Bhuttoism ought to be a part of school syllabus – by Ahsan Abbas Shah

A thought provoking article on inculcating the principles of Bhuttoism in Pakistan as a part of school syllabus.

10 responses to “Bhuttoism ought to be a part of school syllabus – by Ahsan Abbas Shah”

  1. I am sorry to support, Ahsan Abbas Shah albeit i believe in Bhutto philosophy and did not turn my back from his services to this country. I am really sad, that Quaid,s Philosophy is nothing or it is not able to be included in our Syllabic? Bhutto reinvented this nation, no one can deny but ignoring Quaid shows the same mindset of a clan sitting in presidency.

  2. @ Nadia,
    From where yu have concluded that the writer is not in favor of including Quaid’s philosophy in the curriculum ??
    Woh baat saray fasanay mein jis ka zikr na tha … woh baat unko bohat nagawaar guzri hay .
    or you just wanted to pick fault in PPP on any pretext no matter how weak

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