Thousands of Shia Muslims in Lucknow India stage rally against Shia genocide in Pakistan

Protesters chanted slogans against Pakistan government and army for failing to stop Shia genocide in Pakistan

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General Kayani and Takfiri Deobandis جنرل کیانی اور تکفیری دیوبندی

Lucknow, India (17 December 2012) Chanting anti-Pakistan slogans, thousands of Shia Muslims today staged a demonstration here against what they called ongoing genocide of members of their community in the neighbouring country, Pakistan. Protesters chanted slogans against Pakistan government and army for their failure to stop target killing of and bomb attacks on Shia Muslims of Pakistan by ISI-sponsored Takfiri Deobandi terrorists. According to an estimate, more than 20,000 Shia Muslims have been killed by Deobandi militants in Pakistan in the last few decades.

Led by noted cleric and spokesperson of the All India Shia Personal Law Board, Maulana Yasoob Abbas, Shia Muslims took out a rally in the Uttar Pradesh capital. Shia Muslims later staged a sit-in before the state assembly and burnt a Pakistani flag, and pictures of General Kayani (Pakistan Army Chief) and Ahmed Ludnianvi (top Deobandi cleric in Pakistan known for anti-Shia hate speeches and links with Pakistan army).

Speaking on the occasion, Abbas lamented that Shias were facing harassment, persecution and genocide in Pakistan and the government there was not concerned about their plight. Abbas also condemned the links between Pakistan army, spy agency ISI in particular, and Deobandi Jihadist groups (Sipah Sahaba and Taliban).

Calling for an end to the killings, he advocated stern punishment for those responsible for the same.

The protesters demanded that the United Nations should declare Pakistan a terrorist state. The rally was carried out from Nakkhas towards Vidhan Sabha against the anti-Shia and anti-minorities policy of Pakistan. The rally was also attended by a small number of Sunni Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and Christians who condemned Pakistan army’s support to Deobandi militant groups.


Aaj Ki Khabar

Protesters demanded Pakistan to be declared a terrorist state and asked UN to try Pakistani generals for crimes against humanity

Sources: DNA India, Times of India, NDTV

Previous protests

Previously in April 2012, tens of thousands of Shia and Sunni residents of Indian administered Kashmir (Kargil District) protested against Shia genocide in Pakistan, particularly in Gilgit Baltistan (Pakistan administered Kashmir). According to an estimate, at least 20,000 Shia Muslims of all ethnic backgrounds (Gilgiti, Balti, Pashtun, Hazara, Punjabi, Muhajir, Sindhi, Baloch etc) have been killed by Takfiri Deobandi militants known as Sipah Sahaba Taliban (SST), some of whom are nurtured as strategic assets by Pakistan army for cross-border Jihadist activities in Kashmir and Afghanistan. (Source: World Shia Forum)

Video: Massive protests in Kargil and Ladakh against Shia genocide in Pakistan

Slogans during the protests:

Hukoomat-e-Pakistan Murda Baad (Death to the Government of Pakistan)
Insani Huqooq Kay Alambardaro Sharm Karo (Shame on champions of human rights)
Yazidiat Murdabad (Down with Yazid and his Deobandi followers)
Gilgit Baltistan Kay Mazloomo, Hum Tumhare Saath Hain (Victims of genocide, we are with you!)


36 responses to “Thousands of Shia Muslims in Lucknow India stage rally against Shia genocide in Pakistan”

  1. `Insani Huqooq ke Alambardaro, sharm karo’…Indeed.
    The Human Rights industry is an irony-free zone. Iran presides over women’s rights, Gaddafi’s Libya oversees rule of law, Saudi Arabia gets to decide the parameters of Free Speech in the Western world,the 57 member-strong OIC practically runs the show at the UN brothel; all in the name of multicultural equality whereby, to paraphrase the polemicist Mark Steyn, a quart of ice-cream is deemed morally equivalent to a similar volume of dog-faeces.

    As documented by your web-site, the media pick and choose whom to promote as their victim du jour. The Islamofascists are on a genocidal rampage yet crickets are chirping as far as the BRAVE NEW MEDIA is concerned. Worse still is the obfuscation and distortion by the International liberal brotherhood, as illustrated by your post re the( BBC/Guardian )sins of omission and commission.

    This very remarkable story above has left one both shaken and stirred. Apart from the fact that Oudh, in particular Lucknow is Lourdes and Jerusalem to me… according to your report my spiritual brethren thereof are saying all that needed saying over at the Dharna where our `Dharma’ was violated. Here is my concern: our clergy have historically taken their cue from Qom; how long before my beloved Oudh wallahs come round to blaming the Zionists? This particular protest has no whiff of any HIZBALLAH AYATOLLAH about it; surely this will put up several hackles? I felt pride as I read through the report and then despondent..keh kaheen hamari hee nazar na lag jaye.

    I should like to share a snippet with my comrades: Some Tweeter had posted a disturbing photo of an infant burnt in these latest Pakistani pogroms; begging the question why only Gazan agony, even when faked, ever seemed to move the stony Pakistani heart..The `trustafarian sajjada nasheen princess’, Faiz Ahmed Faiz’s grand-daughter took great umbrage at this `peasant’s’ effrontery and tweeted huffily anon. The funny thing is , it wasn’t particular to her, this lament of aforesaid tweeter.Hoots! `voh baat saray fasanay mein jis ka zikr na tha, voh baat un ko bohut na-gavar guzri hai.’

