South Waziristan: US drones kill 26; most of them Uzbek Taliban / Al-Qaeda operatives..

S Waziristan: US drones attack toll reaches to 16

Updated at: 1140 PST, Saturday, February 14, 2009 WANA: The death toll of US missile attack in Ladha area of South Waizirstan has reached to 16.

According to sources, US drone planes fired two rockets at a house in Malik Khel in Ladha killing 16 and injured many people.

Six bodies have been recovered from the rubbles of the house whereas several bodies still trapped under the rubbles.

The eight injured have been shifted to local hospital. A British news agency reported that missiles attack targeted the house of Taliban commander in Zangari area that kills 25 people.

The missile strike was the third such attack since U.S.President Barack Obama took office last month.


BBC Urdu dot com report: