Tribal Shias as cannon-fodder to fight the Taliban menace

Pakistani security establishment is playing a dangerous game by forcing Shias of tribal areas to rise against Taliban. On 10 October, Army forced Shia tribe Alizai to form a lashkar in Orakzai agency while providing little protection and logistic support to the Alizai tribe. As a result, the Alizai jirga was attacked by Taliban and more than 100 people killed. The pro-Jihadi and pro-Sipah Sahaba elements within secuirty establishment are a threat to national scurity.

Taliban-tribes row preceded bombing

By Abdul Sami Paracha

KOHAT, Oct 11: The death toll of Friday’s suicide attack at a jirga in Orakzai Agency rose to 60.

Officials told Dawn on Saturday that evidence gathered so far from the blast site pointed to the Taliban of the Darra Adamkhel who had entered the tribal region last month.

An official report said that a 20-year-old clean-shaven youth drove his explosive-laden white truck into the jirga and detonated it. The jirga was about to send a tribal lashkar led by 25 elders to destroy the Taliban headquarters in the area.

The sources said that on Sept 28, the Taliban had asked the Alikhel tribe, the biggest and the most influential in the area, and its sub-clans – Hasratkhel, Mirwaskhel, Sokari, Zamkakhel and Baba Almasay – to leave the area because they belonged to Shia community. The tribesmen had left the area.

The political agent had summoned a grand jirga of all the 18 tribes of the Orakzai Agency in Hangu on Sept 30 and got the area cleared of the Taliban employing a lashkar on Oct 6.

The next day the Alikhel tribe returned to their homes and held a jirga on Oct 7 to take collective action against the Taliban along with the representatives of Ahle Sunnat Wal Jamat. On Oct 10, the tribesmen gathered at Khadizai to destroy the Taliban headquarters and houses of people sheltering them.

According to the official report, the administration knew that Taliban would attack the Alikhel jirga but no action was taken to avert it. Officials said that the report was not final and many aspects of the attack remained to be investigated.

The administration had sent several teams to nearby villages to gather information about the missing people to ascertain the exact death toll, officials said.

The intensity of the blast indicated that about 250 to 300 kilogrammes of explosives made from urea, petrol and RDX were used, said Bomb Disposal Squad Chief Akbar Khan.

Political Agent Kamran Zeb said that tribesmen had found a clue but were waiting for burial before pointing finger at anybody or take action against the suspected perpetrators. (Dawn)



Dont worry …………… the more the criticism the more pakhtoon should be backing Asfandyar Wali khan as the enemies on the other side of attock will only starting crying when they find Asfandyar Wali is doing something good for his people.

Just look at …. and get a clue of whats happening with Pakhtoons and Balochs in Pakistan. The majority Brethren (Brethren lols …….) will create so much noise as to make the true voices of these peole unaudible. This will continue till Pakhtoons recognise their enemies. Hopefully the spectacular success of ANP in these elections have shown that Pakhtoons can now distinguish between their Leaders and their Enemies.

They are so shameless people that none of them would talk of the 113 dead and more than hundered injured just two days ago.

They are shamelessly abusing their leaders and instead of sympathising with Pakhtoons they are sprinkling salt over their wounds ……………..they are pushing the Pakhtoons to the wall. I dont know how much can the Pakhtoons tolerate untill and when will they strike back ………………………. just like the Balochs are doing now ……………………………..



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