orangi.
23-Sep-12 Punjab Nankana Sahib Trustee of Imambargah Syed Alamdar Hussain killed 1
24-Sep-12 Sindh Karachi Syed Shoaib Raza 1
25-Sep-12 Sindh Karachi Raza Devji ,Komail and Abbas embraced Shahadat. 3 1 Ali Raza is injured. Near Jaudia Bazar.
26-Sep-12 Sindh Karachi Zulqadr Ali 1
26-Sep-12 Sindh Karachi Zaheer Abbas s/o Nadir Abbas age 36 yrs 1 The incident occurred at Gulberg, when he was returning home after dropping his children to school
26-Sep-12 Sindh Karachi Zahid Zaidi, Bilal, Nisasr Ali 3
26-Sep-12 Balochistan Quetta Ghulam Sakhi Yousuf Zai 1 Satellite Town area
26-Sep-12 Punjab Multan Syed Hasan Shamis poisoined in Jail 1
27-Sep-12 Sindh Karachi Moazzin Shabbir Hussain s/o Shah Gul Akbar age 56 1 The incident occurred near 2 Mint Chowrangi,
27-Sep-12 Balochistan Quetta Gulab Shah 1 The incident occurred in Satelite Town near Goal Masjid,
30-Sep-12 Balochistan Quetta Khaliq Jeweller injured, a deobandi attacker killed 2 Liaquat Bazar
30-Sep-12 Gilgit Baltistan Gilgit Niaz Ali 1
04-Oct-12 Sindh Karachi Qamar Allah Ditta, musician; Abdul Waheed 2
04-Oct-12 Balochistan Kuchlak “Firing near Kuchlak, as a result of this 1 momin Sikandar Ali embraced martyrdom.
1 momin Mushtaq Hussain got injured.” 1 1
04-Oct-12 Balochistan Quetta terrorist opened firing on spare parts shop near double road Quetta one momin age 15 Sheraz Ali Beig S/o Fayyaz Ali Baig and his friend Imran got martyred. 2 “Sheraz ali belong to Karachi and his body shifted to Karachi today. Imran (ahlaisunnat) belong to Qasoor panjab and
his boday shift to Qasoor today.”
07-Oct-12 Balochistan Quetta Mohammad Yaseen embraced shahadat in quetta early morning around 10 am when yazidi terrorists opened fire on him near Saryab Road. 1
08-Oct-12 Sindh Karachi Qambar Abbas Naqvi 1 Syed Qamber Naqvi s/o Syed Yonus Naqvi age 28 , killed at Nazimabad
09-Oct-12 FATA Kurram Agency Attack on bus from Parachinar to Peshawar 3 Kazim Hussein, Munir Hussein, Arif Hussein
09-Oct-12 Sindh Karachi Jahangir Hasan, attacked near Saddar Parking Plaza 1 Jahangir Hasan s/o Hasan Raza, 40, a bank employee, belonged to D.I.Khan
11-Oct-12 Sindh Karachi Ejaz Hussain Rizvi embraced Shahadat near UP Morh Karachi 1 age 30
14-Oct-12 Balochistan Quetta Malik Haji Ishaq embraced Shahadat in Liaquat Bazar Area of Quetta while his brother Mohammad Naseem and Son Haji Ismail sustained injuries 1 2 Qandahari Shia
16-Oct-12 Balochistan Quetta Four momineen namely Ali Atta, M. Ibrahim, Syed Awaz and G. Ali Ata embraced martyrdom. The incident occurred in Kabari Market, Sirki Road, 4
16-Oct-12 Sindh Karachi Sajjad Balti killed near Kati Pahari 1
16-Oct-12 FATA Kurram Agency Saukat Hussain killed while going to Sadda Bazar 1
16-Oct-12 Sindh Karachi Advocate Agha Mirza Waqar Hussain succumbed to injuries and embraced shahadat at a local private hospital where he was under treatment ,it was learnt here shortly . Advocate Waqar was targetted on 12th October near the Jehangir Road in Karachi and had sustained injuries . He was 55 years of age. 1
17-Oct-12 Sindh Karachi Sajjad Ali killed near Aagra Taj 1
17-Oct-12 Sindh Karachi Syed Ali Raza s/o Sarwar Hussain age 35 years embraced martyrdom. The incident occurred on Raza Autos near Masjid-e-Ali Qasba Colony 2.5 no. His mother died the next day due to grief. 2
18-Oct-12 Sindh Karachi Zeeshan killed in Orangi Town 1
19-Oct-12 Punjab Lahore Advocate Syed Shakir Ali Rizvi embraced martyrdom. The incident occurred behind Lahore High Court. 1
19-Oct-12 FATA Orakzai Agency Orakzai Agency: Bomb blast at pickup many embraced martyrdom. The incident occurred at Kalaya main road on a Pickup. As a result of this 3 momineen embraced martyrdom, while many got injured. 3 10
20-Oct-12 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Noshehra Sajjad Hussain 1
22-Oct-12 Sindh Karachi Attack on Shias at fast food shop in North Nazimabad 2 3 Sohail, Babu, Zohaib, Asif
22-Oct-12 Sindh Karachi 2 Shia police officers attacked, Mumtaz Ali injured, Riaz Shah Killed 1 1
24-Oct-12 Sindh Karachi Ashiq Hussain 1
25-Oct-12 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Peshawar Ali Abbas, youn child, injured 4 years ago 1
28-Oct-12 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa D.I.Khan Yasir Ali and Zeeshan Ali died due to grenade attack on house 2 2
29-Oct-12 Sindh Karachi Syed Mehmood Ali s/o Syed Musharaf age 37 years embraced martyrdom. The incident occurred at about 2:00 am in night, near Nafees Chamber, Nazimabad 1
02-Nov-12 Sindh Karachi Sajjad Ali 1
03-Nov-12 Sindh Karachi “Hammad Ali s/o Hussain Ali age 30 years embraced martyrdom.
The incident occurred near anda mour, North Karachi, at mobile shop.” 1
04-Nov-12 FATA Kurram Agency Firing on Wood cutters as a result of this 1 momin Dildar Hussain embraced martyrdom while 2 momineen Qamar and Jawad got injured and 1 momin was missing. 2 1
04-Nov-12 Balochistan Quetta Haseeb Raza killed on Sirki Road 1
06-Nov-12 Sindh Karachi Shia schoalr Alama Aftab Jafri and his colleague his colleague Mirza Shahid Ali killed near Parking Plaza. Employees of a bank. 2
06-Nov-12 Balochistan Quetta Firing on Spini Road 3 2 3 momineen embraced martyrdom namely M.Essa, Zakir Hussain and M. Hussain. While 2 momineen got injured.
06-Nov-12 Sindh Karachi 3 Shias killed by rangers firing on funerla procession 3 Faraz, Qasim, Waseem
07-Nov-12 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Peshawar Shia ASP Hilal Haider 1
07-Nov-12 Sindh Karachi 40 year old Shaban 1
07-Nov-12 Sindh Karachi KDA chowrangi Sajjaid Hussain killed 1 1
08-Nov-12 Sindh Karachi Nisar Mehdi and Najam Abbas 2
08-Nov-12 Balochistan Quetta M. Daud 1
09-Nov-12 Balochistan Quetta Ghulam Rasool 1
09-Nov-12 Sindh Karachi Saeed Haider Zaidi, a scholar 1
10-Nov-12 Balochistan Quetta Musa, two others killed 3 2
11-Nov-12 Sindh Karachi Asad Raza son of martyred IB officer killed 1

