Shia religio-political party MWM criticizes LUBP

Majlis-e-Wahdat-e-Muslimeen remains under constant criticism by a pro-government website for a long time. The armchair critics of the website mislead its readers and visitors through incorrect information.

Recently a blog post “IRI- and ISI-influenced Shia clerics keep misguiding Pakistani Shias” was posted on the blog site “Let Us Build Pakistan.” (

The post is astonishing for its factual errors and nonsensical rhetoric. That the website touts itself as one that supports a “progressive” Pakistan. Our question is what kind of “progressive” point of view repeats the America administration’s talking points in a parrot like fashion?

The blog post accuses Shia clerics of being influenced by the ISI and the Islamic Republic of Iran on the “ongoing genocide of Shia” in Pakistan. One wonders how any organization or individual could be influenced by the ISI and IRI simultaneously given they hardly have identical agendas, but that’s a discussion for later. The interesting point here is that the Secretary General of MWM, H.I. Raja Nasir Abbas’ opposition to Dr. Afia Siddiqui’s inhumane detention, drone attacks, restoration of NATO supply routes and his meeting with Imran Khan are cited as evidence of his pro ISI and pro IRI stance.

So basically, the blog post cites Raja Nasir’s assertion of Pakistan’s sovereignty as proof of his subservience to the ISI and IRI! The argument is so childish and obviously pro-American and pro-Zionist that one would laugh if one weren’t so astonished at its sheer audacity. I guess, the writers at “Let Us Build Pakistan,” would have no problem if the Pakistani arrested and renditioned an American citizen on trumped up charges, bombed U.S. cities, and demanded that the American govt. allow Pakistani troops to use supply lines through the country for ammunition and other armaments on the way to Mexico!

By any criteria, the positions of Raja Nasir Abbas are pro-Pakistani and in defense of Pakistani sovereignty. If the ISI has similar positions on such issues it is not proof of complicity with the ISI. If the IRI has similar positions, well we can only laud the Iranian govt. for having more concern for Pakistani sovereignty than the writers at “Let us Build…”

One more point that is worth nothing: In his speech at the historical gathering of millions of Muslims in Lahore on July 1st in a conference entitled the “Quran and Sunnat conference,” Raja Nasir was very explicit in condemning terrorism by extremist groups. In fact, one of the main points of the whole rally was to condemn terrorism by terrorists and extremist groups in Pakistan including outlawed Taliban and Sipah-e-Sahaba. The point that was being made is not lack of opposition to such groups but that Pakistan’s sovereignty should not be sacrificed to combat them.

Would the American government allow Pakistani troops and airplanes to attack Oklahoma City because Timothy McVeigh had committed terrorism there? The notion is ridiculous. The fact is that the writers at “Let Us Build Pakistan” are either paid for by the Zionist and American regime or are astonishingly short sighted, simple minded and foolish.

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