Sindh ji Rahri Benazir ji salgarah ji mubarak hujai – by Saria Benazir

Benazir Bhutto – the tone, my heart had always hankered to heed to, a sensation that encompasses my endurance and has become the very rationale of my prolongation. Nevertheless, when I initiate to corral about that ceaseless essence, my entire body quavers and I am left paralyzed and disenchanted to distinguish how coldheartedly my leader Shaheed Mohtarmah Benazir Bhutto was assassinated and that my lioness princess now dwells under the soil of Garhi Khuda Bux Bhutto – The unsympathetic doom is hard to be articulated and I am left utterly oblivious in a wretched world – unjust realism : life ceases when one opens up the metaphor and every word of it whittles an incalculably cavernous lesion on my heart, one that is far from cure. Meanwhile, the jingles of “Zinda Hai Bibi, Zinda Hai” commence a new folio – a perpetual fable. My leader continues to be the pulse of millions – she persists to rule the masses and I am tremendously obliged to every act of hers.

My derelict empathy is not proficient enough to depict the enormity of my inspiration; for my ogles are too drenched to grasp unerringly the sentiments of the crowds that chant “Jeyay Bhutto” at every instant. I am startled that I survive – the entire itinerary of my life transformed and I cannot resist lettering about my leader Shaheed Mohtarmah Benazir Bhutto – the sole inhabitant of every of my conversation and all that goes on in the heart and psyche.

Born on the longest day of the year, hers is the longest struggle for egalitarianism – she left ineffaceable marks in the annals of history, fighting the clutches of totalitarianism too courteously. June 21 symbolizes the birth of optimism, and of perpetuity. Benazir Bhutto – my existence concludes here.

My ogles are filled with snuffle,

I plunk with a wrecked empathy,

My verve, trapped in billions of regrets,

My daylight hours, like if survival has seized,

My instant, repeating of anguish,

Such piercing accidents,

I have never faced…

Can never gaze up to them…

I don’t have that much courage,

To breathe without a personality,

Closer to me as anyone else,

Who skilled me to articulate,

To reside…,

To escort the life,

To interact with the people around me,

To envisage about my community,

To have my essence in the dust,

To give this terra firma inclination over anything else,

To survive with audacity,

To face every situation with gallantry,

To believe in the help of God,

To have compact confidence in democracy,

In the clout of the commons…

Benazir Bhutto, It was you…

You made me discover that all…

Where should I go…

Where to acquaint with you…

Please! Return me my Benazir Bhutto,

Bring her back to me……

The watches grab vista of an agonizing phenomenon,

The grime of Garhi Khuda Bux Bhutto,

Too huge, but a pebble empathy it has got,

For it lost all of its sparklers,

Still, the origin of anticipate,

The centre of factions,

Thrash about for democracy,

It always gave confinement to the laudable people,

Who were wholly affiliated to their earth,

Though epochs were too ruthless,

They even gave up their blood,

This day, Benazir Bhutto,

The terrain of Larkana suppurates out,

Get me my Benazir back…

I spot your legacy,

The bequest filled with blood,

Owned by the redeemer ofPakistan, Asif Ali Zardari,

I heed him articulate Pakistan Khappay,

I listen to him dub out,

If you want to subsist like Benazir,

Learn to deal with living like her…

I see your glance in Bilawal,

His speeches, truly grasping your apparition,

The hallucination, you’d struggled for all your life…

Your words, embossed on his psyche,

Democracy is the greatest reprisal,

I see your adored Aseefa and Bakhtawar,

Carrying totally your manifestation,

In the means of their lives,

The act of their demeanor,

I perceive my Benazir,

Completely heart ached,

I am standing in a world,

Devoid of Benazir….

The instant of life calls out,

Bring me back my Benazir…

Oh! It’s June 21,

Bring me my Benazir back….

Sindh ji Rahri Benazir ji salgarah ji mubarak hujai – Happy Birthday, Shaheed Mohtarmah Benazir Bhutto.

You continue to dwell in our hearts!

Zinda Hai Bibi, Zinda Hai!



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