11-Nov-12 Sindh Karachi Mukhtar Zaidi 1
12-Nov-12 Sindh Karachi father, two sons killed 3 Shahed Bap Or 2 Beto Ki N.Jnaza Aj Bad Az Zohr Muhamadia Imambarga Orangi 11.5 Shahed Mukhtar
12-Nov-12 Islamabad Islamabad 4 Shia students of Parachinar injured in NUST hospital 4
12-Nov-12 Balochistan Machch 4 1 Ghulam Ali, Ghulam Muhammad, M Ibrahim and Abdullah killed; Taqi injured
12-Nov-12 Sindh Karachi Injured with knife attack Hasan; neaer Incholi 1
13-Nov-12 Sindh Karachi Jamal Raza killed in Orangi Town 1
13-Nov-12 Sindh Karachi Shujaat Ali in Orangi Town 1
17-Nov-12 Balochistan Quetta Hakim attacked in Hazar Ganji area 1
18-Nov-12 Balochistan Khuzdar Hashim 1
18-Nov-12 Sindh Karachi Bomb attack at Abbas Town imambargah 2 8 Azhar Hussain killed
21-Nov-12 Sindh Karachi bomb attack at an imambargah orangi town 3 15
21-Nov-12 Punjab Rawalpindi Dhok Sayyadan, Saddar, Jaloos attacked 24 70
22-Nov-12 Punjab Gujranwala A child attacked in a bomb attack in Kamoke 1
24-Nov-12 Punjab Sargodha Firing on Muharram Jaloos in Kot Momin, Halalpur 30
24-Nov-12 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa D.I.Khan Attack on Shia jaloos 7 18 5 children died including Sunni kids
24-Nov-12 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Bannun 10 killed in attack on a Shia jaloos 10 20
25-Nov-12 Sindh Karachi Bomb in Kharadar Khadda Market 1
25-Nov-12 Sindh Gambat Khairpur Firing on Jaloose 2 3
25-Nov-12 Sindh Sangarh 6 people injured in attack on Jaloos 6
25-Nov-12 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa D.I.Khan Attack on Jaloos in Commissioner Bazar 7 135 1- Sayad Hasan Mujtaba, 2- Syed Zulqarnain Shah, 3- Muazam Hasan. 4- Bashir Ahmad 5- Safdar Abbas. Killed during Ashura procesoin bomb attack;
26-Nov-12 Sindh Karachi Ali Haider killed in Gulbahar 1
27-Nov-12 Punjab Rahimyar Khan 4 Shias injured in Minawal area 4
27-Nov-12 Sindh Noshehro Feroze 3 Shias injure in attack on Jaloos 3

