Ansar Abbasi: Indian agents to be wiped out from Swat

Ansar Abbasi’s following op-ed needs a critical examination.

Who are the Indian agents in Swat?

Those who blew up girls and boys schools?

Those who broadcast sectarian and violent sermons on FM Radio?

Those who behead innocent men and women on flimsy charges?

Those who impose their bigoted tribal and sectarian agenda in the name of Islam?

If they are the Indian agents (we know their names, e.g. Fazlullah, Baitullah Mehsud, Mangalbagh etc), then why does Ansar Abbasi support them? Why does he want the Pakistan Government to negotiate with them?

Indian agents to be wiped out from Swat
Wednesday, February 18, 2009
By By Ansar Abbasi

ISLAMABAD: The NWFP administration and Maulana Sufi Muhammad would immediately move to wipe out the RAW elements and criminals from the Malakand division as the government had sufficient evidence of Indian involvement in the Swat lawlessness, a source told The News.

The key NWFP government source, who has been involved in the successful negotiations between Tanzim Nifaz Shariat-e-Muhammadi (TNSM) chief Maulana Sufi Muhammad and the ANP government, further revealed that it was agreed in the talks that all the closed schools in the area would be reopened, the Army would not be withdrawn and the police would be redeployed at all the police stations to ensure the writ of the government.

The source said the RAW elements and criminals had been involved in kidnapping for ransom, dacoities and blackmailing in the troubled areas of Swat. “We have even caught the RAW agents, both alive and dead,” the source said.

The source held the RAW agents and local criminals responsible for most of the crimes in the area, saying they were also involved in attacks on military targets. With the inking of the peace agreement between Maulana Sufi Muhammad and the provincial government, the source said, these elements would be cornered immediately and wiped out to make Swat crime free as it once used to be.

Dispelling the impression that the Taliban would be running the show in the Malakand division following the Monday’s agreement, the source said Maulana Sufi Muhammad, in return for the acceptance of the longstanding demand of enforcing the Nizam-e-Adl Regulation, had asked for the introduction of a strong administrative system in the area to ensure the writ of the government.

The Maulana has demanded of the appointment of clean, strong, impartial policemen and civilian administration officials in the area to ensure that the signed agreement is implemented in letter and spirit.

The system of district magistracy is likely to be introduced in Swat immediately for which the governor would have to de-notify a 2002 notification.The executive officers are also expected to be entrusted with the kind of powers previously enjoyed by the Nawabs and the Walis in the area.

A committee comprising MPs of the area, elders, representatives of the local administration and the TNSM would be set up to review and monitor the implementation of the agreement. As agreed between the two sides, Maulana Sufi Muhammad would visit Swat and start addressing rallies soon after the agreement gets implemented.

The Maulana would personally help the redeployment of police personnel at the police stations, which were abandoned during the recent weeks and months because of growing influence of the Taliban there.

He would also mobilise the people to bring peace in the area and flush out all the unwanted elements. Maulana Sufi Muhammad did not ask for the withdrawal of the Army from the area during the negotiations, the source said, adding that he had rather given his consent for the presence of the Army in the Malakand-Swat areas till the time the government desired so.

The source said those in the government, who had played a pivotal role in making possible what was announced on Monday, included ANP Secretary Information Zahid Khan, NWFP Information Minister Mian Iftikhar Hussain, Minister for Livestock Haji Hidayatullah and Hazara Commissioner Syed Muhammad Javed. (The News)