Sharam Wadi Shay Jenah Khay Daatar Diyaray – by Raza Baloch

There is a famous poetry and saying in Sindhi language “Sharam Wadi Shay Jenah Khay Daatar Diyaray” which is close to “shame is good thing but if someone, have it”.

A tough contest was expected during by-polls held in PS 83 Sanghar between PPP and Awami Tahreek. It is fact that Awami Tahreek led by Ayaz Latif Palejo son of great leftist Rasool Bux Palejo. Advocate RB Palejo had acted as vibrant political leader like Hameed Gull, Nawaz Sharif, Ansar Abbasi and General Kiyani and brought the CJ back to his seat. Awami Tahreek is actively working against violation of Sindhi peoples’ rights, against division of Sindh and against the mega city “Zulifkarabad”. So I though that Awami Tahreek’s candidate will win by majority votes in Sanghar (constituency with Sindhi speaking majority) but I don’t know what happened, may be the day polls were rigged or day temperature was high (42 C), or Palejo dynasty was busy in watching TV and to celebrate democratic PM’s dismissal by the Choudhry courts.

However it is fact that the month of June is always hot but the June of year 1953 gave the Pakistani nation a gift in shape of a great leader “Benazir Bhutto” and in the same month of 2012 the so called independent judiciary led by a dictator and corrupt justice Iftakhar Choudhry humiliated the voters of Pakistan and dismissed the democratically elected Prime Minister of Pakistan. The right wing political and religious parties and factions, FSC including some lawyers have supported the SC’s verdict and distributed sweats among people. The nationalists in Sindh who are sponsored by PML (N) and Punjabi establishment have also welcomed SC’s unconstitutional judicial coup.

Here it is not difficult to describe a Sindhi nationalist or nationalism “1. A person, faction, party who opposes Pakistan Peoples Party 2. A person, faction, party who opposes democracy 3. A person, faction, party who hate other ethnic groups on basis of language, region and class”

GM Syed had apologized for what type of movement he was part of “the forced and violent eviction Hindu Banyan from Sindh” at the time of India’s partition and then after separation of Bengal GM Syed started a movement for separate country and named it as “Sindhudesh”. GM Syed initiated a movement against Punjabi settlers in Sindh and then he also helped Muslim migrants from India and united them as one linguistic group and all Muslim migrants of varying ethnic identities were supposed to be called “Urdu Speaking” or Muhajirs. This all was planned by the “Indian Punjabi Muslim Migrants’ Establishment” led by Punjabi migrant from India the dictator Zia. Punjabis who migrated as Muslim refugees from India dominated Pakistan’s politics through their leaders Liaqat Ali Khan (who also a Punjabi speaking migrant from India, Zia (Indian), Nawaz Sharif (Kashmiri Indian”, Army generals, Judges and Journalists.

The establishment of the Indian Muslim Migrants Punjabi speaking in majority and Urdu speaking in minority always conspired against the indigenous leadership and they killed Zulifqar Ali Bhutto, Benazir Bhutto, Nawab Akbar Khan Bugti and tortured, imprisoned other local leadership with help of judiciary over Punjabi settlers from India, Journalists and Generals.

During MRD a movement of indigenous Pakistanis most of the ethno-nationalists were allied with Punjabi Migrants General and endorsed Bhutto’s judicial murder and now all Sindhi ethno-nationalists allied with Nawaz Sharif a Punjabi Muslim Indian migrants and the establishment of the Indian Muslim Migrants Punjabi and they are supporting Yousif Raza Gilanai’s judicial dismissal.
Last day on 19th June 2012 by-polls held in PS-83 in Sanghar in which Awami Tahreek’s (led by Palejo’s dynasty) candidate was about to win but the party announced boycott after 12 pm. However the candidate could get less than 800 votes out of 116,000 eligible votes and PPP’s candidate could get less than 55,000 votes only. There was tough contest between ethno-nationalists (So called Sindh Lovers) and the democracy lovers who believe that “Democracy is the best revenge”.

It is matter of great shame for the ethno-nationalists who could grab only 800 votes with support of PML (N), PTI, FCS and the Indian Muslim Punjabi Establishment. Today the Sindhi ethno-nationalists are supporting Chief of Choudhris CoC’s (Leader of Indian Muslim Punjabi Establishment) verdict against a democratically elected Siriaki indigenous Prime Minister on instigation of an Indian Kashmiri Punjabi and the establishment. No doubt it matter of great shame but “Sharam Wadi Shay Jenah Khay Daatar Diyaray”.



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