28-Nov-12 Balochistan Quetta Haji Hussain killed on Circular Road 1
28-Nov-12 Sindh Karachi Nazimabad 2, trustee of Imambargah Hasan Mohsin killed 1
29-Nov-12 Sindh Karachi Dr. Iqbal Hussain, his wife Dr. Kaniz Fatma killed at Abul Hasan Ispahanir Road 2
29-Nov-12 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa D.I.Khan Jamil, injured in Ashura blast, died in Islamabad 1
30-Nov-12 Sindh Karachi Manzar Abbas Zaidi, his 14 year old daugher Mehzar Zehra injured 1 1
30-Nov-12 Sindh Karachi Riaz Hussain of Jhang killed in Shah Faisal Town on his shop, Mahdi Shah injured 1 1
30-Nov-12 Sindh Karachi Ghulam Qadir and Fazl Abbas (fahter and son) killed near Baldia Bakra Piri 2
01-Dec-12 Sindh Karachi Muhamamd Daraz killed 1
03-Dec-12 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa D.I.Khan Ahsura bomb blast injured victim Dawar killed 1
03-Dec-12 Sindh Larkana Naseer Magsi and Sohana Magsi (4) 2
04-Dec-12 Balochistan Quetta Two real brothers Ashfaq Hussain and Altaf Hussain killed. One of them died a few days later 2
05-Dec-12 Sindh Karachi Kashif Imam Zaidi 1
05-Dec-12 Sindh Karachi Tanvir Bangash 1
06-Dec-12 Punjab Rawalpindi Syed Azhar Hussan, injured from Ashura attack 1
08-Dec-12 Punjab Rawalpindi Syed Zamir Hussain Shah, injured in Ashura attack 1
10-Dec-12 Sindh Karachi Syed Ali Abbas Naqvi 1
11-Dec-12 Sindh Karachi Zaheer Abbas 1
12-Dec-12 Sindh Karachi Baqir Shah & Bahawal Shah 1
13-Dec-12 Sindh Larkana Bakht Hussain 1
13-Dec-12 Balochistan Quetta Shabbir Hussain & Gul Shirin 2
13-Dec-12 Balochistan Quetta Ali Khan 1
13-Dec-12 Sindh Karachi Syed Shiraz Abbas 1
14-Dec-12 Balochistan Zhob Qutub Ali 1
15-Dec-12 Gilgit Baltistan Gilgit 16 Shia students suspsended for 3 years for holding Imam Hussain Day
15-Dec-12 Sindh Nawabshah Fida Hussain of Mehran University 1
16-Dec-12 Sindh Karachi Raja Munsif kiled in Gulshan-e-Maymar 1
17-Dec-12 Sindh Karachi Riaz Hussain injured in Chaki Wara, Lyari 1
17-Dec-12 Sindh Karachi Ali Raza killed, Farhan injured 1 1
17-Dec-12 Sindh Karachi Javaid Bhatti (Zakir) 1
17-Dec-12 Balochistan Quetta Mirza Khadim Hussain Noori, Deputy Director of Public Relations 1
18-Dec-12 Gilgit Baltistan Gilgit Zamir Abbas 1 3
20-Dec-12 Sindh Karachi Ashiq Abbas, Lines Area 1
20-Dec-12 Sindh Karachi Abbas Daryani 1
20-Dec-12 Balochistan Quetta Riaz Hussain 1
21-Dec-12 Sindh Karachi Abdur Rehman Hazara killed in Jinnah Hospital Emergency War 1
22-Dec-12 Punjab Faisalabad Jafar Ali and Haider Ali, two brothers 2
23-Dec-12 Sindh Karachi Azmat Ali 1
23-Dec-12 Gilgit Baltistan Gilgit Nayyarr Ali Khan s/o Muhammad 1
24-Dec-12 Sindh Karachi 3 including two brothers in Paper Market Nazimabad Hasnain and Qamar, Muhammad Hussain 3
25-Dec-12 Sindh Karachi Syed Shahid Hussain Zaidi ,30, killed in Orangi town . He was a vegetable vendor by profession. Nearly a year and half back his brother Majid Hussain Zaidi was killed. 1
26-Dec-12 Balochistan Quetta Ghulam Rasool killed in Hazar Ganji area 1
29-Dec-12 Sindh Karachi Two young brothers ,both sons of Shaheed DSP Sadiq Shah came under attack of yazidi terrorists near Murghi Khana ,Landhi town. Athar Shah died, Mazhar shah injured 1 1
30-Dec-12 Balochistan Mastung Bomb attack on 3 buses of pilgrims 40 25

