LUBP and Freedom of Expression – by Ahmad Nadeem Gehla

Freedom of expression is a right to express what an individual feels. There is a divine right to speak out. What are requirements for such freedom?

1. A liberal and tolerant society.
2. A state which does not oppress people for speaking out.
3. The tolerance in masses which are ready to take such expression as a different view, not brainwashed and violent.
4. Minimal role of religious, ethnic and secretion groups to react violently.
5. A state apparatus which is transparent and tolerant.

Do our society meet these standards? A big NO! Decades of dictatorship, brainwashing and sectrian, ethnic difference have put us in a situation where you have to be careful about expressing your opinion.

Yes, I would be labeled ad ISI agent and Islamo-fascist to ‘scare’ others while advising a modest approach. And I am blessed with that title by ‘lordship’ of left and liberal chief – not Khawja Sharif.

In past a court summoned a major to appear before a judge. It was ZA Bhutto regime – the boldest and finest leader this nation ever got. Bhutto called the Judge and request him to let the issue go, the exact words were ‘ we are yet not out of wood’. It was the most populist leader in history of Pakistan. Why he did that? Millions would love to give blood on his single call?

The reality!

Even today a major of services is more powerful than a President elected with 2/3 majority. Civilian government has is sharing power, not enjoying power. Major decisions come from other sources. Be it hawks in media or some ‘hidden hand’, KL Legislation gets knocked and parliamentarian get grinned by the ‘free judiciary’ which gave powers to a dictator to amend constitution as per his needs.

Are we ‘out of wood’, certainly NOT. We don’t have the strength of 70’s enjoyed by Chairman Bhutto – but they killed him brutally!

I do appreciate the views on this blog, it is playing a vitalrole in educating youth. But what makes me worried is that we are not in stronger position than Chairman Bhutto and apart from expressing our views, educating youth and having exchange of ideas, we should set some limits.

As accused by a top ‘Mujahid and Mard e Momen’ of this blog to be an ISI agent to scare others – while Mard e Momen hides behind a ‘pen name’ I do still feel that we should concentrate on expression of freedom with self imposed restrictions. Rather than challanign the ‘powerful’ which we can not fight or defeat, we shold focus on educating youth and promote freedom of expression.

I sincerely feel that this short span of democracy is a chance for us to get our acts straight, make alliances with liberal and democratic forces and focus on educating our own allies and sympathizers.

Any direct clash or an adventure to challenge the real ‘powers’ would only result in to negation of slogan of ‘reconciliation’ and derail the process in which democracy flourish.

If you believe the slogan of ‘democracy is the best revenge’, the you have to avoid conflicts and work for strengthening the democratic process which is too week that an elected President is a punch bag by cronies of establishment.

Should not a blog, out of thousands others being sponsored by various mid sets realize that simple fact, rather than labeling that whoever criticize is an ISI agent and let it head towards a conflict with power centers and put honest and vocal youth in danger.

Freedom of speech is an asset but most precious asset is our contributors who risk ‘disappearances’ but speak up, should we put them at risk in sake of some adventurism for satisfaction of our ego while we hide behind ‘pen names’. No, Not at all!

Let it be Critical PPP blog, not a conflict tool!

I hope ISI agent makes some sense. Share your views for my learning.

Slow and steady wins the race, adventurism in ‘hidden identities’ might lead to a disaster. Your Comments will help me understand the real mode of citizen journalism.

Best Regards

An ISI agent!



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