Safwat Ghayur: Former PSF activist and Chief of Pakistan’s Frontier Constabulary martyred by Taliban

It so sad to hear assassination of Sifwat Ghayur . He was former active member of PSF ,which is a student body affiliated with peoples party . later he joined civil services of Pakistan. He was killed in the attack along with his driver and bodyguard in Peshawar today.


PESHAWAR: A suicide bomber attacked a vehicle carrying the Chief of Pakistan’s Frontier Constabulary in Peshawar on Wednesday, killing him and two others as the area struggles to recover from more than a week of devastating floods.

Rescue workers frantically tried to extinguish fires that engulfed several cars in the minutes after the attack near a major market in the city.

Sifwat Ghayur, the head of the Frontier Constabulary, was killed in the attack along with his driver and bodyguard, said Abdul Rahman Khan, a local police officer. The explosion also injured 14 other people, he said.

It was unclear whether the suicide bomber attacked on foot or was in a vehicle, said Khan.

The attack comes as the northwest, which has been plagued by violence at the hands of the Pakistani Taliban, is trying to get back on its feet after heavy monsoon rains a week ago triggered devastating floods that have killed 1,500 people.



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