30-Dec-12 Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Peshawar Fayaz Hussain MBA of Hangu was called for a fake job interview in Peshaawar 1
30-Dec-12 Sindh Karachi Jawad Husasin Naqvi killed in Orangi Town 1
31-Dec-12 Punjab Chiniot Malik Mukhtar Hussain was target killed durning a mourning procession 1 4

2012 Direct target killed 630
2012 20% of others killed 820
2012 Total Shias killed 1450


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  1. farahnaz ispahani ‏@fispahani
    Important. RT @CriticalPPP #ShiaGenocide: In 2012, total 1450 #Shia Muslims killed by Deobandi militants in #Pakistan: http://bit.ly/Zd906l

    Juan Cole ‏@jricole
    “@vali_nasr #ShiaGenocide: In 2012, total 1450 Shia Muslims killed by Deobandi militants in Pakistan http://shar.es/4aWly

    Saleem H. Ali ‏@saleem_ali
    Horrific: In 2012, ~1450 Shia Muslims killed by extremist Salafi/Deobandi militants in #Pakistan http://shar.es/4aWly

    Husain Haqqani ‏@husainhaqqani
    RT@AnsarKhakwani: #ShiaGenocide: In 2012, total 1450 Shia Muslims killed by Deobandi militants in #Pakistan http://shar.es/4aWly

  2. As long as General Kayani is Pakistan army chief, there will be no action against Taliban and his media wing will keep muuddying the discourse in vague distinction between good and bad Taliban. All of them are Deobandi militants and all of them must be killed.

