Some questions that Pakistani Parliamentarians must ask the Army Chief and the head of ISI – by Syed Talat Hussain

In his op-ed today, Talat Hussain poses some important questions which suggest that why despite the so called intensive military operation against militants, not even a single notable command of terrorist organizations has been captured or killed. Talat also questions the doubts about the failure of intelligence agencies in stopping the acts of terrorism in Pakistan including the heart of the federal capital Islamabad.

Short answer: Certain rogue elements do not really want to eliminate jihadi (read terrorist) organization because of their short-sighted focus on: (1) identifying and treating India as Pakistan’s eternal enemy at all costs in order to justify heaving spending on Pakistan’s defense budget; and (2) treating Afghanistan as Pakistan’s legitimate possession in order to gain the so-called strategic depth.

There is therefore an urgent need that Pakistan Army must by force disband all kinds of Jihadi/sectarian/terrorist organizations, their leaders must be arrested and executed after summary judicial inquiry, and their supportes in politics and media must be placed behind bars because of their conspiracies against Pakistan’s national security.