Pro-Taliban journalist Ansar Abbasi with his usual venom again…

Notorious pro-Taliban journalist of the Jang Group (The News), Ansar Abbasi “reveals” that the terrorist attack on Islamabad Marriot was “in fact” targeted on US Marines, who were on a secret mission and had shifted a truckload of steel cases in the hotel on same night when General Mullen visited Islamabad last week.

Comments by some readers:


Very efficient on the part of Jang News Group to distract people from the real horror of the incident.

I hope the Pakistani people will not be distracted by the conspiracy theories of these irresponsible journalists with an agenda.

The fact is that over fifty people have been brutally killed and two hundred fighting for their lives.

Shame on Jang News Group – the likes of Ansar Abbasi and the propagandist Hamid Mir – for misleading the Pakistani people.

If this doesn’t open up people’s eyes to what our military and agencies have been doing in FATA for the last two decades, I don’t know what else will.


Typical obfuscation on part of Taleban apologists like Ansar Abbasi

So it is ok to kill 40 plus Pakistanis because some CIA was supposed to be at the hotel?


Even if Marines were engaged in some kind of operation at Marriot, there can be no justification for this horrendous act.

The reason U.S. is beginning to take matters in its hands is because our leaders have failed to address the problem and take bold/decisive steps to get rid of these fanatics.

Ahmed Bhai:

Well, if this information about US marine personnel in Marriott is true then it points to possible involvement of ISI. how?

1- It is not possible for tlaiban or alqeeda etc. to have information as much accurate and up to date as typically available with agencies (local or foreign)

2- look into the security lapse – information can be argued to be provided by foreign agencies but lapse is always due to local involvement. Remember attacks on Mush, locals were involved

3- the above point is also supported by the fact that army’s ISI’s double game is also pointed out by the US.

4- for ISI killing dozens of people especially not elite is not a big issue. Ojadhry camp is one example

5- finally the scale may went beyond expectations but our agencies are good in misjudging their endeavors.

6- suicidal attacker might be a taliban but there is need to look into the operational capability and destruction scale.


For all the dimwits thinking this blast was targetting US Marines –

Ramming a vehicle with 800kg of explosives into the Marriott gate leaves no room for doubt as to who was the target. The target were innocent Pakistanis in and outside the hotel.

Which marines were being targeted in Wah?

It is utter shamelessness on the part of the people to point fingers anywhere else but Jihadi elements who are the creation of Pakistan itself.

It is no service to the people of Pakistan to protect and apologize for the Taliban within our ranks. This blame shifting is precisely what has brought us to this situation.


enemy of pakistan are trying to distract people.this is the work of talban.whole nation should get united against theses animals,no more talks and deals with theses animals.any one who support the talban he is enemy of pakistan and islam too.zerdari and rehman malek both are trying hard,they are the last hope,support them,dont undermine them,try to save pakistan.


By fighting terrorists, what has Pakistan achieved?

This has been achieved:

This mixture of Taliban and Al-Qaida has been contained,fought back and they are on the run. Otherwise, you will be living in a country where all Girls Schools will be either bombed or Shut down. All barber Shops and CD shops bombed or Shut down.
Suicide bombings, blowing up buildings and taking out your opponents by any means allowed by Khalifah Mulla Omar or his couterpart Baitullah Mehsud.

Freedom of Press and Freedom of Speech ….

You are living in a dreamworld as all those who support Taliban. This is an idealogical War. If you don’t understand or fail to understand the danger, it’s up to you. It is all about what kind of country you want?

I think you are trying to suggest that towns and villages are being bombed indiscrimintely in FATA area.

I think you are trying to make an argument where none exists.

This menace has to be eradicated and Taliban sypathisers will come up with this propaganda all the time, Hamid Mir made this into a propaganda masterpiece.
Let me ask you this , who these Taliban are fighting for or against in pakistan?
Why don’t they lay down all Arms and go back to their normal lives?
If you suggest that Pakistan Army just loves to kill civilians and thats why Taliban have taken up Arms, you know in your heart this is not true.

Ask Baitullah Mehsud, who he is fighting in Pakistan and why?

The criminal element of Al-Qaida and Pakistani branch of Taliban are one and the same now.

If America leaves this region today, I bet you this war will never end and it is your war now, whether you like it or not.


A very stupid and unbelievable story by Ansar Abbasi that he reported within hours after blast. This story proves nothing except the stupidity of Abbasi and his naked attempt to justify this horrible act and massacre of innocent civilians.

Some very visible holes in this story of an right winger A Hole.

If he knew that marines or CIA staff were staying there then how come he didn’t report it earlier?

There was no justification for this cowardly attack by terrorists even if Americans were there. This story is an indirect support of Talban and Al-Qaida.

This idiot Abbasi should know that he is luckey that he was not in the hotel that he and hamid Mir frequently visit.


Ansar Abbasi, a typical Thirld world journalist

and PKPolitics putting his article as the top news item

Both are being dishonest , editors of this website should ask themselves, what they are trying to achieve by making this obscure report into a top news item???

Marines off loading steel boxes? In view of all Pakistan and its journalists to see.
Is that a secret mission?????

How Ansar Abbasi has concluded that it is a secret mission???

According to Ansar Abbasi ‘the bright mind of Pakistani Journalism’ Those steel boxes made Al-Qaida and Taliban so nervous that they decided to attck the Steel Boxes.
I doubt Marines will stay in Marriot, otherwise Ansar Abbasi would have mentioned.

What about twice before this Hotel was attacked???

You know Alcohol is served in this Hotel. This my fellow Muslims is reason enough for Al-Qaida and Taliban to lose their decency completely and become the destructive,rabid animals that they are.


What a spin by the journalist who supports mullahs…he is trying to change the gravity of this henious barbaric and unislamic act…sad very sad….ansar abbasi should be ashmed of himself…..MR. Ansar Abasi…no matter what…poor people died…the drivers who were sitting in the parking…the door man..the valet parking people..the security gaurds…the people who were only bread winners for their family………now pro mullah elements are spinning it as if it was attack on american…Shame on AB….you are SICK….this is month of Ramadan…this is what islam says………what a big BS this is…mullahs should be crushed and they never supported the formation of pakistan and now they are trying to destablize it…any one who supports these barbarians is a traitor……and should also be crushed…People of Pakistan this is the time to act for the sake of Pakistan



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