  3. Nice work. Such detailed record in one place is a really good effort. Our only hope is Allah to get rid of this injustice.

  4. did u read this report? http://tribune.com.pk/story/488311/violence-is-on-the-rise-in-balochistan-report/

    Throughout the province, sectarian killings remain the biggest challenge. From 2008 to 2012, 758 members of the Shia community were killed in 478 incidents. Of these, 338 victims belonged to the Hazara community, indicating that Hazaras remain the prime targets of these aggressions.”

    more then 400 non hazara shias killed in balochistan. is it still is ethnic problem?

  5. Report indicates drastic increase in sectarian violence in 2012
    By Umer Nangiana / Creative: Faizan DawoodPublished: January 6, 2013

    Sectarian violence
    Karachi, Quetta, Kurram Agency and Gilgit were the hardest hit, witnessing more than 85% of all terrorist incidents in 2012, while the Tehreek-e-Taliban (TTP) emerged as a major actor responsible for the prevalent instability.
    Furthermore, Balochistan remained the focal point of nationalist insurgency and sectarian violence, witnessing 474 terrorist attacks, the highest for any region. The Taliban-infested and militancy-hit Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (K-P) and Federally Administered Tribal Areas (Fata) remained second and third most volatile regions, with 456 and 388 terrorist attacks reported, respectively. Meanwhile, 187 terrorist attacks were reported in Karachi and 28 in other parts of Sindh; 26 in Gilgit-Baltistan (G-B)’ 17 in Punjab and one in Islamabad.
    “Militant, nationalist insurgent and violent sectarian groups carried out 1,577 terrorist attacks across Pakistan in 2012, which claimed 2,050 lives and injured 3,822 people,” the PIPS report stated.


  6. Lashkar-e-Jhangvi’s Claimed Terrorist Killings and Supreme Court
    August 29, 2012
    By Farrukh Siddiqui
    Appeal in the name of humanity
    The following are some of the killings which reportedly have been carried out by the Lashkar-e-Jhangvi during 2012. I request all political parties, civil rights groups including lawyers’ groups/ associations, and journalists to email this to the Supeme Court of Pakistan [ mail@supremecourt.gov.pk ] with the request to take immediate notice and direct the police and government departments involved to apprise the court of the progress made in these cases and whether all the accused are being tried under anti-terrorism laws.

    Farrukh Siddiqui, Editor, http://www.stateofpakistan.org


    August 2: Federal Minister of Interior Rehman Malik told the Senate that external aggression and world power game could not be ruled out in the Balochistan issue as the situation there was similar to that of East Pakistan in 1971, as he held the BLA and LeJ responsible for all the major terrorism and kidnapping activities in the province.

    July 17: Multan Police held alleged terrorists from militant outfit LeJ after launching special operation. The police took into custody explosives and the requisite material for making bombs. Addressing a media-conference, CPO Multan, DIG Amir Zulfiqar Khan said the accused got training for terrorist activities from Afghanistan.

    July 4: At least three persons, including a local government assistant director, were shot dead in a sectarian attack in Kuchlak, some 25 kilometres from the provincial capital of Balochistan, Quetta. LeJ ‘spokesman’ Abu Bakar Siddique claimed responsibility for the killings. However, he did not make any comment on why the group had targeted the three men.