    Do try and keep a tab on this Lucknow story. One is so very disheartened with the almost complete annexation of intellectual space by the jet-set liberal juhalaa and their media friends’ complicit silence. Yeh kaisi khamoshi hai; misra’a to uthaeeay Hazraat!

  2. When Ayatullah Bashir Hussain Najafi and Ayatullah Vaheed Khuransani extended support to shia dharna in Karachi. I saw Indian momineen on FB commenting that they will rally for our cause on Monday. They proved themselves right.

  3. Good step. this shd be highlighted in international media so that people globally realize the extend of problem shias are facing in pakistan. very praiseworthy action by momineen

  4. Pakisatan mai aaj se 25 saal se Shiyun ke khun ki holy kheli jaa rahi hai yaa yun kahun ke insaniyat ko mara jaa raha hai to yeh mas alaa faqat shia kaa nahi hai jo bhi insaan is dharati mai rehta hai woh is kaam ki mukhaalefat kare warnaa pakisatni puri duniya mai dahshat gardee phailaa denge was salam lucknow se Hasan Ali Rajani (All India Shia Personal Law Board)

  5. shias are not muslims and iran is using them against shia killig is just right..we support SSP,LeJ and all those who are a threat to these non muslim agents trying to destabilize pakistan

  6. Stfu sahil, don’t simply post nonsense you dickhead piece of shit, what do you know abt Shia? infact muslims?, so rest your case, and stop being bothered by what muslims do, its our business, and duffers like you, don’t deserve to step in between and say nonsense. stupid kid

  7. The reason pakistan media has failed to cover shia killing news is because they suppose these terrorist organizations.
    They themselves behind all these assassinations carried out banned organization Sipahe Sahaba.

    i really thank all my Indian brothers and sisters ( Sunni ,Shia, Sikh, Christian & Hindu ) who haave supported Pakistani shia’s Mass massacre that has been on going.

    it is a basic human duty in any religion or cast to voice against any oppressor.

  8. The reason pakistan media has failed to cover shia killing is because they supprt these terrorist organizations.
    They themselves behind all these assassinations carried out banned organization like Sipahe Sahaba.

    i really thank all my Indian brothers and sisters ( Sunni ,Shia, Sikh, Christian & Hindu ) who haave supported Pakistani shia’s Mass massacre that has been on going.

    it is a basic human duty in any religion or cast to voice against any oppressor.

    Pakistani Shia

  9. I thankfull to Indian Shia Muslims who raised voice against brutal killing of us, but i would not appreciat that slogan in that rally (down with pakistan) because we love our country very much, but we hate our goverment and thier policies, down with PAKISTAN GOVT, NOT PAKISTAN.

  10. Jb aap quran ko tehreef shuda kitab kahein ge aor Sahaba( r.a) ko gaali dein ge to phir aap lazimi wajib ul qatal therein ge aisa kro aor na kutay ki trah maar khao.

  11. Tum humaray sahaba ko galiayn do aur hum tumhain haqqoq dain! My foot. Agar itne he hussaini bantay ho tu rooto kion ho? Sirf naam laine se koi hussaini nahi banta uskay liay Hussain (R.A) jitna imaan mazboot hona chhayay

  12. India ka Momineen ka Shukriya k unhon nay Zulm k khilaf awaz utahi hai.
    Pakistan Shia aur Suni brothers nay mil ker banaya hai, Wahabi Firka Saudia ki madad se Shia k khilaf Dashat Gerdi ker raha hai.

    Pakistan hamari jaan hai aur hum ye Huq kisi ko nahee dain gay k wo Pakistan k khilaf baat karay aur UN se Mutalba karay k Pakistan ko Dahshat Gerd Mulk kaha jay.

    Pakistan main Shia + Suni Unity hai , aur Hamara Mushterqa Dushman Alay Saud k Petho Dubandi, Wahabi hain.

    A shia from Pakitan.

  13. Jammu, India: Protest against Shia genocide in Quetta Pakistan

    14 January 2013

    In connection with the shia killings in Pakistan ,Tens of Hundreds of Shia Stdents from Ladakh under the banner All Ladakh Muslim Students Association ,Jammu (ALMSAJ) Carried out a candle March Procession from Karbala Complex Jammu. The Students were Holding Candles and Placards to Show Solidarity with the victims of the Bomb Blast in Quetta, Pakistan.They Also prayed for the Safe Future for the Shias around the world and of Pakistan in particular.

    Message of our brother from Jammu:

    “We are the migrated students from kargil, ladakh, residing here in a city of India. we made our own arrangments to show up our support and to say we share your every grief and attacks. the govt. didn’t allow us to make it a big one. but we also feel the same pain like our shia brothers and sisters do in pakistan so we made it through the streets .. maula aaap logon ki hifazat karen . hum kuch kar nhi sakte but Dua zaaroor kar sakte hai .. please qabool karen Hum Sab Aapke saath hain”

  14. india k shia bhaion ka bht shukria k unho ne pakistan main hony wali shia genocide k khilaf awaz uthai … ………………Undle of thanks…………………………………………….

  15. Please stop blaming each other Mulim faith for what has happened in Pakistan or what is going on in Syria, Lebanon, Burma, India, Irag, Afghanistan or anywhere else in the world. Think and think again. How India was divided into several countries, how Middle East, Africa was divided. There are powers around the world that would like to see Muslim fight each other, blame each other and even kill each other so these powers were prevail and CONTROL the world in every which way possible. Unite and become ONE UMMAH for the sake of Islam and Muslims all around the globe.

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