Do we really need a revolution – by Mustafa Kamal

Our living in a world full of tragedies is a universal fact. Social fabrics are shattered. The dissatisfaction of people with the functions of their respective governments has put them in a position to ask and preach for revolution. The term revolution has been framed as hanging political leaders and sacking governments through mob violence by various political leaders and writers in Pakistan. Who will lead such revolutions and what could be the repercussions are still ambiguous.

Revolutions have always been hijacked historically. Revolutions have always breed hatred, violence and sense of superiority among the suppressed, emotional and exploited revolutionaries. Once in power, these exploited revolutionaries shed more blood, kill more people, suppress their opponents with more brutal tract of force and turn to fascists gradually.

The recent Arab spring is an apt example of this. The so-called Arab Revolutionaries were such sick-minded that they even distorted the dead bodies of their opponents. Reports also revealed that the young brainwashed revolutionaries even sodomized the body of Qaddafi.

In Egypt, the chief of Second dominant party of revolutionaries declared the face of women like her vagina and asked the girls to cover their faces like their vagina.

“The Muslim world in general and Pakistan in particular is not fit for revolution,” says Veteran journalist and intellectual Khalid Ahmad. “No one realizes that revolutions are pure destruction, at times rescued by an intellectual realization about where they went wrong”, he observes.

In the world of their fantasies, the revolutionaries are more concerned in suppressing their opponents instead of creating a stable environment leading to prosperity and peace based on humanistic values.

We are a society where self-congratulating has surpassed self-criticism. Primarily, such societies don’t need revolution, but evolution. Our futile efforts in hurrying for revolution will leave us with even more blood in streets, heap of bodies and chaos. Any urgent need to reform the society must never be revolutionary, rather evolutionary.



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