PPP’s four years of government in Sindh – by Raja Asad

Tou hae Meher-e-Subh-e-Nau
Tere Baad Raat hae

The people of Sindh specially rural Sindh have always been standing with Pakistan Peoples Party through Time and tide and for that Pakistan Peoples Party has been serving them when ever they are given a chance in the recent 4 Years Pakistan Peoples Party has served the People of Sindh and the Province of Sindh to a big extent though there is always a part to Improve which Pakistan Peoples Party must improve and look over the matters of people of those areas which were deprived off and still are lagging a bit behind as Mr Qaim Ali Shah said that Even Nawaz Sharif was twice given a chance what he did for Sindh he could do nothing other than looting and making his alliance with those whom are against Pakistan such as Mumtaz Khan Bhutto there are problems faced by the People and Surely there are but Only PPP can Solve them and they are committed to do So.

Pakistan Peoples Party has a history of serving the masses and so it’s doing without going into much of a conversation let us Come to the PPP’s 4 year performance in Sindh


The Government of Sindh has Achieved the Highest landmarks by Giving Jobs (Rozgar) To More than 90 thousand Personals (90,000 +) in Sindh which is a great achievement as the last government in 8 years could only create 70,000+ Opportunities while mire than 20,000 Jobs have also been created in the CFY

Under the Benazir Bhutto Shaheed Youth Development Program 104,174 Personals have been given Skilled training while 117,214 are under training which are also given a Scholarship of 6000 per Month

35,000 Personals have been given a Sum of Rs 3 Lac for self Employment under the Special Directives of President Asif Ali Zardari

89,131 Women have been Given Micro-Interest free Loans for Self Employment while 30,818 Personals are being given skilled training under the UC poverty reduction Program

3,000 People have been Given Rickshaws for their Earnings in Karachi and this Scheme will also be initiated in the Other Districts of Sindh


In the Past 4 Years The PPP lead Government has Been able to Achieve the Construction of 4279 Km of new Roads by the Works and Services Department Other than the
Hyderabad-Mirpurkhas Dual Carriageway (Completed 60 KM )
Khaipur-Nawabshah Mehran Highway (Under Construction 66 KM) and the Provincial Roads

218 Bridges are Completed by the Works and Services department in Sindh
2200 Km of Roads were Constructed and Rehablited in the finical Year 2011-12 as CM Stated on the 2nd of July in Khairpur other than the Roads Mentioned Above

2300 Km of Roads are made motor able after the 2010 floods


By the Help of Reverse Osmosis Plant and the UV Plants the Government of Sindh has been able to give 25 Million Gallons of Pure Water daily to the People of Sindh While More than 250 Schemes of Water Supply have been completed in Various Districts of Sindh to Benefit a Common Person


Under the Special Directives of President Asif Ali Zardari and Chief Minister Sindh Qaim Ali Shah the Health Sector has been Given a Special Importance

In the Last 4 Years 11 District Hospitals with 4 Hospitals in Talkuas have been upgraded in Sindh which have been given state of the Art Facilities while a Trauma Center is Being Constructed in Sehwan on the National highway the Hospitals which were taken up are In Shikarpur, Khaipur,Badin,Mithi, ,Thatta, Mirpur Khas,Jacoaabad,Dadu,Sanghar,N Ferozthe Talkua Hospitals are in T M Khan,Tando Allahyar, Korti(Talkua) , Ghotki(Mirpur Mathelo)

While New Hospitals are Constructed in Larkana, Shaheed Benaziabad and Lyari
With Basic Health Units have been established in All Talkuas


The Education Sector has Also been given a gr8 Importance by the Government of Sindh to enlighten the People of Sindh to the New World for this 18,500 Teachers have Been recruited
4,000 Schools have been Provided facilities which were Missing
4 Million Students are Receiving free text books per Year with Uniforms
1,000 Private School Students have been Given Scholarship

New Universities have Been Established in Shaheed Benazirabad Lyari Larkana Khairpur and Shikarpur
Collages have been established in Dadu, N’Feroz, Jacoababad, Mithi, and Kakar and new are to be established in this CFY


The Sindh Government has Allotted 56,187 Acres of Land to Landless Peasants in Sindh in Which 70% are Women
While 58000 Rs/4Acre have been given to Peasants whom have been allotted the Land

Under the Sindh Gothabad Scheme more than 2500 Goths have Given Property Rights


2441 villages have been electrified with an investment of Rs. 2.8 billion

1210 villages have been provided with gas.

To Resolve the National Energy Crises the Sindh Government is Working on the THAR-COAL power project to Introduce electricity into the national grid while the Punjab government is Just coming on to the roads

Allotment of Plots and Homes to Poors

The Government of Sindh Has Been Working on Low-Cost Housing Scheme a FREE not like the AFSANA HOUSING SCHEME for Which 1.2 Million are required this is named as BHEN BENAZIR BASTI SCHEME a total of 5000 Houses are Under Construction more than 3,000 Have been Completed With 10,000 Houses have been built for Flood Effected People By the Turkish Government and 43 Villages have been rehabilitated after the 2010 flood

1700 Plots were distributed by the Sindh Government on April 07 2012 in Karachi by Syed Qaim Ali Shah total 50,000 have been Developed for the People of Sindh


71% of works have been completed including Canal Banks Strengthening; Stone Pitching along Canal Banks etc.


over 13,000 Tractors to the farmers under a Subsidized rate for the growing of Agriculture

It is sincerely believed that these efforts will mark a beginning for a more equitable and inclusive growth in the province which will gradually improve the living conditions of a large majority of the population in the province. And Just because of these Works the People of Sindh have Been Standing with Pakistan Peoples Party through time and tide and have always been there to show the Strength of PPP in Masses may Allah Help PPP to Work in the Same Manner (Ameen)

Pakistan Khappay



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