Mian Nawaz Sharif and Chanakya politics – by Faizi Mughal

It is a natural rule that facts can never be concealed. At one stage or the other, truth is unveiled how deep you bury that. The same rule is working for PML-N also and despite several masks of piety PML-N failed to conceal its real face.

The true face of PML-N was first time clearly revealed when whole country was abuzz with the story of Rana Sanullah’s hobnobbing with terrorist banned outfit. The begging of mercy from Taliban and plea to spare Punjab by Mian Nawaz Sharif, proved last nail in the coffin of PML-N. It was a sudden death for PML-N that has, successfully, veiled its real face under the cover of democracy for over 30 years.  It went on looting in the name of democracy and so-called politics of principles. In one sense PML-N is right that it is playing politics of principles, set by their god-father, General Zia-ul-Haq.

In the recent development, the virtual U-turn of PML-N at the eleventh hour when packaged was ready to be tabled is another demonstration of politics of principles, PML-N often claims to play. It is worth mentioning that some key members of his own party went on record in admitting that everything was settled and there was no hurdle in placing the package for approval. The only lame excuse given by Mian Sahib was that a consensus be made before presenting this package in the parliament. Could Mian Sahib answer what sort of consensus he wants?. I think he might have reached on consensus if he had passed some time in Pakistan and learnt some thing from true democratic leaders. However it is not his fault, a party rooted out from dictatorship, could never be democratic no matter how long it uses the shade of democracy. However, what happened in the last few days would certainly help people to categorize between relics of dictator, right wing of extremists and a genuine Democratic Party.

Some sources said Sharif’s change of stance was at the behest of some quarters, and the PML-N chief adhered to “some phone calls” he received just before his press conference. There is a big question mark? Who is pulling strings of PML-N chief? Do the same entities, which Khadm-e-Aala plead to spare Punjab? Or the forces that always hindered Pakistan people’s party, the notorious establishment. One string of PML-N is also adhered with God fathers of judiciary and it might be he was directed by the so-called symbol of big “ J” to hold his horses.

The whole situation, reminds me the propaganda by PML-N and some Churnalists, when President Zardari was blamed for reneging from his promises. However, Zardari either pledged or not, fulfilled his commitment but what clarification could be given on the part of PML-N that betrayed from constitution. Why today, media is hushed, Is it not a big crime to negate constitution?. Just observe dual role of our media.

The evolving situation is hinting towards another natural phenomenon, that frequent mistakes lead towards natural death and PML-N is leading towards its logical conclusion.



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