Farhad Jarral owes me an apology – by Ravez Junejo

June 13, 2012: I log on to my Facebook account and find a message in my inbox. It’s from a man whom I know from his Facebook profile (let’s call him Abdul Basit Chaudhry aka ABC). He asked me for my cell phone number which I find amusing since I hardly know the man. When I probe into his request a little further, he says something that proves even more amusing and unbelievable than his number request.

“Some people think that I am you.”

Following is an abridged version of our conversation.

RAJ: Hahaha now who are these ppl and why would they think that?! Would I know them?ABC: I would greatly appreciate if you can send me your number or get in touch with LUBP by emailing *****@gmail.com and speaking to him. I saw your public clip as CNN i-journalist and sent that to my accuser but telephone number would be better.RAJ: Why are you so concerned about that other person? Just ignore him. If he isn’t accepting my CNN I-Report as proof of my existence he won’t be satisfied by anything. Can I know the name of this person by the way? He probably knows me too if he thinks I’m you.

ABC: Farhad Jarral. I have told him many times that I am not responsible for what transpires between him and you and that it is none of my business if two people have a difference of opinion. This would be common sense and I am sure you agree. Therefore, I need your number so I can give it to Abdul Nishapuri who is mediating this between Farhad and me.
[Now at this point I was very surprised. I had had a conversation with @FarhadJarral a few days ago on Twitter in which he had insisted on meeting me. Strangely that was right after I had criticised one of his posts on the Let Us Build Pakistan blog so I had erred on the side of caution and talked my way out of it. What I wanted to know now was why was this guy being accused of being me and why did Jarral say that as if it were a bad thing!]

ABC: he has accused me of being you to the LUBP board I thought of him as a friend due to our support for PPP and still feel that he has been mislead by others. I simply want to give your number to Abdul Nishapuri as he is the mediator. Please trust me when I say that once it is established to the LUBP board that not everyone who is critical of the mainstream is some avatar of Abdul or others (in this case me) it will embolden others to support a counter discourse.

ABC: Farhad has not even told us the details about what is the problem between the two of you. For all I know, he has simply been mislead as I am shocked by his allegations. He is holding me responsible for some “personal attacks” of which have absolutely no idea of.

I decided to take this matter up with Farhad Jarral himself and sent him a message on Twitter. What transpired then was even more stranger than the conversation narrated above!“Just got a message from (ABC) on Facebook that you are accusing him of being my fake profile. Is that true?”

A while later I got an angry and unnecessarily insulting response! “True! Need your identity to resolve the matter. I didn’t want to talk to people like you but responding just to get clearance.”

I was very angry at this unwarranted insult. What did he mean by that “people like you” comment?! “What the hell man?! What the F have I done to you?! Whats your problem?! First you want to meet now you insult me!”
“I havent spoken to or abt you since the time you said you wanted to meet me. This must be one HELL of a misunderstanding.”
Bizarrely Farhad re-tweeted my “What the hell” tweet in its entirety and responded, “mind your tone. Don’t want to get in dust or trash. You better be in limits. Come up with ur Maula Bux id.”

This conversation just kept getting stranger and I just felt like I had woken up in some Twilight Zone version of my life! Earlier this guy accused someone else of being me. Now he’s accusing me of being someone else entirely! So I sent a complaint to another LUBP editor, @AbdulNishapuri. Coincidentally, Nishapuri has also been accused of running @SalmaJafar and @Laibaah1’s  profile on Twitter in the past. “Yaar yeh banda @farhadjarral paagal hogaya hai (Farhad Jarral has gone mad). Mainey issay KYA kaha hai I have NO IDEA what he’s talking abt!”

Meanwhile Farhad Jarral continued with his crazy attacks at me. For some reason now he was hell bent on proving that I was the fake profile of LUBP blogger @MaulaBukshThadani. “you tried to influence my work & it was totally against ethics and professionalism. Give some pressure on ur useless mind Maula”
Again there was that unwarranted insulting behaviour of his. I tried to end this misunderstanding in civility. “I HAVE 10 DIFFERENT PROFILES ALL OVER THE INTERNET! FB, FLICKR, YT, All by my name!” I continued to think Farhad was mistaken and that this could be resolved in a normal, humane manner. But the bizarreness just kept on coming! Now His Madness Mr Jarral wanted to have my NIC number!!!! I ultimately suggested two of my more close friends on Twitter to Nishapuri who knew me since years and could verify that I wasn’t ABC or MBT or Justin Bieber!
My references thankfully came through for me because I didn’t hear about this from both Jarral and Nishapuri on that day. A day after, I queried from Nishapuri about the status of my identity and HE told me that Jarral apparently recognised that he was wrong. I said now the honourable thing to do would be for Farhad to apologise to me for the unnecessary misbehaviour of his with me yesterday. Nishapuri agreed with me. But His Madness did not disappoint. When I sent him a reminder about the apology he SHOULD now give me, he gave a (true to his nature) bizarre and untrue response, “ I apologized with whom I misbehaved. U abused me and I expect sorry from you. Well I was about to block you”

When I responded that he was ABSOLUTELY LYING about me abusing him and that I had said what the F I had done to him because HE was unnecessarily misbehaving with ME, he chose to run away like a coward and block me! So now I can only conclude that for these two days, either Farhad Jarral has been going through a nervous breakdown and has fits of madness. Or, he was drunk.

Screencaps are provided here as evidence of this conversation. I am sending this post to LUBP and Pakistan Blogzine and hope both will publish it in its entirety. Like the coward that he is, Farhad Jarral deleted the tweet in which he asked for my CNIC number so I could not obtain a screen cap of that.

UPDATE (June 15, 2012): It was wrong of me to assume that the tweet in question was deleted. For some reason that was the only tweet that went missing from my Timeline so I assumed it had been removed by its author. The screen cap of that tweet is provided here as well now.

Screen Cap 1
Screen cap 2
Screen cap 3
Screen cap 4

Screen cap 5

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