Continued pattern of misrepresentation by Jang to create more Shia genocide – by Banda-e-Khuda

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Whilst every electronic and print media source has kept absolutely mum on the ongoing genocide of Shias, of Pakistan in general, and Hazaras of Quetta, in particular, ISI paid scoundrels continue to proceed with their odious mission of misrepresentation of the entire issue.

Leading the way is the inglorious Daily Jang, followed and supported closely by their pseudo-liberal touts on the social media. As recently as today, June 22, Daily Jang has shown us once again why it is second to none when it comes to instigating fire and hatred between all brotherly communities of Quetta who share decades of friendly history among them. It should hardly come as a surprise to anyone, however, that this prevailing harmony is under serious threat from some retarded minds. This latest episode of deep-state sponsored propaganda issues a rather naive press release from some ‘Lashkar e Mehdi’, an organization as imaginary and fallacious, as are the claims that the peaceful Shia Hazaras of Quetta are involved in any sort of sectarian clashes/killings. (third news from the bottom) .

As should be known to everyone, only in the recent past innocent Shia Hazara youth were blamed for the assassination attempts of Sunni scholars and bomb blasts on some madrassahs which consequently led to their arrest and investigation by security forces. In response, though, and for the sake of preserving harmony and peace in Quetta, all Shia Hazaras have practiced utmost restraint and patience in face of everything that has been thrown at them not only by the terrorists but also by the biased, faceless media. But at the risk of sounding judgmental, I shall state that patience has its limits. God forbid the day arrives when the Shia Hazara youth, who shoulder coffins of their brethren in the mornings, and then are wrongfully arrested for killings in the evenings, shun patience once and for all. Then violence will be answered with more violence and blood with even more blood. It is upon those of us who know to prevent any such scenario from occurring.

The very first step towards that effort is to unveil and then counter Daily Jang and all such propaganda houses who cover up Shia genocide carried out by their terrorist friends-the LeJ/SSP- by publishing malicious material to malign Shias and then to instigate a sectarian war.

They say the power of the pen is greater than the power of the sword. We can see this by a pattern of behavior by Jang and their ISI handlers.

Jang did this in February of this year and apologized for their behavior

Jang did it again on June 2 2012



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