    June 28: At least 15 persons, including two policemen and a woman, were killed and 30 others, including women and children, sustained injuries in a suicide attack on a bus of pilgrims coming from Iran, at Hazar Ganji area of Quetta. LeJ claimed responsibility for the attack. The banned outfit’s spokes person Abdu Bakar said the attack was carried out by Ziaur Rahman Farooqi and was in revenge for attacks on a madrassa and Tablighi centre.

    June 18: At least five students and one professor were killed, while around 30 were injured when a powerful blast occurred near an IT University located in Jinnah Town of Quetta, the provincial capital of Balochistan in the morning. The bomb was planted inside a car parked nearby. The blast occurred when a van carrying students to the university reached the campus. According to the details, a suicide bomber blew himself up near the bus of Balochistan University of Information Technology at Samungli Road, killing five students and wounding 53 others, including four policemen and four female students.” LeJ claimed the responsibility for the attack. The bus was carrying Shia students.

    May 22: Central Jail Mach Warden Shaukat Ali Kethran was shot dead by unidentified armed militants in Mach tehsil of Bolan District. The attackers managed to flee after the attack. No outfit claimed responsibility for the attack. A few days back, a jail warden was killed in Quetta and LeJ claimed responsibility for the killing.

    May 16: CID of the Sindh Police claimed to have arrested a militant of LeJ, identified as Nawaz Khan alias Shah Jee, and recovered five kilogrammes explosive material, three detonators, seven metres, detonating wires and a TT pistol and weapons from his possession during a raid at Sohrab Goth Bus Stop, Super Highway. SSP Fayyaz Khan said during the interrogation, he confessed that the recovered explosive was being shifted to Karachi (Sindh) from Waziristan in (FATA) for attacks on rival sect’s members.

    April 24: The two militants killed in an encounter near Hazara Town in Akhtarabad area of Quetta on April 23, 2012 have been identified as Hafiz Naseer and Hafiz Wazir Ali alias Ali Sher Haideri, the spokesperson of LeJ. City Police Officer Amir Mohammad Dasti told said that the Government had earlier announced a bounty on Hafiz Naseer. The group has claimed responsibility for a number of attacks targeting Shia Muslims in the province.

    April 22: Officials of the FC claimed to have arrested three suspected militants belonging to TTP and LeJ during a rand on a small house near the Hazara graveyard in the Brewery Road area of Quetta.

    April 16: A spokesman for the LeJ, Ali Sher Haidri, claimed responsibility for the series of attacks on Hazaras in the past two weeks.

    February 2: The Muzaffargarh District administration issued a notice to the District Police banning entry of LeJ leader Malik Ishaq into the Muzaffargarh District for three months after he was released from Kot Lakhpat jail in Lahore District on January 21, 2011. Ishaq, accused in 44 cases involving 70 killings, has been acquitted in 34 cases and granted bail in another 10. He was released after a Lahore High Court review board denied an extension to his detention under Maintenance of Public Order Law.

    January 20: Police registered a case against 15 persons for their alleged involvement in the January 15 bomb blast at a chehlum procession of Hazrat Imam Hussain (AS) in Khanpur. The Chief of LeJ, Malik Muhammad Ishaq, Shafiq Dahar, Ghulam Muhammad, Muhammad Yaqoob, Muhammad Usman and 10 unidentified people have been nominated in the FIR, which was registered under the Anti-terrorism Act. The FIR has been registered on the complaint of Imdad Hussain of Mauza Jetha Bhatha.

    January 12: The CID of Sindh Police claimed to have arrested a militant of LeJ, identified as Riyaz Ahmed alias Riyaz Afghani alias Zahid Hussain Gilgiti from Hub River Road in Karachi and recovered two hand grenades, one repeater and two pistols from his possession. SP Mashwani said Ahmed was the most wanted terrorist and Sindh Government had tagged PKR 0.5 million reward on his arrest. He said that the accused was involved in several heinous crimes all over Pakistan. The SP said Ahmed was involved in sending funds to his organisation and also provided help to arrested militants. During his interrogation, he confessed that he had given money to Usman Choto for killing of Shia leader in Karachi but Choto was arrested before committing the crime. Officer said the accused name was also listed in CID Red Book list and added that he further confessed that he was involved in several surveillances of those people who were killed in target killings.


