“Aisay dastoor ko, subh-e-bey-noor ko mayn nahee maanta”

Revolutionary Shahbaz Sharif

“Aisay dastoor ko, subh-e-bey-noor ko mayn nahee maanta” – Shahbaz Sharif in his revolutionary speech in early 2009

This verse is from Habib Jalib’s poem, Jamhooriat. Shahbaz Sharif had taken it to the next level by singing it in a public gathering. The revolutionary in Shahbaz Sharif would care to respond on the 142 vehicles being used by CM Secretariat?  

142 vehicles for the CM, 7 for crisis management


LAHORE: A recent poll reveals that bureaucracy, ministers, advisors and task forces in Punjab are using a total of 6,000 vehicles.

According to a transport poll of the services and general administration department, the agriculture department is using 829 vehicles. The irrigation department is using 747 vehicles, while housing and physical planning is using 490. Chief minister secretariat is using 142 vehicles and the chief minister’s inspection team has 14 vehicles in use. Relief and crisis management is  using the least number of vehicles, standing at seven.

The Punjab government has to spend two billion rupees annually on the maintenance of these vehicles.



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