Imran Khan, Hamid Mir, Ansar Abbasi, and other supporters of Taliban, read this column…

Imran Khan says: Terrorist activities in Pakistan are a reaction to the USA and Pakistan’s military action in FATA. Really? What about those people whose dear and nears ones were killed or injured in suicide bombings in Islamabad, Wah Cantt, D.I. Khan, Lahore, Quetta, Peshawar and Karachi? Who should they react against? Perhaps, they need to react against Taliban as well as their supporters? Read on…


10 responses to “Imran Khan, Hamid Mir, Ansar Abbasi, and other supporters of Taliban, read this column…”

  1. i am totaly disagree with hasan nisar that he says that this is our fight never.and i am agree with imran khan that this is the recation of a an action.becous zeya ul haq time has been paased and it was not like this.if zeya ul haq didnot make mujaheed may be know our father and grant father would be russion army.
    no body is telling the truth on govt is passing when the new govt coming they throuing every thing on the old one.but they are not changing his policies,then what is the mean of Demoracy that we are chaning only the faces the polcies or same.


  3. Im agree with imran khan and ansar abbasi,why they was not attack islamabad wah cant and lahore etc b4 war(u.S war spourted by pakistan)? Hassan nasar is a terrorist and he was 1 who was ask to cut the conections of water gas and electricity in lal masjid.He dnt have heart nor brain,if taliban are right hand terrorist,hassan nasar is a left hand terrorist 2x than taliban.Pakistan must stop the war which z the war of U.S not war of pakistan.

  4. Very well said hassan Nisar sahib. Your words truely reflect emotions of me and many many more Pakistanies . Actually our views are hijacked by media mujahdeen of so called independnt media. Every one of these “anchors” thinks he has the solution to all the problems. Only media is right ‘ truthfull’brave ‘just and honest .these morons even can’t handle their personal lives and pretend that they Re the only saviour left for pakistanies. Shame on these bastards and the “clown” chief justice of Pakistan.

  5. I think the biggest problem Pakistan faces is that due to our low level of education, utter ignorant people like Hassan Nisar are given the opportunity to write in National Newspapers. Whenever I see this gutter mouth on the Television, it brings smile to my face and at times laughter too.

    If he is looking for the definition of a “Jahil” he doesn’t have to look far, he just has to see the face in his bathroom mirror. The real “Jahil” is right in his face. Nisar your search for an illiterate ends right there in your bathroom mirror.

  6. hasan nisar is always acting like some expert on history… but he surely has very weak short term memory; before 2004 there were no suicide bombings in pakistan & all of a sudden we had a war “OUR WAR”.. i pity the myopia of people like hasan nisar & their supporters who cannot see beyond what american policy makers feed them. Why do these people bury their heads in sand when confronted with factual information. There were 8 “suspected militants” among 700+ people killed in drone strikes in 2009. What is it? WOT supporters will say “collateral damage”… how will they react if their families are brutally murdered in such activity of collateral damage.
    The reality is that Nato forces are packing up to leave Afghanistan. They have realized that they cannot win this war and they are negotiating with different groups. Just like Imran Khan and other people with foresight, predicted. But the losers who supported WOT cannot digest this & are still busy with their rants. For their information, I will point out that pakistan’s president has also made statement about talking to taliban:
    Now by their definition, Zardari is also Taliban.

  7. Hasan Nisar also a Big Fraud, watch and listen:Hassan Nisar | Views about Islami Jamiat Talba

    He was praising Jamat-e-Islami and IJT in above video and now listen the same FRAUD Same Hasan Nisar Condemns the Jamat-e-Islami: Choraha – 24 April 2010 APRIL 24, 2010 . in Choraha Watch Fresh episode of Choraha with Hasan Nisar.

    Reality which is forgotten by Mr. Hasan Nisar: Vandalism and Vandals of Jamat-e-Islami and IJT.

  8. Hypocrisy and Double Talk of Imran Khan on Martial Law – ISLAMABAD: After MQM chief Altaf Hussain’s statement regarding support for martial law-like steps, the chief of Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan said his faction would back military rule for ‘stability’ of the country, ARY NEWS reports. Ref Imran Khan backs army rule, too Updated:Monday August 23 , 2010 9:55:03 PM

    but read

    Today’s News [Thursday, August 26, 2010 Ramzan 15, 1431 A.H.] ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan on Wednesday said that MQM Quaid Altaf Hussain’s statement to incite the Army to take over could in no way be condoned.In a statement here, the PTI chairman, however, said that the MQM leader’s statement was a clear admission of the failure of the ruling coalition. He contended that instead of seeking the Army’s intervention, the MQM should have left the government and pressed for the mid-term polls.He was of the view that it was time to go for fresh elections under the aegis of the judiciary. Imran noted that it was not the military’s mandate to interfere in politics and their meddling had already cost the nation dearly.Imran lauded the Army’s role in the ongoing flood relief operations and said there was no logic in dragging it into political mopping up operations.

  9. What a Fun that arch Rivals i.e. Mr Altaf Hussain and Sir. Imran Khan share common “Goal:) lets have a look at Imran Khan’s earlier support for Musharraf Martial Law [MQM was an Ally] Imran Khan’s Support: Then Musharraf Now Taliban! DETAILS:

    Imran Khan says his party would support “a Revolution” like this [read Martial Law] and guess what JANG/GEO Group are also supporting the upcoming Martial Law: Similarities between Shaheen Sehbai & Asghar Khan Letters. DETAILS:

    Imran supported “General Musharraf” Revolution in 1999 by supporting PCO Judiciary! Imran Khan hailed PCOed Judiciary! DETAILS:

  10. 50% of Hassan Nisars view’s are biased and based upon purely double standards.

    One time he would say something that will win your heart, and other time he would say something ridiculously baseless.

    I don’t understand why he is in so much love with Drama Queen Altaf Bhai.