  7. A bloody year for Pakistan’s Shias

    120 25

    Families of the 86 Shia Muslims who died in twin bombings targeting Quetta’s predominantly Hazara neighborhood last week have started to bury their dead, calling off a sit-in after their demands were met.

    But concerns about the safety of the minority sect will continue because of the recent history of sectarian violence. The last year was among the most violent in the country’s history in terms of violence against Shias.

    The following is a chronology of the major attacks on Shias in the country in 2012.

    Jan 1: Askari Raza, leader of a Shia political organisation Pasban-e-Jaferia, was shot dead in a sectarian-motivated target killing in Karachi by two armed men riding a motorcycle. He was accompanied by a friend in his car, who was injured in the attack. The attackers were also said to be injured when two other men accompanying Raza fired in retaliation although they managed to escape safe.

    Jan 7: Four people were killed in various sectarian target killing incidents in Gilgit.

    Security officials inspect the wreckage at the June 28 bus bombing site

    Jan 25:Three lawyers belonging to the Shia sect were killed during a firing incident initiated by unknown gunmen near a city court in Karachi.

    Jan 25:Three Hazara Muslims were killed by sectarian terrorists on Mecongi Road in Quetta. One of them was a police inspector and another was TV artist – Abid Hussain Nazish.

    Feb 17: A suicide bombing in a bazaar in Parachinar targeting Shia Muslims killed 41 people. Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) claimed responsibility.

    Feb 28:Militants ambushed a bus carrying Shia Muslims in Kohistan, killing all 18 people on board. The TTP claimed responsibility.

    Mar 26: Two Hazara youth were killed when unidentified men on Sabzal Road (Quetta) fire at them. Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) claimed responsibility.

    Fifteen Shias were killed and 30 others were injured in a suicide attack on a bus carrying pilgrims returning from Iran on June 28
    Mar 29: A taxi carrying passengers from Hazara Town was sprayed with bullets that killed seven and injured six. Three women and some children were also among the casualties. Two Hazara boys under 16 were shot dead by the police as they tried to disperse angry protesters blocking traffic, raising the death toll to nine.

    Apr 3: Two Hazara men were shot dead on Mekongi Road, Quetta. LeJ claimed responsibility.

    Apr 9: Six Hazara Muslims were killed and three others were injured by gunmen on Prince Road, Quetta.

    Paramilitary troops patrol the site where eight Hazara men were killed in a drive-by shooting on April 14

    Apr 12: Assailants on a motorbike opened fire at a tea store on Shahrah-e-Iqbal, Quetta, killing a man instantly and injuring the owner of the store. A few minutes after, armed men attacked another shop belonging to the Hazara community on Archer Road, around 500 metres from Shahrah-e-Iqbal. As a result of indiscriminate firing, two people died on the spot.

    Apr 14:Eight Hazara men were killed on their way to work when armed assailants opened fire on a taxi carrying them on Brewery Road, Quetta.

    Apr 16: Unidentified gunmen on a motorcycle opened fire on a tyre shop situated at Quarry Road, Quetta killing a Hazara business man, Salman Ali Hazara.

    Eight Hazara men were killed in Quetta on their way to work when armed assailants fired at their taxi
    Apr 21: Two brothers were shot dead on Brewery Road, near Hazara Town, Quetta. FC soldiers arrested three suspects who belonged to the LeJ.

    May 6: A Hazara man was killed by unknown gunmen in Mastung at Dasht area when he was working in his tyre shop.

    May 14: Two brothers were killed when unidentified gunmen opened fire on them while they were standing in line outside the passport office on Joint Road, Quetta.

    Jun 18:Four Hazara students were killed and many injured by a bomb blast which hit a university bus in a suburb of Quetta.

