Islamist parties burn Pakistan as media provides cover

In protesting against a controversial and hateful youtube, the Islamists validated all the negative anti-Muslim stereotyples and then some more.

In Pakistan, the protestors lead by Jamaat Islami, Jamaad ud Dawa (Hafiz Saeed), Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamaat (Ludhianvi, Malik Ishaq), Pro-PCO Judiciary lawyers and Pakistan Tehrik Insaf (Imran Khan Group) are torching cinema houses, banks, offices, petrol stations and police cars to show their “devotion” to the Holy Prophet (PBUH)

As shocking images of the police battling these Islamofascist thugs is relayed all over the world, Pakistan’s Pro Taliban media is doing its best to misrepresent the situation.  Inspite of pleas from the government, the media is blaming the Government and the police instead of the violent mobs that have killed 4-5 policemen in the last couple of hours.  It is also helping the various Islamist groups (JI, JuD, ASWJ and PTI) in coordinating their violence against the State.

While the current PPP government wants to use the United Nations forum to address this issue, Islamist parties, generally allied with the Taliban and Al Qaeda, are using the situation to terrorise the public and cause maximum damage.

What is lost in this madness is that hate cannot be countered with more hate, violence and destruction.

Nothing would be more disrespectful to the Holy Prophet than the misuse of his memory to justify arson, destruction and murder.  The makers of the ridiculous insensitive video have succeeded in their provocation – their hate counterparts, the Islamists, have ensured this success.

In the smoke and rubble, muslims worldwide need to engage in serious introspection.  They need to understand that the Salafi-Takfiri misrepresentation of the Holy Prophet needs to be challenged at the intellectual level.  Muslims also need to realize that the disrespectful and caricaturized versions of the Holy Prophet have their biggest support in extremist narrative.  Muslims need to study and understand that this selective narrative is often based on their own secondary and tertiary sources.  Moreover, violent acts by extremist muslims reinforce negatives stereotypes.

Pakistan’s corporate media is typically deflecting attention away from its  Islamist allies(JI, ASWJ, JuD, PTI) whose activists and supporters wrecked mayhem in Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad and Peshawar.  They are blaming the PPP-lead government for not leading these rallies.   While the Government certainly bears responsibility for its failure to curb this violence, the major responsibility, as dictated by common sense, lies with the perpetrators.  If today had not been declared a national holiday imagine how much greater the casualties would have been given.  Imagine what these hooligans would have done to schools and commercial offices.   From Zaffar Abbas (brother of ISPR General Athar Abbas) to Ansar Abbasi to anti-Ahmadi bigot Aamir Liaquat, the media kept chiming the same script:

“The Government should have lead these mobs!”

One can be critical of the PPP on many fronts but surely, choosing the UN forum as opposed to an extremist mob is the right correct decision.

One source has Imran Khan himself briefly egging on his supporters in today’s violence

“Today in Islamabad protest Imran Khan appeared near enclave. Asked protestors to march towards US emb. Said I am in front. Then disappeared ! via Taha Siddiqui
@TahaSSiddiqui (Twitter)”

Will the Supreme Court take Suo Moto notice of the vandalism and violence done by its allies like PTI, ASWJ and JI?

Given their current record of releasing terrorists, the answer is fairly obvious.

6 responses to “Islamist parties burn Pakistan as media provides cover”

  1. First of all, the media did condemn the mobs and the religious parties for not containing the violence.

    Secondly, Imran Khan urged protests to be peaceful and himslef said officially that he will lead a peaceful protest.

    Please get ur facts straight!

  2. @Mustafa, You must be blind to see the biased media who did not show a single snap of the Peaceful Processions and did detailed coverage of the violence and terror. They were a detailed account of every single move of the mob, “Now they have reached this close to the Red Zone”, “Now they are here”, “Now there is another mob coming from this direction”. It looked like they were doing commentary of a match. This is ridiculus.

    And yes, the people who gave the Protest calls and claimed to lead the processions should have led it through to the end. Imran Khan did gathered people and then vanished, WHY? Why did PTI guys did those stupid things along with the JuD, JI, ASWJ and LeJ.

  3. جن ملکوں میں ریاست کمزور ہو وہاں اس ہی قسم کے عوامی احتجاج سامنے آتے ہیں چاہے موقع جیسا بھی ہو۔ امریکہ فرانس اور برطانیہ میں بھی جب کبھی ریاست کی گرفت کسی بھی اعتبار سے کمزور ہوئی عوامی احتجاج لوٹ مار میں بدلتے ہوئے نظر آئے جیسے فرانس کے نسلی فسادات، برطانیہ کے حالیہ بلوے اور کترینہ لوٹ مار لیکن پھر ان مظبوط ریاستوں نے ریسکیو کیا اور شرپسندوں کے مقابلے میں قانون کو حرکت دی گئی۔ حکومت پاکستان نے جمعہ کو چھٹی کا اعلان کیا جبکہ دوسری طرف کوئی ایک مزکزی احتجاج منعقد نہیں ہوا۔ جسکی وجہ سے ہر خاص و عام کا ہجوم سڑکوں پر نکل آیا، یہ جماعتی نظم، امیر کی اطاعت اور نظریاتی تربیت سے محروم ایک “ہجوم” تھاجب اسکے سامنے ایک کمزور ریاست تھی۔ گویا اس ہجوم سے نکلنے والا بلوا ایک فطری عمل تھا۔ چنانچہ مجھے کل کے احتجاج اور لوٹ مار پر کوئی حیرت نہیں ہے۔

  4. It into weak state its terrorists like your ilk that did it. When Lal Masjid goons were rightfully taken care of then you were crying buckets in the favour of those terrorists.

    I think people should now wake up to the menace that the mullahs are.


    Also thanks for pointing out the media bias of not showing peaceful ones.

    Point is me and you both differ with the article.