My president: The most valiant and tolerant – by Maleeha Manzoor

When the lights on the stage of life go out, those names shine brightly that were dedicated to the people, God’s agents in this world and its true masters. Asif’s name will be one of those shining stars while those of his tormentors will fade from history – Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto

My President Zardari – the only ‘incredibly brave leader’ to persist against all odds, after Benazir Bhutto. Struggling against fascism – incarcerated and immensely tortured for 11 and half years, Zardari becomes the gallant hero of my country to front the blows with brave heart, when the fortune is adverse. Words can never be adequate to describe his charisma, though the ‘Nelson Mandela of Pakistan’ can be the only appellation, to depict his role in combating to turn Pakistan’s leadership from a militant to a democrat one.

To my Queen Benazir, Mr. Zardari was the only person to meet all her criteria and so he did! He was asked to assume the premiership in place of his wife – when in jails, nevertheless, his denial proved out to be the vestige of captivating the hearts of people, for whom ‘Wazeer-e-azam Benazir’ was larger than a catchword. Dealing with the false accusations and corruption charges which are not even proved yet; spending 11 and half years of his married life in prison cells and not compromising on the doctrines, he proves himself to be the son of the soil. He is also the affectionate father, who could not even see his children growing up and now after the wife, he is playing both the roles of father and mother. The sacrifices, he rendered, were to continue the legacy of Zulfiqar Bhutto – whom he calls his spiritual father – and to get this country out of the bog of dictatorship. I am left into oblivion when I commence think about his forfeitures – had he not been the flag-bearer of martyrs’ party, Pakistan would have been cleaved by the despots.

I came to know about Mr. Zardari after the dreadful night of 27th December 2007, when the riots deteriorated and the mass anger erupted in all parts of the country which converted the green Pakistan into a burning hell, he was the only man of substance, who raised the slogan of ‘Pakistan Khappay’ (We want Pakistan) to save the federation, and from that day, he has been the only person in whom I could see the passion to fashion a safer and better Pakistan as he could not let the blood of her martyred wife go in vain and allow the militants to murder the legacy, put forwarded by sacrificing everything dearer  This is the valiance, he is known for – Despite being victimized by the bloody terrorism and the tragic myth of assassinations that cost his beloved wife, he vowed to hold party’s flag till the last inhalation; pledged to dedicate his eldest and the only son in the cause, his Benazir was martyred striving for. Walking  through the sharp stones on life’s path, he marches on – marches on to light the candle of hope and now the hope of 180mln+ people exists with him.

Asif Ali Zardari – the emblem of courage – continues the bequest and becomes the people’s President. “From our very first days in office, we inherited multiple problems.” As tyrants bestow nothing except exploitation, the Peoples Party inherited infinite obstacles in its path of strengthening democracy. Notwithstanding burdened down with cumbersome issues, President Zardari is always determined to cope with all controversies (within or outside); conspiracies; evil mindsets that want to topple the democracy. Bravely standing up to forces of extremism and violence, he declares the war against terrorism as our own so that our martyrs would not have to be buried in secrecy without honoring and mourning them, and we can play a significant role in eradicating the terrible disease of terrorism from Pakistan and the whole world. In his tenure, Pakistan has achieved what it could not have from the past 60+ years – providing relief and rehabilitation to the affectees of disastrous floods and the IDP’s of Swat operation; fluttering of national flag in Swat and Malakand; the Provincial autonomy, giving NFC award after 19 years; representation of minorities in the federal/provincial houses; granting autonomous status to Gilgit–Baltistan and recognition to Pakhtuns of North-West region; allowing the electoral process to sustain itself without interruption; boosting up the exports, especially of wheat; forcing the world to believe in Pakistan’s sovereignty; friendly ties with US and India to promote peace in region; empowerment of women, whose laws were subjugated during the dictatorial regimes; appointing the new prime minister without the letting other forces interfere in the matters of state; and much more…

It’s even impossible to count on the accomplishments of my President, though it is proclaimed that the landmark of all his achievements is the adaption of policy of reconciliation through which, there is no political prisoner today. This has rooted up the concept of political revenge and that’s a lesson of peace for the future generations to move on without suffering from animosity. For he is the insignia of tolerance… Forgetting all the past conflicts, my President has freed all of accusations and respected the mandate of each party. The younger generation perceives that elders are somewhat prejudiced against a new situation. But my President understands the minds of future generations and so, all his policies are in the favor of a modernized Pakistan.  If today world values the services of Pakistan, then it is just because of President, who has abolished the myopic policies.

His bravado smile – which we call the Zardari smile – is the answer to all his criticizers, suffering from great delusions. Shaheed Bibi praises his liveliness –“No matter how difficult life gets, Asif manages to smile, making a victory sign, even when in crutches and limping with pain.” I pray that he always keeps smiling as his smile has been our strength through thick and thin.

And so, through prison walls and oceans, I reach out to say: ‘‘Asif, Happy Birthday’’ to a man who gave his liberty to win a people’s love. – Shaheed Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY PRESIDENT – The STRONGEST man I know!! I salute you for all that you have done for us. You remained in jails; lived away from your children while struggling for our better futures. The abusers; the political actors; all your rivals cannot cease us from speaking the truth. No matter what happens to me, I stand with you for you have been the emblem of courage, tolerance, valiance. If there is any one, whom I could see as the beacon of hope, then that is only you… You are the reason that still, after losing more than enough, the divine floods of life flow into my soul; Bibi’s legacy and your guidance are my strength to keep on going forward.

To me, you continue to be the emblem of heroism – Like Bilawal, Bakhtawar and Aseefa, this daughter promises you to never let you down and dedicate the rest of life to the great cause, you have enlightened and struggled for.


Agli bari Phir Zardari!

Long Live My President! <3



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