    Jun 28: Fifteen Hazaras were killed and 30 others were injured in a suicide attack on a bus carrying pilgrims returning from Iran. The suicide bomber was in a private car which hit the bus in the Hazar Ganji area of Quetta. LeJ claimed responsibility. Its spokesperson Abdu Bakar said the attack was carried out by Ziaur Rahman Farooqi and was in revenge for attacks on a madrassa and tablighi centre.

    Jul 6:Eighteen Shia pilgrims who were travelling to Iran were killed when unidentified assailants opened fire on their vehicle in the town of Turbat, Balochistan.

    Aug 16: Three people of the Hazara Shia community were killed in the city’s Arbab Karam Khan Road area. They were going to Hazara Town in a motor-rickshaw when gunmen on a motorbike fired at them and fled. LeJ claimed responsibility.

    Aug 16:Gunmen in Mansehra pulled 25 Shia Muslims out of a bus and shot them dead. TTP claimed responsibility.

    Aug 27:Three people from the Hazara community were killed and three others injured when gunmen fire at a taxi in the city’s Spiny Road area on Monday.

    Aug 30:Unidentified gunmen shot dead a Shia Muslim judge along with his driver and police bodyguard in Quetta.

    Sept 1:Unidentified gunmen shot dead seven Shia Hazara civilians in the Hazar Ganji area of Quetta.

    Sept 26:Mohsin Ali Naqvi, a member of the minority Shia community, was gunned down outside his office in Quetta, the Balochistan capital.

    Oct 8: Eight Shia Muslims were killed in sectarian attacks across Karachi.

    Oct 15: Armed men on a motorbike opened fire at a vehicle on Sattar Road, killing Mohammad Ismail and his brother Ishaq. They belonged to the Shia community. Three people were also injured.

    Oct 16: Four members of the ethnic Hazara community were killed in Quetta.

    A remote-controlled bomb went off during a Shia Muslim Chehlum procession in the tehsil of Khanpur in Rahim Yar Khan district in Punjab. Eighteen people were killed and dozens of others injured from the incident.

    Nov 6: Agha Aftab Haider Jaffari, a prominent Shia leader was shot dead in Quetta.

    Nov 18: On 4th Moharram, two Shia men were killed in a bomb blast in an Imambargah in Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi. Seventeen people were injured including 5 rangers.

    Nov 19:Bombing in a Karachi Imambargah killed 3 Shia Muslims, and injured another 17.

    Nov 22: Suicide attack on a Shia mourning procession on 7th of Moharram killed 20 mourners, injured 46 in Rawalpindi in the cantonment area of Dhok Syedan. TTP’s Ehsanullah Ehsan claimed responsibility.

    Two bomb blasts in Karachi in Orangi Town near a Shia mosque killed two people and injured 16. TTP’s Ehsanullah Ehsan claimed responsibility.

    Nov 24: Eight people including four children were killed on 9th of Moharram in a bomb blast in Dera Ismail Khan (the constituency of Maulana Fazlur Rehman). At least 27 people including a policeman were injured. TTP’s Ehsanullah Ehsan claimed responsibility. A TV remote control was used to detonate the explosives.

    Nov 25: A bomb detonated near a Muharram procession in Commissionary Bazaar in Dera Ismail Khan’s Choglia area in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province early on Sunday, 10th of Moharram, killing five Shia Muslims and injuring at least 70 others. TTP’s Ehsanullah Ehsan claimed responsibility.

    Dec 5: A man was killed and his brother injured when they came under fire on Airport Road near Askari Park here on Tuesday evening. The victims belonged to the Shia Hazara community.

    Dec 25: Three Shia shopkeepers were killed in Karachi in target killing incidents.

    Dec 21: One Shia and one Sunni Muslim were killed in Karachi in an act of terror.

    Dec 30: At least 19 Shia Muslim pilgrims were killed in a bomb attack on a bus convoy in Mastung, 25 kilometers away from Quetta. More than 20 people were injured.

    The writer is an Islamabad-based journalist/researcher. His work is archived at http://www.pol-dev.com Email:yamankalyan@gmail.com