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For quite some time, some of the LUBP visitors have been requesting for an English (or Urdu) translation of articles published on the LUBP. Now it has surfaced that a quick, interim solution is possible, courtesy Google Translate.

Try it yourself

Here is the link for Urdu to English translations:|en|

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An Example

For example, our fellow blogger Peter Chamberlin recently requested for an English translation of Nimer Ahmed’s special article on Khalid Khwaja

While you can read the original article in Urdu at the following link:

Its English translation by Google Translations is as follows (there are of course some basic, mechanical mistakes and mistranslations, still it provides a useful summary):

Khalid Khwaja: Life and death of an intelligence operative – by Nimer Ahmed

Former daily Aajkal columnist and briliant young journalist Nimer Ahmed has written this piece exclusively for the LUBP. We hope Nimer will keep contributing and sharing his valuable thoughts with us. (Ali Arqam Durrani)

Khalid Khawaja?

Recently, Khalid Khawaja again suddenly headlines became a part but this time the headlines to be a part of their statements but their painful consequences were. 11 September 2001 after missing the people most Khalid Khawaja was the person who mamr intelligence agencies arrested many times and declared innocent by the apex court cleared. Some people were according to Khalid Khawaja religious extremism,”We believe not kill innocent people But we pushed determination tmhyn want to rock, as you pushed us here. slave master hate always does that.”(Khalid Khawaja 2005 AD), according to Khalid Khawaja, while some only a ‘relative understanding’ man were

In fact, the problem is terrorism. States and governments have used terrorism began, and then the target becomes involved. States in the crime, including all countries, whether you Pakistan, India, Israel or the United States talking about lyn. We have many people in East and West or Islam and Christianity are also giving Jews a fight, but it is all nonsense. In fact, the ruling elites to achieve their interests are exploiting people. say that the name of religion So far this is happening on the name of democracy or a dictatorship is. mhkumyt accept 90 per cent while some Do battle. Elites and are revolutionary in both minority and the silent war of damage reaches 90 percent. Even though people talk of religious truth is something else. Some people want to apply their own and their no religion. these are the believers of all faiths.”Khalid Khawaja, 2005 Times interview


Decades of struggle against President zyaalhq Khalid Khawaja guilty of taking voice pure as a retired Air Force was forced to. Shrh his letter Khalid Khwaja Afaq General zyaalhq the target of criticism, saying he deceived the people and implement Islamic laws in Pakistan are not. retired Khalid Khawaja left Afghanistan for jihad, where Arab jngjuyun, especially with Osama bin Laden have established deep Ceremonies

Founded in .1988 after Benazir government Khalid Khawaja’s name came up again. This time Khalid Khawaja, General Hameed Gul to come together in the IG were in full play. Khalid Khawaja said in an interview He said Saudi Arabia and Sharif met Osama bin Laden Osama bin Laden made the Benazir government to reverse multi-funded. Khalid Khawaja in his interview that he also discovered that the period he His Arab friends Sheikh Rashid jihadi camp tour bound and Arab friends Sheikh Rashid show thash money given. October 1995 General Abbasi potential uprising also Qari Saifullah Akhtar and Amjad farqy with Khalid Khwaja Name was.

After September 2001, Khalid Khawaja, former U.S. CIA director ‘James uzly’ U.S. attack on Afghanistan stopped too well for efforts failed. Thash without money in this series was only a result but could not get out.

Daniel Pearl’s murder once again named Khalid Khawaja was taken into custody and taken. Daniel was aware of the e-mail records that Pakistan before arrival ‘James uzly’ said Khalid Khawaja, Daniel’s had to contact and Then they were in constant contact with them but due to the absence of solid evidence of Khalid Khawaja was released.

His last visit to North Waziristan before the Khalid Khawaja told Asia Times that”time is now by some khnaqbl but soon I will inform you that under a suicide attack in Pakistan will stay.”However Khalid Khawaja in his journey himself became a victim of terrorist incidents. kill them, explaining age of North Waziristan Taliban spokesman said that”Khalid Khawaja, Colonel Imam, a former Iraqi intelligence agent (Mahmood alsmry) and Shah Abdul Aziz (former member of Parliament) in North Waziristan came a half months ago. All these are old jihadist and was welcomed, but all of them suspicious activities reviewed. Mehsud those Hakeem, Wali Rehman Mehsud and Khalifa Sahib (Sirajuddin Haqqani) met. Khalid Khawaja was a list of 14 Taliban commanders were among the Qari Zafar also.

Hakim Khalid Khawaja Wali Allah and Rahman Mehsud has been trying to convince the commander that the Indian agent and remove the Taliban from their ranks, but such allegations against his commanders yet we remain silent to listen. They wanted us Stop attacks on Pakistani forces and any such method should be found under which NATO attacked the supply line to the rest of us in Pakistan for attacks on NATO online safe shelter will be available. However, he’s hrktyn suspicious of anything in addition.

Shah abdaalazyz parade about the mosque attackers were investigated. They restore the Khalifa Sahib asked to contact the army and offered all kinds of weapons. Mehsud Mufti Khalid Khawaja was using the car and Islamabad his return after a few days to train the target drone. Khawaja said that a few days after he comes back with a British journalist. The journalist makes ISPR Documentary was for. jantythy that we He will come back and he came.

Mansoor Ijaz on Fox News
_ Khalid Khawaja’s most important role of the whole story ‘Mansoor Ijaz’ is. Khalid Mansoor Ijaz Khwaja of the ‘soldiers’ were called. Mansoor Ijaz U.S. company owns a large anuysmnt Republican Party’s religious factions and leading members. Mansoor Ijaz world observer status on the big channels also have. Osama bin Laden from Sudan detention and international arbitration on various occasions took his name. According to some reports Mansoor Ijaz Taliban, the U.S. and Pakistan are trying to mediate between and Khalid Khawaja to perform this work were in North Waziristan


An Article on Google Translation

Here is an article on ProPakistani on this topic:

Google Translation Now Supports Urdu Language
by Aamir Attaa

Google translation, a tool to translate from one language to 57 another languages, has added Urdu in the list.

Meaning that, now you can translate 57 languages into Urdu and from Urdu to 57 well known languages of the world.

This remarkable achievement will greatly help in localizing the content by presenting foreign language websites in Urdu language through Google’s web page translation tools.

At this moment, we must not forget that served for long, as only Urdu language translation tool available on web. But this move from Google is going to hamper PakTranslations, by large, particularly, when it comes to results.

Just to add, Google Translation allows users to upload documents and get them translated with a single click.

Also you can use Google Translate for Urdu to any other Language dictionary.

About the quality of translation, given that in ALPHA version, results are amazing good, but not the perfect. Let’s expect further enhancements with time.

Try Google Translation yourself by clicking this link



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