Gibran, Hafez and Bulleh Shah – by Zulfiqar Ali

The decision to ask attorney general to act according to law is right one. But our learned judges again needed help from fiction.

However there are some interesting observations of a layman. Judgment scribed by Justice Khwaja starts by reminding us “the fateful events of 9th March 2007”.Then what seems to be similar to “five score years ago” of Martin Luther King Jr., He laments that after five years court still finds “itself beleaguered by relics of the past which everyone knows or should know.” It would have been better if he had courage to name those forces, whether armed or unarmed, and not left it to our imagination. Incidentally he mentions 2007 for five times, too.

Next two paragraphs discuss the statements of Kamran Khan and Hamid Mir.

Then his lordship does judicial analysis.

Paragraph No.6 starts with

“We do not deem it necessary to reproduce the complete contents of the Concise Statements of both parties….” Then while discussing the objection of MR about maintainability of Suo Moto because there was no issue of public importance involved. Court finds the objection “extraordinary and divorced from reality” and declares that in fact this issue was of “the GRAVEST national importance”. I suppose this is more important than missing persons and other hundreds of thousands pending cases before the honorable court.

In Paragraphs 7(line 6), court is ready to take note of material from statements(s) of parties(s).Then goes on to discuss the statement of MR only. In next Para, “payments were MADE to Arsalan” (passive tense).Then bold letters announce the incorruptibility of some August Court.

Rightly so in Para.10 (dass Numbary) it is MR who likes to bribe and did strange act of doling out huge sums of lollypops to baby Arsalan. It is the actions of MR which should be seen in viz. a viz. court’s repute. As if none of Arsalan alleged conduct has anything to do with court’s good name. Great!!!

Good thing about Ahadees is that we can find what we want. We can find Ahadees which are totally opposite to each other. Here, we are reminded of Rashi/Murtashi Hadees. But one can ask why this Hadees was forgotten in case of Khurram Rasool? In that case, also, a business ‘man’ admitted of paying bribe. He was “defrauded” by Khurram Rasool. He was interviewed by same media who does not forget to remind us about above Hadees. They were treated as victims of crime, both by same Supreme Court and media. But more emphasis was on PM because KR ‘claimed’ that he was PM’s media manager even though it was PM secretariat which lodged FIR against KR.

Court also wants us to keep in mind that even though MR claimed to have bribed naïve Arsalan Bin Iftikhar 34 crore PKR, evidence he provided was just 4.5% of claims. Someone with the basest of statistics knows that q value is less than 0.05, so totally unreliable J.

Even though controlled release was started by plagiarist Shaheen Sehbai, and as per all the honest anchors stated that MR (Malik Riaz) never directly blamed Hazrat Iftikhar, onus is still on MR.

Again and again honorable judges remind us of forces trying undermining the courts. Does nation have any right to ask the court to present the ‘material evidence’? We will accept 4% as valid.

Choice of words explains the mentality of court. Arsalan is “allegedly involved”, “accused” by “bribed” by “the man who is accusing Arsalan”.

In deciding the case which by court’s own assessment is of “the GRAVEST national importance” Nowhere in the whole judgment is STATEMENT of Arsalan Bin Iftikhar discussed. Why?? It was relevant to discuss statements of all others, why not Arsalan?

Court’s arguments have been same as we have been hearing from Ghairat Brigand, like undermining judiciary it I was MR who has confessed to bribing, thus Hadees comes in, CJ took suo moto as if he never knew before etc.

After Gibran, Court thought now it was Hafez’ turn. Hafez retorted classically in Taimur’s court, but I am not sure if he would have survived the dry Pakistan without any Turk.

Court gives us good news of new dawn. I hope it is not same as ‘The New Leaf’ of Qudrat Ullah Shahab.

O candle! reckon union with the moth a great gain;
For till dawn, this commerce shall not remain. O powerful one!
Bring to thy hand the darvish’s heart (may be house of dervish Iftikhar Chaudhry)
For the treasure of gold, and the treasure of derham shall not remain.

I think Bulleh Shah would have been more apt.

IlmooN bas kareeN o yaar
Parrh parrh masalay roz sunrranwaeN
KhanraaN shak shubhay da khanwaeN
DasseN hore te hore kamanwaeN
Andar khot te bahir sachiyar

Don’t explain your erudition
Daily you bring up new issues.
And create doubts and worries.
You Promise something, but act opposite
In saint’s garb, you are hypocrite.




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